Jun 21, 2010

Much Music Video Awards

While the Much Music Video Awards we're being prepared for the evening, I was a mere block away at Ultra's patio sipping mojitos & sangria, listening to some great beats by De La Soul's DJ Maseo; oh and running by the crowd on my way back and forth from the Eaton Center, because I found a great birthday dress (this Friday, June 25th!) and forgot my bank card in the car, which was parked right next to Much! The man asking for "$$$ for Weed" cheered and hollered at me each time I passed, "I like when you run," or "Wooohooo!" or something that sounded perverse enough to tune out, so my final (and FOURTH!) time passing him I hid behind a large group of tourists.... But I digress. The corner of Queen and John was far too packed with hormonal tweens, that I chose not to watch any of the red-carpet in person and instead caught it on the TV at home with my fam. There's a part of me that wishes I could have seen some of these clothes in person tho, like this metal number:

Kristin Cavallari really loves wearing silver minis to music award shows, case and point: her sparkly silver mini at the 2009 MTV Music Awards. This time around she ditched the strapless look and opted for a nipple-revealing metal, halter mini, which she revealed in an interview was ripping in the back.

So she had an emergency dress chance into this red satin number, but kept the same towering black Sergio Rossi peep-toes.

Jessi Cruickshank and Dan Levy are best known for the After Show, which airs on MTV Canada after The Hills. While Jessi looks great in her zipper-shoulder pink and black mini, Dan on the other hand.... What was he thinking? I usually love Dan's style and actually have a bit of a crush on him, but I suppose I only ever get to see him from the waist up while sitting on the After Show couch, clearly there's a reason why he's always covered "down below!"

One of the Dan and Jessi's favourite Hills alumni, is The City's Whitney Port. I find the clashing prints and bright colours of her Moschino mini, rather interesting and very fitting of a true California girl, it's her shoes I have a problem with. While I love that as a tall girl, she wears heels, these heavy satin pumps were inappropriate.

Speaking of inappropriate.... Ke$ha arrived at the Much Music carpet with Francesco\Fernando, the skull on a stick who's extensions are from Ke$ha's own head. Her Doors meets Stevie Nicks meets Janis Joplin style, however, I love. If only her music were as raw as theirs.

From one "California Gurl" to another, Katy Perry arrived in a Ice Cream truck, wearing a rather daring one-shoulder Ashish cut-out dress. Katy confessed that she was actually wearing underwear, although the revealing dress says otherwise. I really do love Katy's likeness to old Hollywood stars, Jane Mansfield would have loved this.

From California Gurls to Gossip Girl, Jessica Szohr sparkled in a beaded, sequin tangerine Jenny Packham dress with plunging neckline. I loved how colourful she was with all her accessories, gold Christian Louboutin "Romaine 140" platform sandals paired with a canary yellow Jimmy Choo clutch.

At the exact opposite end of the colour spectrum, fellow CW actress Shenae Grimes ditched her 90210 character Annie's wholesome look for a more rocker\biker friendly leather pleated skirt, sheer top and bustier, accessorized with every metal heads must-have: a crucifix. It's fun, but a bit too costumey.

Look at all these tie-ins! Also fellow CW star and fellow former Degrassi classmate, Nina Dobrev also kept it dark, but sexy in a form-fitting, navy Tadashi Shoji strapless mini. Is it just me, or is this something you could see Nina's alter-ego Catherine wear, now in the new millennium?

I couldn't end the post without sharing one of the MMVAs co-host, Miley Cyrus' many looks. This revealing X-Tina -inspired (think a darker version of Christina's Aguilera's 2003 "Can't Hold Us Down" video) hot-pants and cut-out body suit was what Miley wore to open the show, with a performance of "Party in the USA." She really didn't get much more covered than this, the longest dress she wore, stayed on her body for a mere 2 minutes! Clearly Miley can NOT be tamed. Zing!

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