May 19, 2010

Costume Institute Gala: The Long & Short

So it's ending, my last Costume Institute Gala post; I believe I was so exhaustive in my coverage because I still regret missing out on posting any thing from last year, and I thought it was such a good one! In fact even today I went looking through all of the photos from the previous Met Ball, and I felt a tinge of anger that I somehow let such marvelous fashion pass me by! But no more! Literally. After this one, there will be no more...Until next year.

Even though this was originally supposed to cover short dresses solely, I've titled this "The Long and Short," mostly because I needed to put two Jessica's who really glamed it up somewhere. Needless to say I'm impressed with Jessica Alba's rose silk Sophie Theallet for Gap dress. Which is impressive in itself, since Ms Alba kind of annoys me. But I've pushed that aside to appreciate her Old Hollywood glamour and poise.

The Biel didn't hit the nail as hard on the head as the Alba, mostly due to her two-tone and lackadaisical hair, and I really loved her look last year (even though it seemed at the time I was one of the few). But with that said, I still think her ivory Ralph Lauren Collection gown is lovely, and drapes over her [perfect] body beautifully.

Lily Collins, I love your face. I wish I didn't pluck my brows as much as I did in my teens (even though I didn't go nearly as far as some foolish girls). Ps your dress is pretty awesome in it's originality, I think I like you.

Another face I love, thanks mostly due to those brows, is Hilary Rhoda. Her black and red satin, pleated Prabal Gurung, I am not in love with, however.

Just like Rachel Bilson's everyday fashion life, her Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 looks rather vintage-ey. But I'm not complaining. She looks adorable and she's showcasing her lady lumps, her lovely lady lumps, what's there to complain about?

I remember when Camilla Belle wore this same dress (with shall, cape thing) in grey and I loved it. Well my opinions have not changed, Emilie De Raven looks excellent in her nude Valentino, I just wish they took a side-view photo so everyone could see the volume of this dress.

I love feathers, feather dresses, feather headpiece's etc, I have about 4 or 5 feather headbands, which are perfect for those bad hair does. So naturally I love everything about Elizabeth Banks ostrich feather Gucci mini, including those lace tights, and hot Gucci sandals. Shit I even like the vacant look on her face.

First off, I love this peacock chiffon Marchesa strapless dress. It reminds me a lot of another Marchesa mini Blake Lively wore last year, that I was going to include in my 2009 Favourites, but opted to feature Katy Perry in the long version instead. Now I finally will share that photo (after all this)! But at the same time, I am sick of seeing Blake's tits and legs. It's better than last year's desperate attempt at being sexy, I suppose.

How awesome is that? I want them both!

Chloe Sevigny has amazing legs, so it's no surprise she go short. I'm a little Gemini-ed in my opinions of her Proenza Schouler. I love the teal lace, and the hemline, the purple slip and even the neckline; and yet I feel it's too severe. I'm not sure if it's her hairstyle or the lack of accessories, but at the same time, this dress is far too detailed to fare well with a necklace. I'm just not sure. Chloe, help me out.. let the hair down.

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