Apr 11, 2010

Fitness Friday: Fit-spiration

So I'm bringing this week's, and really this month's, Fitness Friday on a Sunday. I originally started it on Saturday, and was going to blame the delay on Easter, since it had pushed me back a day on everything... And then, I'm not sure what happened, procrastination perhaps? All I know is that I definitely need a little fitness inspiration, because I am not feeling all that fit, or all that motivated to get fit, thanks to my present lack of progress. So who better to offer me something to aspire to, than two woman in their mid-30s, one of which is the mother of two.

Kelly Monaco (34) and Mel B (35) from Spice Girl fame, shown here at MGM Grand's pool, Wet Republic last summer (for Mel's 35th birthday, I believe) in Las Vegas. How inspiring their physiques are, considering their ages, since it becomes more and more difficult as you age to retain this kind of shape and fitness level. Of course, I'm not trying to suggest that I'm aiming to duplicate either of their frames, according to Kelly's Playboy data sheet, she has a 22" waist, and Melanie has always been in great shape. But the fitness levels are definitely something to aspire to, and interestingly both appeared on Dancing With the Stars, a show notorious for reshaping the contestants bodies for the fitter, healthier and all around, better. So clearly I need more to focus on more challenging and intense workouts.

So clearly I need to re-approach my fitness goals with some new goals in mind, and with a new plan. The self workout is CLEARLY not working out for me, whatsoever, I find the workouts either awkward or too easy, and really quite boring after a week. Also, I'm not having much luck with my eating plan. I'm snacking far too much, still, on "non-food" foods, granola bars, cereals etc. Essentially, as far as I'm concerned, if it won't go bad, it's not real food, and I really want to focus more on real food. Unfortunately, I can't seem to control my snacking ways right now, I think it might have to do with my lack of direction in every other aspect of my life. Clearly, I need a life overhaul, and a bit of therapy...even if it's gym therapy! On a positive note, at least my attempt at following The Fat Flush Diet is helping me rebuild my daily diet blueprint, even if I'm failing at following it fully, I'm more aware of all my snacks and I'm trying to eat more meals! Thanks for the much needed pep ladies, although Kelly, those boots? At a pool? With a bikini? Really? You think that's okay? REALLY? Mel's gold heels, I understand, it's Vegas... but black, biker-esque boots are not a good look, especially when you're as petite as Kelly is, it makes her look stumpy. Furthermore, do you really want to deter from such great abs? Think about it! Clearly I could not just let that one slip by without pointing it out!


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