May 31, 2010

Getting Fit: Summer Countdown

This past week saw a complete absence of me in the gym. And for the record, it sucked. Not simply because I enjoy myself in the gym, it's a great stress release, and I'm in the process of attempting to attain some fitness goals; mostly because thanks to some injury I curiously incurred due to an accident last summer, my back is weak and more prone to pain. I've definitely been getting better, but according to the insurance company, not fast enough! Since they've denied my Doctor's most recent submission for my next session. Needless to say, I'm annoyed (at them and my inability to make it into the gym) and I find it ironic that the week I get the notice of their disapproval, my back makes it uncomfortable for me to do much. Clearly I am not better! I will add, however, that I did do 25 minute sessions of yoga everyday, which filled the smallest portion of my gym void, and actually really helped prevent my back pain and immobility from getting worse.

After all that negativity, let's take a stab at something positive.... After a week's absence, I made it to the gym today! Granted I only did one set of each circuit, instead of two, and I had to modify a couple exercises, even avoid one or two altogether, but it's a start. And it's a start of a new plan. Well, a new old plan. I was quite happy with my results last time, so I'm bringing back Jillian Michaels' Making the Cut. Let the summer countdown begin!

May 27, 2010

Sex and The City 2 London Premiere

And the same ladies have done it again! Last night Sarah, Kristin, Kim and Cynthia walked the red carpet in London for another premiere of Sex and the City 2, and there were definitely some noteworthy dresses!

Starting with SJP's incredible black tulle and lace Alexander McQueen bustier gown from his spring 2008 collection. I love it! From the tan bustier peek-out, to the voluminous black tulle mullet skirt. I even appreciate her Philip Treacy "hat." She completed her ode to her late designer friend with a pair of black lace Alexander McQueen platform. She's done it again, only this time I think she got Carrie to give her a hand.

And once again my super duper close runner up, and once again in vintage, Kristin Davis sparkled in a 60s gold paillette Norman Norell halter gown. I love that she even channeled 60s vixens with her loose, voluminous waves. The gown's crystal embellished empire waist, and a-line skirt flatters her figure beautifully. Although, I prefer her vintage Jean Desses gown she wore in New York.

Also in "vintage" and looking glam once again, Kim Cattrall wore a sexy black Thierry Mugler wrap gown from the 90s. She played up the glam-factor with some pin curls and pink lips.

Cynthia Nixon disappointed me again, and not because she continues to keep things simple, I simply think she could pick something more elegant or eye-popping. The teal Narciso Rodriguez gown does look great against her pale skin, but she could have used a little extra volume in the extensions department. I've seen you look great Cynthia, what's going on!?

May 26, 2010

Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight [Video]

I decided to continue making up for missing Music Monday this week, and since she's performing on American Idol this very moment and I really like her new single "Not Myself Tonight," I thought now was the perfect time to share Christina Aguilera's video for said single. Share. And Dissect.

So first off, I like it, but holy shit is it just littered with all things Madonna!From "Human Nature's" S&M theme, to her hairstyle in both that video and "Deeper & Deeper," the bed scene in "Justify My Love"...shit there was even a George Micheals tribute with the burning clothes at the end. I find it hilarious that some people even considered calling her a Lady Gaga copycat, because of this video, considering Gaga is just an updated Madonna meets Grace Jones meets Anna Piaggi. I thought it was really funny when Lady Gaga first came onto the scene and had the same haircut as Christina and people tried to say she was copying her, yet at the time she had no idea who the girl was. I'm not a huge Aguilera fan, so do not think this is a biased fan's defense of their idol... it's just... it bothers me how innovative people think Gaga is, when she's just recycling the formulas of artists before her.

I think I got a little off topic....

M.I.A. - XXXO [New Single]

I may have skipped over Music Monday, but let's be honest I listen to music everyday, so why not have a...Waltzing Wednesday? Meh, I'll work on the title. As I mentioned last week, Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam, aka M.I.A. has released a new single off her upcoming album Maya, dropping July 13th, called "XXXO." The track is catchy, pop-y and yet completely unique, all the things that have made M.I.A. the artist she is today. Take a listen and let me know what you think;

May 25, 2010

Sex and The City 2 Premiere Fashion

Last night the premiere for the sequel of Sex and the City franchise happened in New York City; and the ladies of the film did not disappoint! My number 1 pick of the night wasn't much of a shock,

Sarah Jessica Parker looked every bit the movie star and fashion icon in this electric fluorescent yellow, asymmetrical chiffon Valentino gown. She was fashion queen of the event for me, that chandelier in the background thinks so too as it acts as her crown. To be quite honest I'm surprised she didn't wear Halston Heritage. Surprised and thankful! I'm also thankful that SJP manages to distinguish her fashion choices from Carrie Bradshaw's, although she often blurs those lines, this is SJP showing her sexy side, even her silver satin Ferragamo double platform pumps emphasize her attempting an identity separation.

My super duper (yup, I'm 13, for those curious) close second is Kristin Davis is this spectacular 1950s neon pink, silk chiffon Vintage Jean Desses column gown. The gathering and draped detail at the waist are exactly what I imagine 1950s glamazon's like Marilyn Monroe wearing to a movie premiere. And yet it looks new and fresh and very much something I would love to wear...just about anywhere in the millennium. She looks amazing, I want!

Also pulling out some old Hollywood glamour and in her typical showstopping style, Kim Cattrall wore a gold, sunflower embroidered v-neck Naeem Khan gown, and looked as sexy as she did her first episode of SATC.

My least favourite look of all four ladies was Cynthia Nixon's black Carolina Herrera gown with silver crystal leaf detailing on the bust. For whatever reason I really expected her to look simple and elegantly chic, but this is just a bit too drab compared to the other three. Her hair looks great however.

Before I can I even consider ending this post or talking about any of the premiere's attendees I have to show the SATC ladies after party style. Sarah Jessica Parker is once again my favourite in the after-party category, based on her shoe choice alone! I am deeply in love with her black and turquoise "Kasia" Nicholas Kirkwood platform sandals! I love unexpected colours in shoes, especially paired with black or other simple monochromatic shades. Unlike her sexy Versace above, I do find she channeled a little Carrie with her long-sleeved, black lace Elie Saab.

Kristin Davis was the only other "Sex Lady" to change out of her red carpet dress. And although I think her sequined vintage Pierre Balmain Couture dress is an excellent party choice, her Desses gown was so amazing I couldn't imagine taking it off! I find it odd that the two who I considered best dressed for the event were the only two who changed for the after-party, but with that said and my above hesitations, both did it with great success!

May 21, 2010

Fitness Friday: Gym Crooks!

Today's Fitness Friday post comes courtesy of the behaviour that most Canadian gyms, who take advantage of the lack of laws for fitness centers in this country, and also the lack of competition. Especially in a city like Hamilton, Ontario where the fitness center options are rather limited. Premier Fitness is one of the major players in Hamilton, and also one of the most notoriously known crooks. They've often been exposed as double billing and have a shockingly low rating through the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately for me, one of the Premier locations are most convenient so I transferred a membership from one person to my name. That was almost two months ago, and I'm only now trying to get a card. Only caveat is I'm told I have to take a fitness test before my card will be issued, and until I have an appointment booked, I will no longer be allowed on the gym floor!

I wouldn't oppose to taking a fitness test, if it were both A) free or B) from someone I consider adequately qualified. But of course it is not free, the fee is minimum $100, and these are merely Kin graduates, if that. You are not a doctor, and I could really care less what you try to advise me aka sell me on, nor I do I want to offer you my money, or my time (45 minutes, I've been told). I'm more than willing to get a note from my Dr claiming my clean bill of health, if you really need something ensuring my safety and knowledge on the gym floor for insurance purposes (bullshit); but when I offered that the Health Receptionist gave me a ridiculous amount of attitude and essentially threatened my gym use and freedom, "I'll just let the front desk know, [not to let you in until you book a fitness test appointment]." She even went on to condescendingly inform me that this is all outlined in the contract I signed. Only I did not sign a contract that said anything of the sort, the only thing I signed was a transfer form, and said transfer form failed to even pass on the responsibility of the previous member. Needless to say, I feel bamboozled, crooked, conned, swindled! Clearly this is just a ploy to get more of my money and to sell me on personal training. Don't they know I do quite well in the gym all on my own? Next year I'm signing up with the Y!

May 19, 2010

Costume Institute Gala: The Long & Short

So it's ending, my last Costume Institute Gala post; I believe I was so exhaustive in my coverage because I still regret missing out on posting any thing from last year, and I thought it was such a good one! In fact even today I went looking through all of the photos from the previous Met Ball, and I felt a tinge of anger that I somehow let such marvelous fashion pass me by! But no more! Literally. After this one, there will be no more...Until next year.

Even though this was originally supposed to cover short dresses solely, I've titled this "The Long and Short," mostly because I needed to put two Jessica's who really glamed it up somewhere. Needless to say I'm impressed with Jessica Alba's rose silk Sophie Theallet for Gap dress. Which is impressive in itself, since Ms Alba kind of annoys me. But I've pushed that aside to appreciate her Old Hollywood glamour and poise.

The Biel didn't hit the nail as hard on the head as the Alba, mostly due to her two-tone and lackadaisical hair, and I really loved her look last year (even though it seemed at the time I was one of the few). But with that said, I still think her ivory Ralph Lauren Collection gown is lovely, and drapes over her [perfect] body beautifully.

Lily Collins, I love your face. I wish I didn't pluck my brows as much as I did in my teens (even though I didn't go nearly as far as some foolish girls). Ps your dress is pretty awesome in it's originality, I think I like you.

Another face I love, thanks mostly due to those brows, is Hilary Rhoda. Her black and red satin, pleated Prabal Gurung, I am not in love with, however.

Just like Rachel Bilson's everyday fashion life, her Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 looks rather vintage-ey. But I'm not complaining. She looks adorable and she's showcasing her lady lumps, her lovely lady lumps, what's there to complain about?

I remember when Camilla Belle wore this same dress (with shall, cape thing) in grey and I loved it. Well my opinions have not changed, Emilie De Raven looks excellent in her nude Valentino, I just wish they took a side-view photo so everyone could see the volume of this dress.

I love feathers, feather dresses, feather headpiece's etc, I have about 4 or 5 feather headbands, which are perfect for those bad hair does. So naturally I love everything about Elizabeth Banks ostrich feather Gucci mini, including those lace tights, and hot Gucci sandals. Shit I even like the vacant look on her face.

First off, I love this peacock chiffon Marchesa strapless dress. It reminds me a lot of another Marchesa mini Blake Lively wore last year, that I was going to include in my 2009 Favourites, but opted to feature Katy Perry in the long version instead. Now I finally will share that photo (after all this)! But at the same time, I am sick of seeing Blake's tits and legs. It's better than last year's desperate attempt at being sexy, I suppose.

How awesome is that? I want them both!

Chloe Sevigny has amazing legs, so it's no surprise she go short. I'm a little Gemini-ed in my opinions of her Proenza Schouler. I love the teal lace, and the hemline, the purple slip and even the neckline; and yet I feel it's too severe. I'm not sure if it's her hairstyle or the lack of accessories, but at the same time, this dress is far too detailed to fare well with a necklace. I'm just not sure. Chloe, help me out.. let the hair down.

May 18, 2010

Costume Institute Gala: Theme Confusion

The following ladies are those that either took the Met Ball's theme of “American Woman: Fashioning A National Identity,” or were like me and had no idea what it meant!

Alright, not all of the following dresses fall under my brief description, some of them I just dislike or consider exceptionally boring, like the three above. Two are just not attractive and one lacks any thing spectacular and is rather typical. All three ladies are wearing Stella McCartney, naturally, and I pretty much dislike all three. Stella's has potential to be a nice, simple black dress, if it weren't for that train she's stepping all over. Liv's reminds me of something I passed up on in 1998 for a formal, without the unnecessary train. And I find Kate Hudson, although the nicest of the three, boring as hell. Considering the event, I expected more from her. It's pretty, but fucking boring-- and again it has some kind of bride element attached. This girl needs to find herself another groom.

Renee Zellweger needs to stop wearing Carolina Herrera, for one it's expected, and two she's starting to make me feel unwanted disdain against the designer. Pick a new silhouette, a new designer, stop tainting my dream mom!

I'm not sure the theme MIA was trying to parlay in her gold chain-mail Alexander Wang dress, but I do not mind it. Perhaps it's due to her finally releasing a new track (which I just put up), "XXXO" and I'm really enjoying it. Plus she's wearing two looks in one, when she's sick of the gold embroidery, she can take it off and rock the Angelina Jolie look with that strapless black leather dress.

WTF!?!?!! Why does Leighton Meester look like a flower child (or a bad Drew Barrymore impersonator)? I get it, the flower power movement was a big one in American History, but I'm quite certain you could have done your face, body, and hair justice and still get your thoughts of the theme across. This Marc Jacobs dress is just wrong, I feel like I'm tripping.

Kirsten Dunst seemed to have taken the theme to a that place Marie Antoinette ran away to when trying to avoid her husband and his mistress. You know where I'm referring to... in the movie, when Kirsten wore dresses that sort of looked like this (only with a slightly longer hem, but booties included, I'm sure). This also reminds me of the Ralph Lauren gown that Taylor Swift wore, which I liked, but for some reason did not save a photo of it. Much like her less embellished counterpart, I like Kirsten's Rodarte gown... booties included.

Dear Kristen Stewart, if the fabric chest horns didn't work for Madonna, why on earth would you think it'd work for you? I get it, you're trying to be gothic and appeal to your Twilight fans, but this Chanel Haute Couture "dress" looks unfinished.

I'd like someone to remind Eva Longoria Parker, that although she may play a former "supermodel" on Desperate Housewives, she is short. Thus this silver embroidered, platinum Marchesa column dress with short hem was NOT flattering on her. At all. Perhaps she should have just kept walking down the carpet, so that photogs were only able to get shots of her backside, since the train of this dress was beautiful. The front, not so much. This is fashion mulleting at its worst!

Since Alexa Chung is some kind of fashion darling and probably a muse to many designers, I'm hesitant to say that I dislike what she's wearing; as if it may kill my fashion-cred or something absurd. And although I appreciate that she opted for something other than the expected with her 3.1 Phillip Lim pant suit, I dislike it. She looks like Colonel Sanders chic younger sister. With that said, if I had to wear this suit for those shoes, I would. Over and over again. Although I'd probably actually wear it, instead of lay it on my shoulders, because I am not James Dean.

Why Carey? Why? I expected so much from you, and you and your modified Miu Miu dress have failed me. The least you could do is look like you care that you're hurting my feelings and take your hands out of your floral rebrodé lace pockets. Maybe someone else will cheer me up...

...Nope. I love a ruffled skirt as much as the next girl, but this colour, the fabric, the black ribbon of her Giambattista Valli gown are all too feminine for a girl who looks like she just walked onto the red carpet from the gym.

First off, Vera Famiga is very attractive. I just watched Orphan the other day and was overly flattered that I've been compared to such a beautiful woman, granted I don't see the similarity-- but I'll take it! What I won't take is her baby blue Sophie Theallet dress. It's too western themed for my tastes and I don't find it particularly flattering, although the colour is great especially paired with her baby blues, but that black ribbon trim just throws everything off.

It's very possible I would have liked this YSL dress, even though the black embroidery looks like a map to Pleasureland; But who the eff did you let do your makeup!?!?! Clearly LeAnn Rimes old MUA got a new job. PS who wouldn't love to own a map to Pleasureland, especially one you can wear without insulting your partners skills?

May 17, 2010

Music Monday: Leona Lewis - Love is Your Color Ft. Jennifer Hudson

Just another Music Monday, whoa-oa-oa, I wish it were Sunday, that's my fun day, my I don't have to run day... So yes, I'd rather not get out of bed just yet, and I wish I could head to the gym a little later in the afternoon, but I have not got the time. So just like that 80s classic, I wish it were Sunday. Speaking of 80's classics, Leona Lewis' new song that will be found on the Sex & The City 2 soundtrack, featuring Jennifer Hudson, sounds suspiciously like Cyndi Laupers "True Colors," and it's titled "Love is Your Colour." Even the titles have similarities! I'm not saying the two are exact, but there is definitely something in the melody that had my ears searching for where they had heard that familiar sound before, then we realized (both me and my ears) that it was in 1986! I'll give you the chance to listen for yourself, see if you think it too, or maybe I'm just crazy and this weekend did a number on me.

Cyndi Lauper - True Colors (video); For comparison purposes of course! And then the reason this post was written,

Speaking J-Hud, let's talk about how great she looked at the Cannes Film Festival,

Jennifer Hudson is looking amazing promoting her upcoming film with Terrence Howard, Winnie; A biopic centered on Nelson Mendela's ex-wife. This blue draped jersey dress is incredibly flattering on her figure, and really emphasises how small her waist has become. I may not be a fan of the woman, but I'm a fan of the look, and she looks amazing! Well done!

May 16, 2010

Costume Institute Gala: Model Behaviour

The Met Ball is one of the few places that the models may out number the actors. It makes sense, since the red carpet of the Costume Institute Gala is essentially one giant eclectic runway, so the models fit right in. Plus they show you how the clothes are supposed to fit...if you're a size 2 and 5'10."

Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio is the epitome of why I have a love\hate relationship with models, she gave birth a mere 8 months ago! I realize she's a naturally tiny woman, but come on, there could at least be something out of place! At least I only like one side of her cut out Versace dress. The other side (that you don't see) looks like she's wearing a fancy toga over a sparkly bra.

One of my favourite new Canadian models, Jessica Stam was also one of my favourites of the evening, and not just within the model category. I thought she looked uber chic in this slinky, plum Rachel Roy gown with plunging neckline, paired with that long gold chain pendant. She has this blond Natasha, from Rocky & Bullwinkle thing going for her, and I love it.

I really liked how Karolina Kurkova accessorized her white Altuzarra dress by matching her shoes with the gold chest plate on the bodice.

Coco Rocha looked like a beautiful (Canadian) mermaid coming out of the water in her marine-coloured Spring 2008 Zac Posen gown. The train even resembled rippling waves as she glides up the stairs.

Another one of Zac Posen's models was Doutzen Kroes, only she was going for more of a Cinderella look instead of the Little Mermaid.

I actually really liked Gisele Bundchen's motorcycle babe, Alexander Wang dress, even with the fringe. Perhaps, I'd feel differently if she had done anything else with her hair, but that high, tight severe ponytail was the perfect compliment. Also noteworthy, she gave birth only 5 months ago.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is not a model whose name I knew before she wore this custom made nude tulle, ruched ribbon Burberry belted gown.

Since I hate jumpsuits (they're not flattering on anyone who isn't a model), let alone a gold lame Michael Kors jumpsuit; but this photo was pure gold (yeah, that pun was intended) thanks to Chanel Iman's Micheal Kors wearing "sister" Natasha Poly's disgusted face in the background. That was the exact same facial expression I wore when I saw this outfit too.

May 14, 2010

Costume Institute Gala: Favourites

Continuing with the red carpet fashion of the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum, it's time to cover my favourites of the evening. Granted there were some that fall under other categories that I also adored, but these few deserved their own spot (or didn't fit anywhere else! At least I'm honest.)

First off, I adore Camilla Belle, so it's rare I'm ever going to find anything wrong with something she's wearing. Second, it doesn't matter how much I adore her, since she looks absolutely stunning in this red chiffon Jason Wu gown. I love the simple intricacies of the one fallen shoulder and sweetheart neckline. And I love her face.

Staying on the red path with Diane Kruger's Met Ball after party ensemble. No idea who designed either the dress or the shoes, but I love them both, and love them both combined! She was on a role that night!

I love that Gwen Stefani wore her own line. I really appreciate how much she stands behind and represents all the she pushes, it's obvious that she believes in it and makes it for her. And even if her silveresque L.A.M.B. dress resembles cob web over her right boob, I think it looks great, just the same.

Another woman in metallics that reps herself; Donatella Versace in Atelier Versace. Donatella obviously saves the best pieces for herself, because this looks like it was made for her, in fact it's the best I think she's ever looked and I finally see why she was her brothers muse, all those years ago.

Mariska Hargitay wearing such a simple, yet intricately elegant dress. Truly something I'd love on any other carpet, yet still managed to garner my attention at an event where I expect taffeta horns (*cough *Madonna *cough*). I love the folds and the layering of her blue, strapless gown.

At first glance, I didn't even recognize Melissa George in this goldenrod, old Hollywood glamour throwback, but she still managed to stop me in my clicks. I'm not sure I could pull off the colour of her J. Mendal gown, but Melissa is doing swimmingly with her Veronica Lake waves, mimicking the waving of the center gather-ruffle.

First off, I am not a worshipper of Sienna Miller. Unlike Vogue magazine, I do not think she can do no wrong, nor do I think she's the second coming of fashion; I do however see her uncanny fashion resemblance to Kate Moss. Now that I got my clear unbiasedness out of the way, I absolutely love her navy blue Emilio Pucci dress, and I'm not normally a major fan of mullet dresses. But the hem helps the short in the front\long in the back cut so seamless, and her plunging neckline is somehow edgy and fashionable and not overtly sexual and trashy. Well done Sienna, Jude however, I hardly noticed you there. What a shame, you used to be such a hot piece of ass.
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