Jun 1, 2010

Music Monday: Travie McCoy - We'll Be Alright

Let's face it, today is not Monday, I'm well aware of that, but yesterday was a holiday (Memorial Day) so I could just blame my absence on that...but since I'm not American, nor in the U.S. I may as well tell the truth: It was Music Monday and there was absolutely NO music news that appealed to me enough to share or write about. Until Travie McCoy tweeted "Another new song from Lazarus is up on iTunes.. go get "Need You" right now!!!" and I was suddenly reminded about the last new song I heard off Lazarus two weeks ago, "We'll Be Alright."

Listen to the track here, courtesy of 2DopeBoyz.com or you can even download it for your own collection:

And while we're at it may as well check out the track "Superbad" also over at 2DB (Just click the song link).

If anyone was a Brit Pop fan in the mid-90s you may have changed Travie's chorus a little, since it closely samples the only western crossover hit from Britain's boy group Supergrass, "Alright." I actually may even like this better the second time around, since I originally hated Supergrass, for some inexplicable teenaged reason.

1 comment:

  1. you sure do love your travie haha.
    did you need the "need you" ?


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