Jun 23, 2010

Rapper Turned Designer? The Situation's New Project

First Jersey Shore's surgically enhanced Jenni "JWoww" Farley attends the MTV Movie Awards in her own design; since when does appearing on a reality show mean you're a capable designer? Lauren Conrad, I get, she actually attended fashion school, but JWoww? All she managed to do is show off her "JWoww's" in previously designed clothes that she cut up, bleached, or shortened. Clearly, I won't be making any Filthy Couture purchases any time soon. Then if that wasn't enough to digest, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino announces he wants to be a rapper and has recorded his first single! A single which I expect will be forgotten by the end of the month. And now Sitchy plans on joining JWoww in her fashion ventures, as he is teaming up with t-shirt manufacturers Dilligaf (Does It Look Like I Give a F@*k). The New York based company approached the Jersey Shore personality to design vibrantly coloured T-shirts and sweaters, that will include embellishments such as foiling, nail-heads and cross-stitching. Hasn't anyone told Sitchy that Ed Hardy already exists, and we really don't need another duplicate?

For a guy who has such a hard time keeping his shirt on, I find it rather ironic he'll be designing something he appears to loath. For those die hard Sitchy fans interested in wearing a piece of the former mortgage broker, his designs will be available alongside the premier of Jersey Shore's second season, July 29th.

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