Apr 1, 2010

Toronto LG Fashion Week: Evan Biddell

The self-taught designer, who won Canada's Project Runway in 2007 premiered his Fall 2010 Collection on Monday night in Toronto. Evan Biddell's Fall collection was described as elevating the evening with a collection that was "provocative, experimental and intelligent." And while I agree that he reached past the conformity of the human form, I did not find it has elevating as the quoted "The Star" columnist. Clothing that evokes comparisons to Quasimodo, are not exactly what I want to wear, and while I love "futuristic, almost alien, sensibility" I want that alien sensibility to be sexy.. like Katherine Heigl in Rosewell. I found the clothes to be a mix between Quasimodo, Emilio Pucci and Lady Gaga. Intriguing, yes, but sometimes in a boring way. The following are the pieces that I actually came to enjoy,

This reminds me of a ladybug, without the obvious ladybug print and colours. Essentially ladybugs for adults, keep the shape, but make it in an adult colour, that is intelligent.

I love the graphic print, it reminds me of a pair of pants I had in the 3rd grade. This look is so very Emilio Pucci meets Gaga.

Again, a great graphic print, but the use of the "alien" appeal is a little too literal, the hood reminds me of the Sigourney Weavers nemeses in Aliens.

Wearable, and trendy.

This reminds me of a centaur. And can woman PLEASE STOP WEARING HAREM PANTS. They are NOT FLATTERING. On ANYONE.


I love how boring this piece is compared to everything else that surrounds it. Normally, I'd probably proclaim my fondness of the dress, but in this scenario I find it somewhat comical.

I love the use of any safari-inspired print, and always love when it comes back around; plus what's not to love about a kimono-bathrobe. I'm sure that thing is comfortable as a Snuggie.

This is actually a great piece, it's wearable avant-garde, which I admit I often appreciate much more than full on avant-garde. Only when you are a true artistic genius can I actually admire designs that were made for more than their usual purpose and function. Although, I've taken a few shots at Evan, I will admit, I thought his 2010 Spring Collection was great, you can view that, here.

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  1. Nice to read a balanced review! EB is talented, sure, but not some raging genius whose every creation is brilliant.

    ps. The "boring" black dress looks just like one of the pieces in the umbrella episode from PRC; I can't remember whose.


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