May 21, 2010

Fitness Friday: Gym Crooks!

Today's Fitness Friday post comes courtesy of the behaviour that most Canadian gyms, who take advantage of the lack of laws for fitness centers in this country, and also the lack of competition. Especially in a city like Hamilton, Ontario where the fitness center options are rather limited. Premier Fitness is one of the major players in Hamilton, and also one of the most notoriously known crooks. They've often been exposed as double billing and have a shockingly low rating through the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately for me, one of the Premier locations are most convenient so I transferred a membership from one person to my name. That was almost two months ago, and I'm only now trying to get a card. Only caveat is I'm told I have to take a fitness test before my card will be issued, and until I have an appointment booked, I will no longer be allowed on the gym floor!

I wouldn't oppose to taking a fitness test, if it were both A) free or B) from someone I consider adequately qualified. But of course it is not free, the fee is minimum $100, and these are merely Kin graduates, if that. You are not a doctor, and I could really care less what you try to advise me aka sell me on, nor I do I want to offer you my money, or my time (45 minutes, I've been told). I'm more than willing to get a note from my Dr claiming my clean bill of health, if you really need something ensuring my safety and knowledge on the gym floor for insurance purposes (bullshit); but when I offered that the Health Receptionist gave me a ridiculous amount of attitude and essentially threatened my gym use and freedom, "I'll just let the front desk know, [not to let you in until you book a fitness test appointment]." She even went on to condescendingly inform me that this is all outlined in the contract I signed. Only I did not sign a contract that said anything of the sort, the only thing I signed was a transfer form, and said transfer form failed to even pass on the responsibility of the previous member. Needless to say, I feel bamboozled, crooked, conned, swindled! Clearly this is just a ploy to get more of my money and to sell me on personal training. Don't they know I do quite well in the gym all on my own? Next year I'm signing up with the Y!

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