May 14, 2010

Costume Institute Gala: Favourites

Continuing with the red carpet fashion of the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum, it's time to cover my favourites of the evening. Granted there were some that fall under other categories that I also adored, but these few deserved their own spot (or didn't fit anywhere else! At least I'm honest.)

First off, I adore Camilla Belle, so it's rare I'm ever going to find anything wrong with something she's wearing. Second, it doesn't matter how much I adore her, since she looks absolutely stunning in this red chiffon Jason Wu gown. I love the simple intricacies of the one fallen shoulder and sweetheart neckline. And I love her face.

Staying on the red path with Diane Kruger's Met Ball after party ensemble. No idea who designed either the dress or the shoes, but I love them both, and love them both combined! She was on a role that night!

I love that Gwen Stefani wore her own line. I really appreciate how much she stands behind and represents all the she pushes, it's obvious that she believes in it and makes it for her. And even if her silveresque L.A.M.B. dress resembles cob web over her right boob, I think it looks great, just the same.

Another woman in metallics that reps herself; Donatella Versace in Atelier Versace. Donatella obviously saves the best pieces for herself, because this looks like it was made for her, in fact it's the best I think she's ever looked and I finally see why she was her brothers muse, all those years ago.

Mariska Hargitay wearing such a simple, yet intricately elegant dress. Truly something I'd love on any other carpet, yet still managed to garner my attention at an event where I expect taffeta horns (*cough *Madonna *cough*). I love the folds and the layering of her blue, strapless gown.

At first glance, I didn't even recognize Melissa George in this goldenrod, old Hollywood glamour throwback, but she still managed to stop me in my clicks. I'm not sure I could pull off the colour of her J. Mendal gown, but Melissa is doing swimmingly with her Veronica Lake waves, mimicking the waving of the center gather-ruffle.

First off, I am not a worshipper of Sienna Miller. Unlike Vogue magazine, I do not think she can do no wrong, nor do I think she's the second coming of fashion; I do however see her uncanny fashion resemblance to Kate Moss. Now that I got my clear unbiasedness out of the way, I absolutely love her navy blue Emilio Pucci dress, and I'm not normally a major fan of mullet dresses. But the hem helps the short in the front\long in the back cut so seamless, and her plunging neckline is somehow edgy and fashionable and not overtly sexual and trashy. Well done Sienna, Jude however, I hardly noticed you there. What a shame, you used to be such a hot piece of ass.

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