Jun 14, 2010

Music Monday: M.I.A.- XXXO (Remix)

Maya and Jay-Z collab once more, offering a remix to her newest single XXXO off her upcoming album Maya, which I posted the original a couple of weeks ago. The two last joined forces for T.I.'s "Swagga Like Us" along with Kanye West, and since this isn't Hova's "politically correct flow" they're clearly looking to recreate the hype that "Swagga" got.

Listen to the track yourself by downloading from the link provided below, and see if you think Jay-Z's rhymes about metrosexuals and machine guns help give this remix an added edge.

A video for "XXXO" will be filmed and directed by well known hip hop director Hype Williams; and M.I.A.'s album Maya will be in stores July 13th.


  1. i was looking for this picture when i made the post haha. wayne was also on SLU. and i know how much you looooove him.

  2. Oh yea, I thought I put him, I meant to... Clearly he's NOT who makes the song for me tho...Have you read my most recent post about the Jersey Shore dude^
    And I actually almost used the same photo you did, so I could say something like "shown above" and go on about how M.I.A. was 9 months pregnant at the time etc etc, but decided not to


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