Jun 28, 2010

Music Monday: Chris Brown's Michael Jackson Tribute

"I Fucks with the Old BET" from Mathaddicts Clothing
Last night the B.E.T awards took place, and a fallen angel garnered a little empathy from the audience as he broke down. I'm talking about Chris Brown and his tribute to his idol, Michael Jackson, a year and 2 days after his death... which occurred on my birthday, not to make it all about me, I'm just saying... Chris did justice to the deceased self-proclaimed King of Pop with his stellar dance moves, it was the actual singing he had trouble with,

With lyrics like:
"I'm Starting With The Man In the Mirror,
I'm asking him to change his ways,
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, And then make a change"
One wonders if Chris wasn't just sobbing over his hero, but was truly affected by the words he was trying to sing. After last year's revolt against the singer thanks to his major fuck up, I'm sure those lyrics take on a whole new meaning. As Chris said during his Fandemonium acceptance speech, “I let you all down before, but I won’t do it again. I promise you.” He's reminded everyone that he is human, and they make mistakes, so let's see if the public accepts him after this promise and emotional breakdown.

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  1. Chris Brown did a cowardly thing but he's hardly a menace. Should he be given a second chance? Sure, he need not be condemned for life. His tears however do not move me. He's probably just crying for himself. There are no spontaneous occurrences when the cameras are rolling on these people, everything is planned. Is the public only ready to move on because Brown's tears prove that he is a human being and not a monster? Does the public really envision human nature so simplistically? You're either good, or bad, or sorry? Wow, it's so easy to manipulate the masses. Why didn't Winona Ryder do this?


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