Jun 28, 2010

Music Monday: Chris Brown's Michael Jackson Tribute

"I Fucks with the Old BET" from Mathaddicts Clothing
Last night the B.E.T awards took place, and a fallen angel garnered a little empathy from the audience as he broke down. I'm talking about Chris Brown and his tribute to his idol, Michael Jackson, a year and 2 days after his death... which occurred on my birthday, not to make it all about me, I'm just saying... Chris did justice to the deceased self-proclaimed King of Pop with his stellar dance moves, it was the actual singing he had trouble with,

With lyrics like:
"I'm Starting With The Man In the Mirror,
I'm asking him to change his ways,
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, And then make a change"
One wonders if Chris wasn't just sobbing over his hero, but was truly affected by the words he was trying to sing. After last year's revolt against the singer thanks to his major fuck up, I'm sure those lyrics take on a whole new meaning. As Chris said during his Fandemonium acceptance speech, “I let you all down before, but I won’t do it again. I promise you.” He's reminded everyone that he is human, and they make mistakes, so let's see if the public accepts him after this promise and emotional breakdown.

Jun 23, 2010

Rapper Turned Designer? The Situation's New Project

First Jersey Shore's surgically enhanced Jenni "JWoww" Farley attends the MTV Movie Awards in her own design; since when does appearing on a reality show mean you're a capable designer? Lauren Conrad, I get, she actually attended fashion school, but JWoww? All she managed to do is show off her "JWoww's" in previously designed clothes that she cut up, bleached, or shortened. Clearly, I won't be making any Filthy Couture purchases any time soon. Then if that wasn't enough to digest, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino announces he wants to be a rapper and has recorded his first single! A single which I expect will be forgotten by the end of the month. And now Sitchy plans on joining JWoww in her fashion ventures, as he is teaming up with t-shirt manufacturers Dilligaf (Does It Look Like I Give a F@*k). The New York based company approached the Jersey Shore personality to design vibrantly coloured T-shirts and sweaters, that will include embellishments such as foiling, nail-heads and cross-stitching. Hasn't anyone told Sitchy that Ed Hardy already exists, and we really don't need another duplicate?

For a guy who has such a hard time keeping his shirt on, I find it rather ironic he'll be designing something he appears to loath. For those die hard Sitchy fans interested in wearing a piece of the former mortgage broker, his designs will be available alongside the premier of Jersey Shore's second season, July 29th.

Jun 21, 2010

Much Music Video Awards

While the Much Music Video Awards we're being prepared for the evening, I was a mere block away at Ultra's patio sipping mojitos & sangria, listening to some great beats by De La Soul's DJ Maseo; oh and running by the crowd on my way back and forth from the Eaton Center, because I found a great birthday dress (this Friday, June 25th!) and forgot my bank card in the car, which was parked right next to Much! The man asking for "$$$ for Weed" cheered and hollered at me each time I passed, "I like when you run," or "Wooohooo!" or something that sounded perverse enough to tune out, so my final (and FOURTH!) time passing him I hid behind a large group of tourists.... But I digress. The corner of Queen and John was far too packed with hormonal tweens, that I chose not to watch any of the red-carpet in person and instead caught it on the TV at home with my fam. There's a part of me that wishes I could have seen some of these clothes in person tho, like this metal number:

Kristin Cavallari really loves wearing silver minis to music award shows, case and point: her sparkly silver mini at the 2009 MTV Music Awards. This time around she ditched the strapless look and opted for a nipple-revealing metal, halter mini, which she revealed in an interview was ripping in the back.

So she had an emergency dress chance into this red satin number, but kept the same towering black Sergio Rossi peep-toes.

Jessi Cruickshank and Dan Levy are best known for the After Show, which airs on MTV Canada after The Hills. While Jessi looks great in her zipper-shoulder pink and black mini, Dan on the other hand.... What was he thinking? I usually love Dan's style and actually have a bit of a crush on him, but I suppose I only ever get to see him from the waist up while sitting on the After Show couch, clearly there's a reason why he's always covered "down below!"

One of the Dan and Jessi's favourite Hills alumni, is The City's Whitney Port. I find the clashing prints and bright colours of her Moschino mini, rather interesting and very fitting of a true California girl, it's her shoes I have a problem with. While I love that as a tall girl, she wears heels, these heavy satin pumps were inappropriate.

Speaking of inappropriate.... Ke$ha arrived at the Much Music carpet with Francesco\Fernando, the skull on a stick who's extensions are from Ke$ha's own head. Her Doors meets Stevie Nicks meets Janis Joplin style, however, I love. If only her music were as raw as theirs.

From one "California Gurl" to another, Katy Perry arrived in a Ice Cream truck, wearing a rather daring one-shoulder Ashish cut-out dress. Katy confessed that she was actually wearing underwear, although the revealing dress says otherwise. I really do love Katy's likeness to old Hollywood stars, Jane Mansfield would have loved this.

From California Gurls to Gossip Girl, Jessica Szohr sparkled in a beaded, sequin tangerine Jenny Packham dress with plunging neckline. I loved how colourful she was with all her accessories, gold Christian Louboutin "Romaine 140" platform sandals paired with a canary yellow Jimmy Choo clutch.

At the exact opposite end of the colour spectrum, fellow CW actress Shenae Grimes ditched her 90210 character Annie's wholesome look for a more rocker\biker friendly leather pleated skirt, sheer top and bustier, accessorized with every metal heads must-have: a crucifix. It's fun, but a bit too costumey.

Look at all these tie-ins! Also fellow CW star and fellow former Degrassi classmate, Nina Dobrev also kept it dark, but sexy in a form-fitting, navy Tadashi Shoji strapless mini. Is it just me, or is this something you could see Nina's alter-ego Catherine wear, now in the new millennium?

I couldn't end the post without sharing one of the MMVAs co-host, Miley Cyrus' many looks. This revealing X-Tina -inspired (think a darker version of Christina's Aguilera's 2003 "Can't Hold Us Down" video) hot-pants and cut-out body suit was what Miley wore to open the show, with a performance of "Party in the USA." She really didn't get much more covered than this, the longest dress she wore, stayed on her body for a mere 2 minutes! Clearly Miley can NOT be tamed. Zing!

Jun 16, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

I just returned from my second viewing of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, I did not go as often as I originally thought I would, but the wait was worth it, since this time I was wearing my Alice in Wonderland Swarovski Crystal Garden pendant (thank you Mr. Vegas). Honestly, who has the time to see a movie over and over again when there are so many others to watch, and you're busy planning trips to New York, Las Vegas and now Miami! Not I! Much like my original viewing I was eyeing all of the costuming in longing awe. From the time Alice arrived in Wonderland, until she met up with the White Queen, I lusted for her dresses, and wondered if I could either have them made myself and how I would manage to pull off such a task (since my sewing and pattern-making experience is at an undesirable low), or if someone will recreate the costumes from the movie for new costume options for Halloween.

A full month later, and I still haven't found what I'd consider satisfying photos of all these coveted dresses; but since the Alice in Wonderland DVD was released today, I clearly just had to take what I've found thus far and go with it! Yeah, that's right, the DVD was released today (June 1st, of course I accidentally forgot to publish this until today!), only a month after my last theatre viewing! I love that I don't need to wait very long for my next trip to Wonderland!

The very first dress we see Alice in follows the general fashion of clothing of the era, yet it`s missing the hidden additives. Alice in Wonderland's costume designer, Colleen Atwood, who has also worked with Tim Burton on Sweeney Todd and Big Fish, did not want to "convey anything other than that she was a girl who saw her life in a different way, and was a bit freer in how she dressed and how she thought about her clothes." Thus Alice avoids wearing the usual constricting female underthings such as like corsets and hoop skirts.

This adorable dress is apparently what Alice was wearing under the above dress, since this is the first thing we see her "change into" once she's shrunk and in Wonderland.

A close up, so you can see the black piping and flutter halter-neck. I do appreciate all the straps to hold the dress close to her body and even to hold it up, indicating that it was indeed a much larger gown originally. Unlike the previous Alice in Wonderland films, this Alice's clothes do not shrink along with her.

Finally Alice starts to receive custom made dresses. This pale blue, strapless dress with flower accent is something the Mad Hatter had cut-up for her, from her previous halter dress, after she had shrunk once more to fit into a tea pot. It should be noted that the Mad Hatter's costume was designed to actually resemble and Edwardian-era milliner. Also the flipper Johnny Depp wears are supposedly inspired by his long time girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis' infamous gap-toothed grin.

My favourite of all of the costumes, was this "custom-made" dress, after Alice had grown too large for her previous clothes and found herself at the Red Queen's castle. I absolutely LOVED this dress! It's very Betsey Johnson inspired, I'm quite surprised she didn't design it herself!

Here's a better view (captured from YouTube) of the dress the Red Queen had made for Um (Alice's alias).

The last view we get of Alice is in this stunning pale blue military-inspired jacket. Clearly there is a colour theme happening here for Alice, and I really wonder if the colour blue is meant to signify anything or if it's merely due to the original Alice's costuming in a blue dress and petticoat? Light blue, according to color-wheel-pro.com, is associated with understanding, softness, along with wisdom and heaven. All of those things we can certainly see in Alice and perhaps Wonderland is her own personal heaven; It's very much mine!

Jun 15, 2010

Jersey Shore's "The Situation" is a Rapper?

Am I the only one that finds these people annoying and not at all entertaining? Why on earth they've been given another year to make fools out of themselves and prove how important educating your children really is, I will never understand. Nor will I understand why so many celebrities think they should attempt a music career, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, and now Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino plans on releasing a rap single, aptly titled, go 'head, guess.... Give up? "The Situation!" Sounds like Mike is going to be one of those guys that uses the obvious "rhymes," by "rhyming" one word with the same word. Shout outs to Lil Wayne! For those of you who can not get enough of these idiots, you can check out Mike's (I refuse to actually call someone by such a lame-ass alias) new single on iTunes this week!

Jun 14, 2010

Music Monday: M.I.A.- XXXO (Remix)

Maya and Jay-Z collab once more, offering a remix to her newest single XXXO off her upcoming album Maya, which I posted the original a couple of weeks ago. The two last joined forces for T.I.'s "Swagga Like Us" along with Kanye West, and since this isn't Hova's "politically correct flow" they're clearly looking to recreate the hype that "Swagga" got.

Listen to the track yourself by downloading from the link provided below, and see if you think Jay-Z's rhymes about metrosexuals and machine guns help give this remix an added edge.

A video for "XXXO" will be filmed and directed by well known hip hop director Hype Williams; and M.I.A.'s album Maya will be in stores July 13th.

Jun 12, 2010

2010 CFDA Fashion Awards Part 2

I find the CFDA Fashion Awards somewhat similar to the Met Gala Ball, in that it attracts celebrities, models and fashion designers alike, and it's definitely an event I would love to get an invite to! Just to be able to mingle with the people whose creativity amazes me, like Marc Jacobs who won the 2010 Womanswear Designer of the Year Award (which was presented by my favourite of the evening, Jessica Biel)

Dakota Fanning presented the Accessory Designer of the Year Award to Alexis Bittar, in a white lace Marchesa Bridal dress. She looks adorable and not at all bridal (Kate Hudson, take note), the dress is cute and youthful, and Dakota's innocent enough to pull this off without seeming ironic.

One of my favourite models of the evening was Devon Aoki in a black and cream, belted Zac Posen strapless gown. I love how the two opposing shades come together in that jagged edge, instead of the usual two-tone or even ombré that we've been seeing a lot of. Devon accessorized played up the edge of this gown by pairing it with either chainmail cuffs or fingerless gloves... I can't quite tell, either way, she's making it work!

Gwyneth Paltrow looked confident and sexy wearing a shimmery black paillete one-shoulder custom Michael Kors cut-out gown.

Alexis Bledel looked mature in a nude shimmering, asymmetrical Behnaz Sarafpour dress, yet still managed to look her age thanks to the stack of bangles (and flawless skin!).

Emilie de Ravin chose a more youthful option with a gray frilled Max Azria über mini. I'm not a big fan of the gray chest-netting, but besides that I love the dress, Emilie's hair however, I can not stand, nor understand why she decided to take the 50s bouffant route.

Still following the youthful trend, Amanda Hearst arrived in this adorable yellow, belted Peter Som mini. I simply love yellow dresses, it's like wearing happiness, youth and sunshine and this Peter Som dress does it in a stylish package. The media empire heiress\model paired it with nude platforms that really aided in elongating her legs.

Sticking on the model trend, although I have no idea what the front of Carmen Kass' backless Michael Kors gown, it looks stunning from this angle!

There's something about Czech model Hana Soukupova's white Marchesa mini with black trim and bow detailing that I really like. It's interesting and a little over the top, and would normally hate those sleeves, but somehow she's making it work.

There's nothing overly spectacular about Alino Cho's asymmetrical bias cut, striped gown (shown with MAC Cosmetics President John Demsey), and yet I really like it and love her over-sized dragon necklace. It's very Miami, and clearly I want to make a trip!

Oh Alexa Chung! Out of everything that Mr. Womanswear Designer of the Year, Marc Jacobs has designed, you chose this? And decided to pair it with those shoes? Sometimes, you look like you're trying way to hard to be unattractive.

Jun 10, 2010

2010 CFDA Fashion Awards

The Council of Fashion Design of America, aka the CFDA held their 2010 Fashion Awards this earlier this week at Alice Tully All at Lincoln Center, and of course it brought out many fashion enthusiasts.

Starting with the one woman who really Wow'ed me most, Jessica Biel. She actually stunned me with how good she looks, I really love her tropical print Diane von Furstenberg beaded dress. It felt very... Miami yet sophisticated, and the shoes were a perfect match, and the nude clutch didn't compete with the dresses busy print. Top it all off, she looks stunning.

Sarah Jessica Parker continues her fashion memorial to her departed friend, in this beautiful purple and pink printed Alexander McQueen gown. The dress is great, as is her makeup, I just wish she had put a little extra effort into her hair; keeping it back is a good idea, but it's a little too "Après gym."

I'm not denying that Whitney Port is a lovely girl, but she stunned me with how incredible she looked at the CFDA Fashion Awards in her custom made silver jersey David Meister halter gown.

From the Upper East Side to the Upper East Side, Michelle Trachtenberg showed up in one of my favourite colours in a sweetheart neckline Rebecca Taylor gown. I think she looks good, and yet I'm not sure how I feel about the length or even the sequined embellishments. Am I wrong in wanting this to be a couple inches longer?

Speaking of things getting longer...Just kidding, I actually quite like this blouse and skirt ensemble that Maggie Grace donned for the Awards. Although the blouse reminds me of something Jennifer Lopez would wear...as a dress.

I'm not sure if it's just the way Kate Mara is standing or if it's the sleeves of her belted Brian Atwood mini that is making Kate look like an awkward linebacker, but needless to say, it's not a good look.
Jessica Stam is not only one of my favourite Canadian models, but one of my favourite new models in general, but she looks incredibly bored, and truth be told, I can see why. She appears to be wearing a sheer black sarong over an LBD, and decided the only way to bring intrigue to her outfit was to grab the tangled mess of necklaces out of her jewelry drawer, and leave as is. Nice move Stam.

Rachel Weisz your Jason Wu, although a pretty violet with great tailoring, bores me. That is all.

Jun 7, 2010

MTV Movie Awards Pt 2

Since this is the MTV MOVIE Awards, I thought I'd separate the actual movie stars from the celubantes and teen stars and reality "actors." I also threw musicians in this mix, although there's only one who actually belongs within this mostly A-list group.

Let's start with the star of the night, receiving one of those "Lifetime Achievement" awards, and she's now kissed both members of a married couple, the hot and hilarious (and Canadian) Ryan Reynolds in their Betty White movie, and his mismatched wife Scarlett Johansson... Oh, I'm referring to Sandra Bullock, and those legs! Her sparkling black, back-baring Oday Chakar mini showcased her fabulous legs, which I have never noticed before in my life! Those nude Louboutin's are definitely giving her a hand (or foot.. whatever).

Someone normally known for her wonderful legs, and who takes every chance she gets to show them off was upstaged by Ms Bullock. I'm not sure if Cameron's lost some of her leg-appeal or if her watercolour floral-print Diane Von Furstenberg dress is merely working against her? Perhaps she needs to go up a size? Just a thought.

From one Justin Timberlake flame to another, Jessica Biel looked...nice in her Giambattista Valli shirt\skirt\dress, whichever, and although I sound rather ambiguous about my opinions of this, I actually really like it. It has a lot of intrigue with the prim and proper sheer polka dot top mixed with the edgy detailed skirt, it's just lacking that "Wow" factor I'd expect from such a fun event like this. Or maybe I just prefer Jessica in a bikini, because now at second glance, this is perfect. Wow I'm fickle! Ooooh! There's that "Wow" factor I was looking for.

And keeping on the Timberlake track, damn that guy gets around... Let's talk Scarlett Johansson, while I like the colour of her green lace Dolce & Gabbana dress, besides her Sandy kiss, I found her boring. And where the eff are her boobs? I thought people normally gained weight during their first years as a couple? Am I wrong? Not that I'm condoning weight gain, but I was all for Scarlett's natural chest and curves.

So I really like Eva Mendes' silver and turquoise sequined Stella McCartney one-shouldered dress, but not on her.

Now this works! For the event, for the wearer! I love Anna Kendrick's chiffon, paint-print Zac Posen wrap dress, all the way down to her Gianvito Rossi ankle strap sandals.

Who are you...Chaske Spencer? You look like Mark Wahlberg, a native Mark Wahlberg, but Marky Mark just the same. And I've now learned (thanks to the magic of Google) that you were in Twilight: Eclipse. How come I do not remember Native Marky Mark? Great, now I'm gonna have to watch it again and look for him.

Christina Aguilera has let Xtina out of her cage, which apparently was a birdcage. The skirt of her black criss-cross, chain strapped Atelier Versace Spring 2010 dress reminds me of peacock plumage dragging along the ground, even the way the light reflects off it and gives the illusion of being multi-coloured. I'm grateful someone finally brought out something that was visually intriguing.

Leave it to the musicians of the evening to continue to bring the intrigue, first off I must state that I really love blue (and pink) hair, I just do, so naturally I'm a fan of Katy Perry's blue wig. Secondly I think her long sleeve, nude tulle Zuhair Murad mini, with pewter and silver crystal embellishments is perfect for her (and the event). It's fun and wacky and keeps her apart from the crowd-which let's face it, is what Katy is often aiming for. What I do not like are her jaundice inspired nails. I hate them. I tried to do the yellow nail polish trend last year and for the most part I just looked malnourished or dirty.

And then there's Julianne Hough; not exactly as much of a standout compared to the other two musicians of the group (and yes I've categorized Julianne as a musician... she had that one song I liked...), but at least her Camilla and Marc's Caraletta frock is unexpected for her, and as far as LBD's go, it's cute and sexy. Much like the dancer\singer\performer herself.
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