May 2, 2010

Fitness Friday: Health Rules!

Isn't it ironic that Fitness Friday almost always ends up being on a Saturday or Sunday, or omitted all together, even when I have a topic and post prepared, sometimes almost complete (like last week's. Don't worry, I will get that out there at some point, I promise!), and there's always some excuse as to why it wasn't finished. Such as yesterday's post, I had my idea, but was exhausted from training (new job), and was in a generally gloomy mood. I find my occasional attitude towards Fitness Friday posts serves as a representation of how most people feel about the gym. They want it to happen, have every intention of doing it, but when it boils down to it, they loose motivation or come up with some excuse as to why they don't have time, or have the energy to actually execute their plan. Perhaps when I'm happier in my fitness goals, and routines, Fitness Friday will become more of a constant; clearly as of this moment, it's a metaphor or mirror of what I'm feeling when it comes to working out and attaining my goals. There is a little bit of dread and fear, as if it will never get done! Time and effort will change this!

I've decided to start accumulating all the little health rules or slim secrets I read or hear or have come up with myself, and I'm going to share them with you to stash in your own little arsenal of health. I'm only going to share a couple at a time, as not to overwhelm; and also that way they can really become part of your routine and ingrained in your life. Starting with my favourite:

1. Stop eating when you're full!
How easy is that? So incredibly simple, and it should go without saying, and yet it doesn' needs to be said. It's only something I realized recently; I'll often continue eating bites of things, because it either tastes so good (even though there is no more room left in my belly!) or there's not enough to save or pack and I don't want to waste it! How silly is that!? I'd rather overeat than throw away a couple of dollars or cents worth of food! I've been telling myself this one over and over in my head lately, and it really does help. You need to listen to your body! Take a break, drink some water, indulge in conversation, gauge you satiety than decide whether another bite is necessary.

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