Apr 17, 2010

Health & Fitness in New York...

Consists solely of walking around the city, which would normally be a great way to spend your time exploring a new city and squeezing in some free fitness, but not when the weather is as unpleasant as it's been. In fact during a nice, sunny day it's my favourite part of being a tourist, walking around, aimlessly or with a specific destination, either way it's such a great way to take in the day and your surroundings. But in this cold and rainy weather, walking around & checking out the sights, becomes a mission to duck into the first warm building you fancy and wasting your time lazily in said building. So it's due to this that Fitness Friday was completely ignored yesterday; the lack of any real form of cardio or strength...and because my eating yesterday consisted solely of carbs, carbs and more carbs. And while I used to be of the mindset that carbs were evil, I now understand they are indeed a necessity for a well balanced diet (aka if you'd like to avoid yo-yo dieting, you must learn to incorporate some healthy carbs into your life, since you CAN NOT, I guarantee, CAN NOT go an entire lifetime without eating them, and the moment you do, you'll regain all that you lost!), but they should not be the main or ONLY component of all (or any) of your meals. Which was precisely how I lived yesterday. I blame the continental breakfast offered at my hotel for the poor start to my day, which served cereal (at least I ate the Raisin Bran, and the milk had some protein), bagels, bread, donuts and cinnamon rolls. Of course, I can blame their lack of options all I want, but the truth is, I didn't have to eat all of them! And I did! What is it about being on a "vacation" that turns us into complete gluttons? As if our bodies are immune to the hazards and health rules we adhere to back home. It's a bizarre phenomenon, that I will get to the bottom of.. one day. After that my eating did not get much better, pizza, chocolate, alcohol, deep fried shrimp... and a banana from a market in SoHo. Thank god for that banana, my only bit of fruit or vegetable the entire day, so it wasn't a total loss!

For the remainder of my stay (now in an awesome apartment in Harlem), I really need to focus on how I'm going to incorporate fruits and vegetables into each of my meals, and the rest should come naturally. Fortunately there are markets and costermongers on almost every corner so grabbing a quick apple or banana shouldn't be too hard. And truthfully, I'm staying somewhere with a fridge (and stove and everything else most apartments have to offer), so I could very easily buy some vegetables to store and prepare. Beyond that, I could do squats, lunges, push-ups, dips and crunches- the basic travel workout that can be done ANYWHERE, but instead I think I'll stick with walking up these 5 flights of stairs we have to conquer every time we leave the house, and tomorrow my sights are set on sight-seeing, and shopping with determination, so feet be prepared to swell! I'll take an Advil or two to help me on my quest!

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