May 10, 2010

Costume Institute Gala: Sleek & Simple

The Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art has arrived once again and this year's theme was “American Woman: Fashioning A National Identity.” Not entirely sure what that means but to those interpreting the theme it equated in a myriad of dress styles, from sleek and simple, uber short hemlines, to dramatic and intricate ball gowns. So clearly nobody else knew what it meant either. Regardless, the Met Gala is my favourite time of year, an event I definitely look forward to, it's one of the few celebrity laden events where the abstract is encouraged and even usual granola-styled girls like Jessica Biel can show up looking fabulous and intriguing (which she did last year, I still regret not posting the photos from 2009, because that theme was superb!). This year was missing that fantasy feel, but there were still a lot of gowns that caught my attention, starting with the sleek and/or simple.

Emma Watson walked the Met Gala red carpet in this custom-made white, one-shouldered Burberry gown. I must confess, I've admired Emma's style for a long time, it's really quite shocking that such a young girl has such impeccable taste. And more shocking still (at least for me), that I look up to a girl who is at least 10 years my junior! She achieves youthful sophistication so beautifully, I want that...and her closet connections!

I'm not going to even bother saying who Donna Karen is wearing, that statement seems a little absurd, n'est ce pas? I will say, however, that she looks amazing!

Staying within the white theme, Diane Kruger looks sleek and eye catching in her full coverage Calvin Klein gown. This reminds me of that time Gwen Stefani wore that white dress to the MTV Awards (I believe) and piled her hair in that weird bun atop her head and winded up looking like a Conehead. I feel like this was probably what she wanted to achieve but missed the boat..or spaceship.

Moving onto another simple and elegant Calvin Klein gown (and the first person who wasn't repping the designer they're the face of), Zoe Saldana glowed in this one shouldered black dress. I'm surprised I'm such a fan of these simple gowns, normally I'd expect something mind-blowing at this particular event, but somehow this has more impact. Sidenote: Zoe reminds me of Thandie Newton here, who I normally think can do no wrong but she really failed me this year.

Sarah Jessica Parker is clearly in Sex and the City promo-mode, in this pleated silk, lame Halston Heritage Archive dress in blush champagne, with her matching Carrie-esque giant hair flower. Has she become the Halston spokesperson? Most of the clips I've seen of SATC2 she's seen wearing the line, and lately I've noticed she's wearing Halston while attending events. Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of what I've seen, the Carrie dress is nice (although I'm certain I've had one that looks like it in the past) and I desperately want both the poncho dress and this tiered off the shoulder chiffon number, but I'm feeling somehow betrayed like SJP here is forcing me to covet some HH. Maybe I'm crazy?

I love this sequined ombre Marc Jacobs dress on Nicole Richie. And I love how her (ridiculously shiny) hair matches the black velvet sash. I miss my long hair, and waves.

I don't say it very often, but I'm a secret Kate Bosworth fan, I (almost) always love what she looks like on the red carpet, even if she's in something I swear I've seen before, like this nude chiffon Valentino Couture embroidered gown.

Marion should have taken notes from Nicole Richie, the hair does not look good, and the Christian Dior Couture gown feels very Ice Capade Couture. Even Sean Lennon back there doesn't approve, and if you've confused Sean Lennon with your ensemble there are some major problems.

Claire Danes also gets a fail in the silver gown department. It's not that I dislike her Burberry gown all that much, I think I'd probably really like it on someone else... it's just.. she looks so tiny in it and her head looks so large. It's unnerving.


  1. I like both of the Burberry and both the CK gowns well enough, but felt like the majority were rather boring. I miss Alexander McQueen.

  2. Yeah, I feel like this year the Met Gala was a little lacklustre, but I'm still able to find the silver lining.. or silver sequins. Truthfully the Burberry gown that Emma Watson wore, I loved, but wanted more from this event-- unfortunately there wasn't many who wore anything over the top. I feel it has a little to do with the theme... Or maybe it's our missing Enfant Terrrible


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