May 26, 2010

Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight [Video]

I decided to continue making up for missing Music Monday this week, and since she's performing on American Idol this very moment and I really like her new single "Not Myself Tonight," I thought now was the perfect time to share Christina Aguilera's video for said single. Share. And Dissect.

So first off, I like it, but holy shit is it just littered with all things Madonna!From "Human Nature's" S&M theme, to her hairstyle in both that video and "Deeper & Deeper," the bed scene in "Justify My Love"...shit there was even a George Micheals tribute with the burning clothes at the end. I find it hilarious that some people even considered calling her a Lady Gaga copycat, because of this video, considering Gaga is just an updated Madonna meets Grace Jones meets Anna Piaggi. I thought it was really funny when Lady Gaga first came onto the scene and had the same haircut as Christina and people tried to say she was copying her, yet at the time she had no idea who the girl was. I'm not a huge Aguilera fan, so do not think this is a biased fan's defense of their idol... it's just... it bothers me how innovative people think Gaga is, when she's just recycling the formulas of artists before her.

I think I got a little off topic....

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