Apr 3, 2010

Toronto LG Fashion Week: Basch by Brandon R Dwyer

Brandon R Dwyer, launched his new line Basch at Toronto's Fashion week. His previous work received a lot of critical praise from local magazines, plus he got to showcase his talent Project Runway Canada. Not bad for a guy who started at Garage Clothing, and Dynamite. His line is flirty and feminine, ethereal with edge, and occasionally common, but overall, I like it!

I really enjoy this entire look, from the leather bustier mini, to the blond hair, with the feather accessory. Most importantly, the detailing and seaming on the dress are incredibly flattering.

On the flip side, this dress is not particularly flattering, but I do enjoy the literal take of the mermaid hem, with the fish tail.

This dress is too tight and too short, and not very original, but... I like the necklace. There were a lot of great necklace pieces shown throughout this collection that I took note of, so I had to show at least one of them.

This mint mini, on the other hand, I love. It's breezy thanks to the draping and colour, and has a modern Grecian feel. I'd like to note, I really like that hair... perhaps I have a new hair change coming soon.

This coat is lovely, and I appreciate the juxtaposition of the leather belt cinching the otherwise bulky fur coat.

Similar to the mini of the same mint shade, I think this an excellent piece. The bustier peaking out from under the bodice, is unexpected when compared to most flowy gowns. As I said in the intro, it's ethereal with a bit of edge.
This is a rather common shape, but I like the plum shade and the waist-defining detail.

For office-wear, this is an excellent tweed dress. I love the way the both the leather panels slim the middle, and is off-set by the cut-off sleeves. Plus that necklace is superb.

Another typical shape, but the way Dwyer placed the mint contrast against the grey is interesting, and quite simply, I like it. I will say although there were quite a few pieces throughout this collection that I were a fan of, there were only a couple that really wow'd me. Also, the collection wasn't very cohesive. It followed too many paths. Hopefully next year Basch will have more distinct direction.

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