Apr 6, 2010

Music Monday Tuesday: Sage Francis "Slow Man"

When Music Monday falls on a holiday, it easily becomes Music Tuesday. But who can blame me with Easter dinner leftovers resting in my belly? While I do not apologize for being a day late, I do apologize for keeping a new Sage Francis track to myself for a couple of extra days. (There's been a bit of a underground hip hop trend here at TMP the past couple of weeks. Nice!) As per usual, this was spotted over at 2DopeBoyz.com, in fact he even called me out with a premonition that I'd use this exact track for today's post. He was 100% correct.

Sage Francis are one of those lyricists that if you haven't heard his poetry, I feel sorry for you. He's just got a ridiculous grasp of the English language, and a unique and honest point of view. Sage's sense of humour is evident as he often satirizes pop culture along with the typical taboo topics, politics and religion. He's mastered the use of metaphors and imagery, I wish I had the word play talent this man has. So after building him like this, hear for yourself. You can download Slow Man from usershare here. The song, arranged by Sage himself, is an unexpected collaboration with indie rock Arizona band, Calexico. Sage explains the origin and evolution of the track:
“This song went through quite the journey before it became the official version people are now hearing.” Francis explains. “It’s been over a decade ago since I had my short stint as a resident of Brooklyn, NY but much of the song has me reflecting back on that time, applying it to my current living situation. I’m not sure if it was because of the energy of that city or because I was still young and impressionable, but it definitely made its impact. Everything between now and then seems like a blur, but of course back then nothing was moving fast enough for me. The slow man likes to hurry up and wait.
You can pre-order Sage Francis' Li(f)e album here. And while you're at, look for a Healthy Distrust, because it's AMAZING! And I just discovered that Sage will be in TO May 16th, perhaps Mr. Vegas will stick around long enough for us to catch a Sage show together. Last time we saw Sage, we got to witness Evel Knieval dance like a monkey from a backstage view point at Paid Dues in 2007! If you're lucky, Mr. Francis may be performing in a city near you!

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