Jun 16, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

I just returned from my second viewing of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, I did not go as often as I originally thought I would, but the wait was worth it, since this time I was wearing my Alice in Wonderland Swarovski Crystal Garden pendant (thank you Mr. Vegas). Honestly, who has the time to see a movie over and over again when there are so many others to watch, and you're busy planning trips to New York, Las Vegas and now Miami! Not I! Much like my original viewing I was eyeing all of the costuming in longing awe. From the time Alice arrived in Wonderland, until she met up with the White Queen, I lusted for her dresses, and wondered if I could either have them made myself and how I would manage to pull off such a task (since my sewing and pattern-making experience is at an undesirable low), or if someone will recreate the costumes from the movie for new costume options for Halloween.

A full month later, and I still haven't found what I'd consider satisfying photos of all these coveted dresses; but since the Alice in Wonderland DVD was released today, I clearly just had to take what I've found thus far and go with it! Yeah, that's right, the DVD was released today (June 1st, of course I accidentally forgot to publish this until today!), only a month after my last theatre viewing! I love that I don't need to wait very long for my next trip to Wonderland!

The very first dress we see Alice in follows the general fashion of clothing of the era, yet it`s missing the hidden additives. Alice in Wonderland's costume designer, Colleen Atwood, who has also worked with Tim Burton on Sweeney Todd and Big Fish, did not want to "convey anything other than that she was a girl who saw her life in a different way, and was a bit freer in how she dressed and how she thought about her clothes." Thus Alice avoids wearing the usual constricting female underthings such as like corsets and hoop skirts.

This adorable dress is apparently what Alice was wearing under the above dress, since this is the first thing we see her "change into" once she's shrunk and in Wonderland.

A close up, so you can see the black piping and flutter halter-neck. I do appreciate all the straps to hold the dress close to her body and even to hold it up, indicating that it was indeed a much larger gown originally. Unlike the previous Alice in Wonderland films, this Alice's clothes do not shrink along with her.

Finally Alice starts to receive custom made dresses. This pale blue, strapless dress with flower accent is something the Mad Hatter had cut-up for her, from her previous halter dress, after she had shrunk once more to fit into a tea pot. It should be noted that the Mad Hatter's costume was designed to actually resemble and Edwardian-era milliner. Also the flipper Johnny Depp wears are supposedly inspired by his long time girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis' infamous gap-toothed grin.

My favourite of all of the costumes, was this "custom-made" dress, after Alice had grown too large for her previous clothes and found herself at the Red Queen's castle. I absolutely LOVED this dress! It's very Betsey Johnson inspired, I'm quite surprised she didn't design it herself!

Here's a better view (captured from YouTube) of the dress the Red Queen had made for Um (Alice's alias).

The last view we get of Alice is in this stunning pale blue military-inspired jacket. Clearly there is a colour theme happening here for Alice, and I really wonder if the colour blue is meant to signify anything or if it's merely due to the original Alice's costuming in a blue dress and petticoat? Light blue, according to color-wheel-pro.com, is associated with understanding, softness, along with wisdom and heaven. All of those things we can certainly see in Alice and perhaps Wonderland is her own personal heaven; It's very much mine!

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