Apr 27, 2010

45th Academy of Country Music Awards

I'm a week late, or more, but I blame my delay on living it up in New York while the 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards aired, and not being in Las Vegas, where the Awards show took place, like I was last year. For the most part the dresses were nice, some beautiful, a couple hot options, but most were just pretty. There were only a couple that really made me say "Wow," and as per usual, I'll start with those!

The first time I remember taking note of a Basil Soda design was on Paula Abdul, mostly because for the first time, I didn't think she looked ridiculous. I didn't become an fan of the Lebanese line until Katy Perry wore a lovely pink number to the 2009 Grammy's. Carrie Underwood's one-shouldered buttercup mini encourages my fondness for Basil Soda Couture. I love the ruffled pleating on her shoulder, really draws attention to her face.

I'm also a fan of the frock Carrie wore to show off her Entertainer of the Year Award and the Triple Crown Award backstage in the press room, definitely something I would wear to Sunday brunch, a summer wedding, or a daytime date.

Basil Soda Couture was the designing highlight of the night for me. Julianne Hough wore this beautiful white gown with an eye-catching silver folded detail on the bodice. As much as I liked Carrie's Basil Soda dress and it was one of my favourites, Julianne's really wow'ed me with a fervent intensity. It's even helped me overlook her over-tan.

Another showstopper was Kristen Bell in a nude Hervé Léger by Max Azria chevron illusion bandage mini. One word = Hot. Perhaps it's thanks to her un-enhanced chest that she manages to wear such a "naked" dress without looking skanky, which I have to applaud her for, I love a woman who's content and flaunts what she's got (not what she bought, Kate tell me the rumours aren't true!), not that I'm opposed to surgery, there are a few I'd get myself... but this isn't about me, unless we're talking about how I want this dress, and would love to look this great in it!

Emily West's dress is driving me nuts! So much so that I couldn't be bothered talking about her performance on Fremont St in Las Vegas a couple days before the awards. Instead I'm far too focused on her gown. Not because it's all that crazy looking, it's fine, nice, but because it reminds me of a dress someone else wore, or they wore this exact same gown and I cannot remember who! Ahhhhhhhhhh! I've spent hours trying to figure it out, does anyone have a better memory than I have?

The reason I added this photo of Kenny Alphin & Christiev Carother is partly because Christiev looks good, and I really like her shoes, but mostly to remind everyone about the time her and Kenny appeared at the CMA Awards last November looking like the Mad Hatter. He looks disappointingly normal this year.

I believe Carrie Underwood has worn this dress before, only white. I like it, but it also feels like something a hot 50 year old should wear, not a young TV personality, as Allison Dermarcus is. On a totally related note: Does she look like Nancy O'Dell or what? Or is that just me who sees the resemblance?

I was originally going to put up a solo photo of Kimberley Roads Schlapma from Little Big Town, since I'm quite fond of her dress, it's sleek and fashion forward. But then I saw this one with Karen Fairchild included and decided I needed to comment on her look. Karen was so close to looking like a golden Grecian goddess if it weren't for those shoes! Not that I'm completely opposed to flats, but the black is to heavy, and the style is too obvious. So instead of putting her best foot forward (sorry I want this post finished; it's the best I can do at this moment), she looks like she's wearing something your cool grandma would wear to take you shopping after church.

I could pretend I know who Joshua Scott Jones & Meghan Linsey are, I could even lie about ever hearing their group Steel Magnolia before seeing this photo, but I have too much respect for you, so instead I'll just point out that although Meghan Linsey's nude silk chiffon Tadashi Shoji gown is lovely, it reminds me of Demi Moore's Atelier Versace Oscar dress. With a black satin sash added randomly.

Standing out from the springs usual soft coloured palate, Jennifer Nettles opted for something a little more smoldering. I love the accessories she wore, especially that giant silver pendant.

The First Lady of Lady Antebellum, Hillary Scott stands out between her male counterparts in one-shoulder, hot pink Pamela Rolland chiffon gown, and looked great during their performance too. I'm not sure what it is, but Hillary keeps getting prettier and prettier, while former crush-worthy Charles Kelley is losing his appeal. Clearly his marriage isn't working for me.

Dear LL Cool J, either stop working out, or stop wearing leather jackets made for children. Actually, scratch my first suggest; don't stop working out, just go up size in your clothing!

Lindsay Vonn has helped the Olympics look good (along with all those Canadian medal winners, seriously, shouldn't you just get one? Athleticism OR good looks?!), in a tomato silk jersey David Meister Signature Collection gown.

Much like last year, LeAnn Rimes opted for a something sleek and professional, and walked the (hideous) orange carpet in a blue Lanvin dress. It seems to me that she's trying to avoid being too showy with her carpet-fashion; last year she was in the midst of a "cheating scandal" and this year she showed up to the event with her "scandal" beau. I doubt dressing like Reese Witherspoon will make people forget the heart's that were broken...I see what you're trying to do!

I caught a replay of the ACMAs right when Laura Bell Bundy was performing; her performance was entertaining and not the typical country entertaining, instead was very similar to a pop performance, with the dance moves and out of breath singing, but I enjoyed it. The song, however, was just horrible. Fortunately her night wasn't all bad, although I failed to pick the most detailed photo, it's still obvious her Tony Ward gown, her legs, and her shoes are all pretty great.

I can't believe I'm about to say what I'm about to say about Taylor Swift's wisteria chiffon Marchesa gown, since I'm a fan of both the wearer and designer, but... I hate it.

Moving on... to Nicole Kidman who's black wool tuxedo L'Wren Scott mini dress isn't great, but it's interesting, and her hair is red, so that's a plus. Another plus, those black lace up boots.

Miranda Lambert showed off her decolletage with a plunging neckline, in this beaded blue sapphire Pamela Rolland cap-sleeve gown, if I were capable of wearing anything without a bra, I'd be all over this!

Something a little more "support" friendly, was her cream silk chiffon Tadashi Shoji gown she wore to show off her Album of the Year & Video of the Year awards.

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