Apr 8, 2010

Toronto Fashion Week: Coccolily

Toronto's LG Fashion Week may have ended last week, but that doesn't mean I'm done talking about what was showcased during that week. No sirree! Last Thursday, Ghana-born Naana Tennachie Yankey debuts her Fall\Winter 2010 collection , Coccolily at the Allstream Centre. The collection was comprised of all your typical "sexy" fabrics, satin, lace, bustiers, tulle tutus and ruffle detailing. It definitely has a French feel to it, but has potential to be tacky if accessorized inappropriately.

I love how this has a Madonna "Like a Virgin" feel to it, crossed with a little bit of first lady, Jackie O. Sexy lace overlay paired with white satin gloves, come off both demure and sexy. But mostly sexy.

Model Amber Wignall struts down the catwalk in this highly 80s inspired ensemble, from the puffed sleeves, to the sheer black tights, all the way up to her big hair- which I'm sure is being held in place with a bottle of AquaNet!

This reminds me of something you'd see a woman wear for her fourth wedding, or if she were doing it Carrie Bradshaw style in Sex & the City the movie, and getting married in a courtroom. The "wedding" suit is kept sexy with an Elizabethan bodice, but it fits this model awkwardly.

I absolutely love this black satin tutu, providing that lace bra is included and part of the dress.

The pasties I find too obvious (and gaudy), the skirt I find is very Betsey Johnson-esque, the tights are cool.. But the shoes are great! I love an electric blue, especially when paired with black.

These tights are interesting, although I wasn't as drawn to them when viewing the full shot. The dress is simple without being completely plain and boring; Not my favourite, however, but it could be a great work dress.

It's sexy, it's obvious, it's lacy, and it looks great!

I really like the sheer panelling within this violet sheath dress, not exactly office appropriate, but close. It could be even sexier with a camisole added, to add a bit of mystery.

The return of the bodysuit, and I'm reminded of 1992! I love the ruffle detail across the front of this black bodysuit, worn by Amber Wignall.

I absolutely love this white mini with tulle tutu. It'd be amazing to see an unconventional bride wear this down the aisle, or even as the outfit she changes into towards the end of the night, to celebrate her new union. It's the perfect fun, party dress, great for a birthday, it's a little whimsical, reminding me of when I was a little girl and would dress up in a tutu even when not practicing ballet.

Another great white dress, this pencil dress is perfect for the budding CEO who wants to assert her power and confidence by not conforming to the expected dress and pants suit. She may need to wear a jacket or an undershirt depending on her own comfort level, but a statement would still be made.

Perhaps that CEO could wear this jacket?

No scratch that! This jacket would be much better, in truth I'm not the biggest fan of the jacket, at least on that model; but this one is adorable without being immature. As seen here, paired with a pair of black slacks it looks quite polished, but still seductive.

I wouldn't recommend wearing this outfit to work, styled as it was on the runway, but tuck in a white or black button down blouse and you're good to go. Unless of course you're an exotic dancer or call girl. Then by all means, demi-bras are perfectly appropriate workwear.

Whatever is going on with this model's hair, is that a ribbon tied in a bow up there? Regardless, it screams "witch," which isn't doing a lot for the aesthetics of this look. Truly, this probably shouldn't leave the bedroom, unless once again, you're a pole dancer, in that case this should be the basis of your uniform! Although, I don't endorse this particular "dress," I do appreciate the burlesque inspired fashion, and absolutely love the collection viewable on the Coccolily website right now, in fact I think a trip to the Red Carpet Room in Toronto, where Coccolily is available for purchase, needs to be organized soon!


  1. The look on the 8th picture is awesome!! I think I am gonna make one like that for me! ;) I'm glad I'm a tailor!
    Also found a store on etsy with awesome tights: https://www.etsy.com/de/listing/198230449/zick-zack-strumpfe?


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