Apr 16, 2010

Start Spreading the News, I'm Leaving Today...

Well actually I left yesterday, and arrived in New York City, Manhattan! I haven't been back to this city since I was asked to house sit after my cousin's wedding in 2005, so I'm actually quite excited. Too excited in fact to have taken any time out during the week to post about my upcoming trip, and by excited I clearly mean stressed out. Honestly, the days leading up to any vacation is filled with stress and anxiety. Usually it starts with the packing, "what am I going to wear... I don't want to pack too much... I don't want to be without something great..." Then it's followed by the anxiety I get of getting to the airport on time and not missing my flight (it's happened once before, and there have been a few weather delays, or overbooked flights also). Then I worry about crossing the border or getting trough customs, since there was one douchebag customs officer who questioned why me, a girl, had two suitcases for a 5 week trip! I'm a girl! One of those suitcases was just shoes! Of course I pack much lighter now, especially now that they charge for both your first and second suitcase, whereas that year (2006) you could have 2 suitcases free of charge, and the roundtrip flights were also $50 cheaper than the one-way tickets! But that editorial topic will be saved for another day. Needless to say, I'm a giant ball of stress until I finish packing, cross that border/get through customs, check my bag (and it's not overweight, and I have not missed the cutoff time), and passed through security (always fearful that my favourite tweezers are somehow in my bag and will be thrown away). After all that, and I'm sitting at my gate, I finally start to relax. Actually, I only start to relax then, it's once I'm in the air that I'm most relaxed... I've never worried about lost luggage, and it's never happened. I thank positive thinking, for that one.

So it's because of all this frustrating neuroses that I've avoided updating anyone of my rather exciting trip, I just did not feel I had the time to spare! But now that I'm here, I'm ready to go. Not really sure what the day has planned for us, as I sit here in my Quality Inn hotel room in Queens (which I'd be quite content with, if it weren't for the fact the price jumped up $50 the minute I was trying to book it. I had one price, hesitated for a second, went back to make sure I had the right room etc for the 10th time, and proceeded yet again to book, and the price suddenly jumped! Aggravating, to say the least!), waiting for Mr. Vegas to wake his West Coast ass up! He ventured downstairs with me for our continental breakfast, with eyes half shut, not saying a word; grabbed a donut and some orange juice, sat down and only drank his OJ. The donut is still in tact, on the nightstand next to him. Although, I'm not at all near being ready to go out, I'm getting really anxious again! I have no idea what I want to do, last time I was here, I did whatever I want, since I was alone, visiting Bergdorf's, 5th Avenue, Union Square, letting the "Cheapskate's Guide to New York City," guide me, along with the very handsome gentlemen I met during a pride party (my birthday), and a few other gentlemen who wanted to cook me (and my friend who came to visit me for a couple of days) dinner in the backyard of their brownstone, or take us to a party on the pier, meeting the first "out" Playboy Playmate etc etc. So many exciting things this city has to offer, you never really know which one you'll face until you turn the corner, and I'm ready to start turning! (Or at the very least to start picking out my outfit.)


  1. Have a great time Aleashia!!! See all that stress for nothing!! All that matters is you are there!!!

    I can't wait to hear the rest of your vacation.

    I'll be waiting!

    Oh and btw, I LOVE NEW YORK!!!

  2. Thanks! I also love New York..
    Yeah I always stress out over those things, and usually it's "for nothing" and yet I can't seem to avoid doing it. So neurotic, I am! I'm like Woody Allen, without the mail-order bride, and legendary films. I should work on one of those...


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