Jun 7, 2010

MTV Movie Awards Pt 2

Since this is the MTV MOVIE Awards, I thought I'd separate the actual movie stars from the celubantes and teen stars and reality "actors." I also threw musicians in this mix, although there's only one who actually belongs within this mostly A-list group.

Let's start with the star of the night, receiving one of those "Lifetime Achievement" awards, and she's now kissed both members of a married couple, the hot and hilarious (and Canadian) Ryan Reynolds in their Betty White movie, and his mismatched wife Scarlett Johansson... Oh, I'm referring to Sandra Bullock, and those legs! Her sparkling black, back-baring Oday Chakar mini showcased her fabulous legs, which I have never noticed before in my life! Those nude Louboutin's are definitely giving her a hand (or foot.. whatever).

Someone normally known for her wonderful legs, and who takes every chance she gets to show them off was upstaged by Ms Bullock. I'm not sure if Cameron's lost some of her leg-appeal or if her watercolour floral-print Diane Von Furstenberg dress is merely working against her? Perhaps she needs to go up a size? Just a thought.

From one Justin Timberlake flame to another, Jessica Biel looked...nice in her Giambattista Valli shirt\skirt\dress, whichever, and although I sound rather ambiguous about my opinions of this, I actually really like it. It has a lot of intrigue with the prim and proper sheer polka dot top mixed with the edgy detailed skirt, it's just lacking that "Wow" factor I'd expect from such a fun event like this. Or maybe I just prefer Jessica in a bikini, because now at second glance, this is perfect. Wow I'm fickle! Ooooh! There's that "Wow" factor I was looking for.

And keeping on the Timberlake track, damn that guy gets around... Let's talk Scarlett Johansson, while I like the colour of her green lace Dolce & Gabbana dress, besides her Sandy kiss, I found her boring. And where the eff are her boobs? I thought people normally gained weight during their first years as a couple? Am I wrong? Not that I'm condoning weight gain, but I was all for Scarlett's natural chest and curves.

So I really like Eva Mendes' silver and turquoise sequined Stella McCartney one-shouldered dress, but not on her.

Now this works! For the event, for the wearer! I love Anna Kendrick's chiffon, paint-print Zac Posen wrap dress, all the way down to her Gianvito Rossi ankle strap sandals.

Who are you...Chaske Spencer? You look like Mark Wahlberg, a native Mark Wahlberg, but Marky Mark just the same. And I've now learned (thanks to the magic of Google) that you were in Twilight: Eclipse. How come I do not remember Native Marky Mark? Great, now I'm gonna have to watch it again and look for him.

Christina Aguilera has let Xtina out of her cage, which apparently was a birdcage. The skirt of her black criss-cross, chain strapped Atelier Versace Spring 2010 dress reminds me of peacock plumage dragging along the ground, even the way the light reflects off it and gives the illusion of being multi-coloured. I'm grateful someone finally brought out something that was visually intriguing.

Leave it to the musicians of the evening to continue to bring the intrigue, first off I must state that I really love blue (and pink) hair, I just do, so naturally I'm a fan of Katy Perry's blue wig. Secondly I think her long sleeve, nude tulle Zuhair Murad mini, with pewter and silver crystal embellishments is perfect for her (and the event). It's fun and wacky and keeps her apart from the crowd-which let's face it, is what Katy is often aiming for. What I do not like are her jaundice inspired nails. I hate them. I tried to do the yellow nail polish trend last year and for the most part I just looked malnourished or dirty.

And then there's Julianne Hough; not exactly as much of a standout compared to the other two musicians of the group (and yes I've categorized Julianne as a musician... she had that one song I liked...), but at least her Camilla and Marc's Caraletta frock is unexpected for her, and as far as LBD's go, it's cute and sexy. Much like the dancer\singer\performer herself.


  1. the blue hair is cool for an event etc. not for everyday use though!

  2. Pfffft! Eff that! I'm dying mine blond, blue and pink tomorrow.

  3. and there's nothing i can do about it :sad face:


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