Apr 27, 2010

45th Academy of Country Music Awards

I'm a week late, or more, but I blame my delay on living it up in New York while the 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards aired, and not being in Las Vegas, where the Awards show took place, like I was last year. For the most part the dresses were nice, some beautiful, a couple hot options, but most were just pretty. There were only a couple that really made me say "Wow," and as per usual, I'll start with those!

The first time I remember taking note of a Basil Soda design was on Paula Abdul, mostly because for the first time, I didn't think she looked ridiculous. I didn't become an fan of the Lebanese line until Katy Perry wore a lovely pink number to the 2009 Grammy's. Carrie Underwood's one-shouldered buttercup mini encourages my fondness for Basil Soda Couture. I love the ruffled pleating on her shoulder, really draws attention to her face.

I'm also a fan of the frock Carrie wore to show off her Entertainer of the Year Award and the Triple Crown Award backstage in the press room, definitely something I would wear to Sunday brunch, a summer wedding, or a daytime date.

Basil Soda Couture was the designing highlight of the night for me. Julianne Hough wore this beautiful white gown with an eye-catching silver folded detail on the bodice. As much as I liked Carrie's Basil Soda dress and it was one of my favourites, Julianne's really wow'ed me with a fervent intensity. It's even helped me overlook her over-tan.

Another showstopper was Kristen Bell in a nude Hervé Léger by Max Azria chevron illusion bandage mini. One word = Hot. Perhaps it's thanks to her un-enhanced chest that she manages to wear such a "naked" dress without looking skanky, which I have to applaud her for, I love a woman who's content and flaunts what she's got (not what she bought, Kate tell me the rumours aren't true!), not that I'm opposed to surgery, there are a few I'd get myself... but this isn't about me, unless we're talking about how I want this dress, and would love to look this great in it!

Emily West's dress is driving me nuts! So much so that I couldn't be bothered talking about her performance on Fremont St in Las Vegas a couple days before the awards. Instead I'm far too focused on her gown. Not because it's all that crazy looking, it's fine, nice, but because it reminds me of a dress someone else wore, or they wore this exact same gown and I cannot remember who! Ahhhhhhhhhh! I've spent hours trying to figure it out, does anyone have a better memory than I have?

The reason I added this photo of Kenny Alphin & Christiev Carother is partly because Christiev looks good, and I really like her shoes, but mostly to remind everyone about the time her and Kenny appeared at the CMA Awards last November looking like the Mad Hatter. He looks disappointingly normal this year.

I believe Carrie Underwood has worn this dress before, only white. I like it, but it also feels like something a hot 50 year old should wear, not a young TV personality, as Allison Dermarcus is. On a totally related note: Does she look like Nancy O'Dell or what? Or is that just me who sees the resemblance?

I was originally going to put up a solo photo of Kimberley Roads Schlapma from Little Big Town, since I'm quite fond of her dress, it's sleek and fashion forward. But then I saw this one with Karen Fairchild included and decided I needed to comment on her look. Karen was so close to looking like a golden Grecian goddess if it weren't for those shoes! Not that I'm completely opposed to flats, but the black is to heavy, and the style is too obvious. So instead of putting her best foot forward (sorry I want this post finished; it's the best I can do at this moment), she looks like she's wearing something your cool grandma would wear to take you shopping after church.

I could pretend I know who Joshua Scott Jones & Meghan Linsey are, I could even lie about ever hearing their group Steel Magnolia before seeing this photo, but I have too much respect for you, so instead I'll just point out that although Meghan Linsey's nude silk chiffon Tadashi Shoji gown is lovely, it reminds me of Demi Moore's Atelier Versace Oscar dress. With a black satin sash added randomly.

Standing out from the springs usual soft coloured palate, Jennifer Nettles opted for something a little more smoldering. I love the accessories she wore, especially that giant silver pendant.

The First Lady of Lady Antebellum, Hillary Scott stands out between her male counterparts in one-shoulder, hot pink Pamela Rolland chiffon gown, and looked great during their performance too. I'm not sure what it is, but Hillary keeps getting prettier and prettier, while former crush-worthy Charles Kelley is losing his appeal. Clearly his marriage isn't working for me.

Dear LL Cool J, either stop working out, or stop wearing leather jackets made for children. Actually, scratch my first suggest; don't stop working out, just go up size in your clothing!

Lindsay Vonn has helped the Olympics look good (along with all those Canadian medal winners, seriously, shouldn't you just get one? Athleticism OR good looks?!), in a tomato silk jersey David Meister Signature Collection gown.

Much like last year, LeAnn Rimes opted for a something sleek and professional, and walked the (hideous) orange carpet in a blue Lanvin dress. It seems to me that she's trying to avoid being too showy with her carpet-fashion; last year she was in the midst of a "cheating scandal" and this year she showed up to the event with her "scandal" beau. I doubt dressing like Reese Witherspoon will make people forget the heart's that were broken...I see what you're trying to do!

I caught a replay of the ACMAs right when Laura Bell Bundy was performing; her performance was entertaining and not the typical country entertaining, instead was very similar to a pop performance, with the dance moves and out of breath singing, but I enjoyed it. The song, however, was just horrible. Fortunately her night wasn't all bad, although I failed to pick the most detailed photo, it's still obvious her Tony Ward gown, her legs, and her shoes are all pretty great.

I can't believe I'm about to say what I'm about to say about Taylor Swift's wisteria chiffon Marchesa gown, since I'm a fan of both the wearer and designer, but... I hate it.

Moving on... to Nicole Kidman who's black wool tuxedo L'Wren Scott mini dress isn't great, but it's interesting, and her hair is red, so that's a plus. Another plus, those black lace up boots.

Miranda Lambert showed off her decolletage with a plunging neckline, in this beaded blue sapphire Pamela Rolland cap-sleeve gown, if I were capable of wearing anything without a bra, I'd be all over this!

Something a little more "support" friendly, was her cream silk chiffon Tadashi Shoji gown she wore to show off her Album of the Year & Video of the Year awards.

Apr 26, 2010

Music Monday: Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack

I haven't been as excited about seeing Sex and the City 2 until I saw a trailer for it last night before our viewing of Date Night (which incidentally was hilarious), there were a few additional scenes that I haven't seen on the TV trailers yet which finally made me decide a sequel wasn't a bad idea. It looks good, and even though I would have gone to see it no matter what, now I actually want to, and I'm really looking forward to it.

So with these new feelings as inspiration, I've decided to share the details of the movie's soundtrack playlist. It's full of covers, classics and a few original songs Even the movie's stars, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristen Davis and Cynthia Nixon, are featured covering Helen Reddy's "I am Woman." Other covers include Alicia Keys' cover of Blondie's 1981 hit "Rapture" (also known as the first song to introduce rapping to the mainstream), which is a mash-up with the Sex and the City theme song. I really can't wait to hear, since it's been described to go together as well as "a frosty cosmo and a pair of Manolo Blahniks," and I'd take either of those at this moment. And really, who could deny anything Blondie? Also featured is Liza Minnelli covering Beyoncé's "Single Ladies," which should be hilarious and over-the-top, much like both of the mentioned songstresses, as well as Cole Porter's jazz standard "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye."

Jennifer Hudson returns to the SATC franchise, but thankfully not as Carrie Bradshaw's assistant. That character was the worst thing about the original film, so incredibly lame, there is not a nice thing I can say about J-Huds acting, or her role in that film, although it's not all her fault, somebody else wrote that part thinking it was a good idea and a good way to pull some story lines together. They were wrong, but I digress. She's featured on the soundtrack singing an original song written for the flick called "Love is Your Color," a duet recorded with fellow reality show songstress, Leona Lewis .

Out of all the above though, I am most interested to hear what Dido and Cee Lo have to offer to the soundtrack, it's been so long since I've heard anything Dido related, and I've always been a Cee Lo fan from Goodie Mob to his solo work, to the innovative Gnarls Barkley! The soundtrack will be released two days before the flick premieres on May 25, but I'm sure it'll leak earlier!

Apr 19, 2010

Music Monday: New Uffie Song! ADD SUV

A couple of days ago a radio rip of a new Uffie song leaked into the world wide web, and just in time for Music Monday a CDQuality version has been made available for consumption. For those unfamiliar with Uffie, or Anna Catherine Heartly she's a Miami-born, Paris based female "emcee," who specializes in electro-pop, who's been associated with French music producer (and Uffie's ex) DJ Feadz and French graffiti artist Fafi. To get a better understanding of her sound: when I first heard Ke$ha's Tik Tok, I thought it was Uffie singing, there were so many parts in that song that Ke$ha sounds exactly like Uffie, that I kept asking people who it was and couldn't believe it wasn't Uffie. You see, by exactly, I mean EXACTLY. I'm not about to say Ke$ha stole her style, but...

The 22 year old's first track which she wrote and recorded with DJ Feadz, was "Pop the Glock" in 2006, and it's taken this long for her to finally record and release an album! Her debut album, Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans will be released in the US June 8th, 2010 and I'm certainly anticipating it, even if people say she's lost her buzz.

Thanks, as per usual, to 2Dopeboyz for the link to Uffie's new song "ADD SUV" featuring Pharrell Williams. Enjoy.

Apr 17, 2010

Health & Fitness in New York...

Consists solely of walking around the city, which would normally be a great way to spend your time exploring a new city and squeezing in some free fitness, but not when the weather is as unpleasant as it's been. In fact during a nice, sunny day it's my favourite part of being a tourist, walking around, aimlessly or with a specific destination, either way it's such a great way to take in the day and your surroundings. But in this cold and rainy weather, walking around & checking out the sights, becomes a mission to duck into the first warm building you fancy and wasting your time lazily in said building. So it's due to this that Fitness Friday was completely ignored yesterday; the lack of any real form of cardio or strength...and because my eating yesterday consisted solely of carbs, carbs and more carbs. And while I used to be of the mindset that carbs were evil, I now understand they are indeed a necessity for a well balanced diet (aka if you'd like to avoid yo-yo dieting, you must learn to incorporate some healthy carbs into your life, since you CAN NOT, I guarantee, CAN NOT go an entire lifetime without eating them, and the moment you do, you'll regain all that you lost!), but they should not be the main or ONLY component of all (or any) of your meals. Which was precisely how I lived yesterday. I blame the continental breakfast offered at my hotel for the poor start to my day, which served cereal (at least I ate the Raisin Bran, and the milk had some protein), bagels, bread, donuts and cinnamon rolls. Of course, I can blame their lack of options all I want, but the truth is, I didn't have to eat all of them! And I did! What is it about being on a "vacation" that turns us into complete gluttons? As if our bodies are immune to the hazards and health rules we adhere to back home. It's a bizarre phenomenon, that I will get to the bottom of.. one day. After that my eating did not get much better, pizza, chocolate, alcohol, deep fried shrimp... and a banana from a market in SoHo. Thank god for that banana, my only bit of fruit or vegetable the entire day, so it wasn't a total loss!

For the remainder of my stay (now in an awesome apartment in Harlem), I really need to focus on how I'm going to incorporate fruits and vegetables into each of my meals, and the rest should come naturally. Fortunately there are markets and costermongers on almost every corner so grabbing a quick apple or banana shouldn't be too hard. And truthfully, I'm staying somewhere with a fridge (and stove and everything else most apartments have to offer), so I could very easily buy some vegetables to store and prepare. Beyond that, I could do squats, lunges, push-ups, dips and crunches- the basic travel workout that can be done ANYWHERE, but instead I think I'll stick with walking up these 5 flights of stairs we have to conquer every time we leave the house, and tomorrow my sights are set on sight-seeing, and shopping with determination, so feet be prepared to swell! I'll take an Advil or two to help me on my quest!

Apr 16, 2010

Start Spreading the News, I'm Leaving Today...

Well actually I left yesterday, and arrived in New York City, Manhattan! I haven't been back to this city since I was asked to house sit after my cousin's wedding in 2005, so I'm actually quite excited. Too excited in fact to have taken any time out during the week to post about my upcoming trip, and by excited I clearly mean stressed out. Honestly, the days leading up to any vacation is filled with stress and anxiety. Usually it starts with the packing, "what am I going to wear... I don't want to pack too much... I don't want to be without something great..." Then it's followed by the anxiety I get of getting to the airport on time and not missing my flight (it's happened once before, and there have been a few weather delays, or overbooked flights also). Then I worry about crossing the border or getting trough customs, since there was one douchebag customs officer who questioned why me, a girl, had two suitcases for a 5 week trip! I'm a girl! One of those suitcases was just shoes! Of course I pack much lighter now, especially now that they charge for both your first and second suitcase, whereas that year (2006) you could have 2 suitcases free of charge, and the roundtrip flights were also $50 cheaper than the one-way tickets! But that editorial topic will be saved for another day. Needless to say, I'm a giant ball of stress until I finish packing, cross that border/get through customs, check my bag (and it's not overweight, and I have not missed the cutoff time), and passed through security (always fearful that my favourite tweezers are somehow in my bag and will be thrown away). After all that, and I'm sitting at my gate, I finally start to relax. Actually, I only start to relax then, it's once I'm in the air that I'm most relaxed... I've never worried about lost luggage, and it's never happened. I thank positive thinking, for that one.

So it's because of all this frustrating neuroses that I've avoided updating anyone of my rather exciting trip, I just did not feel I had the time to spare! But now that I'm here, I'm ready to go. Not really sure what the day has planned for us, as I sit here in my Quality Inn hotel room in Queens (which I'd be quite content with, if it weren't for the fact the price jumped up $50 the minute I was trying to book it. I had one price, hesitated for a second, went back to make sure I had the right room etc for the 10th time, and proceeded yet again to book, and the price suddenly jumped! Aggravating, to say the least!), waiting for Mr. Vegas to wake his West Coast ass up! He ventured downstairs with me for our continental breakfast, with eyes half shut, not saying a word; grabbed a donut and some orange juice, sat down and only drank his OJ. The donut is still in tact, on the nightstand next to him. Although, I'm not at all near being ready to go out, I'm getting really anxious again! I have no idea what I want to do, last time I was here, I did whatever I want, since I was alone, visiting Bergdorf's, 5th Avenue, Union Square, letting the "Cheapskate's Guide to New York City," guide me, along with the very handsome gentlemen I met during a pride party (my birthday), and a few other gentlemen who wanted to cook me (and my friend who came to visit me for a couple of days) dinner in the backyard of their brownstone, or take us to a party on the pier, meeting the first "out" Playboy Playmate etc etc. So many exciting things this city has to offer, you never really know which one you'll face until you turn the corner, and I'm ready to start turning! (Or at the very least to start picking out my outfit.)

Apr 12, 2010

Music Mondays: Christina Aguilera "Not Myself Tonight"

Christina Aguilera's new single "Not Myself Tonight" had its world premiere on March 30th, and it will now be available for purchase from all digital service providers tomorrow, April 13th. Of course I'm not going to make you wait those 12-24 hours to own a digital copy of it yourself, you can download the Polow Da Don produced track here, courtesy of 2Dopeboyz.com

Ever since Christina fell in love and got married and became a mom, I've grown to appreciate her music more and more. I hated Genie in a Bottle. Hated it. I hated it even more, that my mother continued to sing it and play it, I couldn't stand the melody, the singing, the choreography of the video, none of it. True, I was not really a pop music fan, but beyond that, I could not stand the girl singing. I wouldn't deny she had vocal talent, but there was nothing about her that appealed to me; then she got Dirrty in 2002, and it was a great song to dance to in a club, and she became more entertaining as a person, thanks mostly to her wearing chaps. Then she came out of nowhere with Back to Basics (2006), with a throwback jazz style that really appealed to me. In short, I'm actually looking forward to Bionic (which drops June 8th), I guess my MySpace profile song is right, she just Keeps Gettin' Better.

Apr 11, 2010

Fitness Friday: Fit-spiration

So I'm bringing this week's, and really this month's, Fitness Friday on a Sunday. I originally started it on Saturday, and was going to blame the delay on Easter, since it had pushed me back a day on everything... And then, I'm not sure what happened, procrastination perhaps? All I know is that I definitely need a little fitness inspiration, because I am not feeling all that fit, or all that motivated to get fit, thanks to my present lack of progress. So who better to offer me something to aspire to, than two woman in their mid-30s, one of which is the mother of two.

Kelly Monaco (34) and Mel B (35) from Spice Girl fame, shown here at MGM Grand's pool, Wet Republic last summer (for Mel's 35th birthday, I believe) in Las Vegas. How inspiring their physiques are, considering their ages, since it becomes more and more difficult as you age to retain this kind of shape and fitness level. Of course, I'm not trying to suggest that I'm aiming to duplicate either of their frames, according to Kelly's Playboy data sheet, she has a 22" waist, and Melanie has always been in great shape. But the fitness levels are definitely something to aspire to, and interestingly both appeared on Dancing With the Stars, a show notorious for reshaping the contestants bodies for the fitter, healthier and all around, better. So clearly I need more to focus on more challenging and intense workouts.

So clearly I need to re-approach my fitness goals with some new goals in mind, and with a new plan. The self workout is CLEARLY not working out for me, whatsoever, I find the workouts either awkward or too easy, and really quite boring after a week. Also, I'm not having much luck with my eating plan. I'm snacking far too much, still, on "non-food" foods, granola bars, cereals etc. Essentially, as far as I'm concerned, if it won't go bad, it's not real food, and I really want to focus more on real food. Unfortunately, I can't seem to control my snacking ways right now, I think it might have to do with my lack of direction in every other aspect of my life. Clearly, I need a life overhaul, and a bit of therapy...even if it's gym therapy! On a positive note, at least my attempt at following The Fat Flush Diet is helping me rebuild my daily diet blueprint, even if I'm failing at following it fully, I'm more aware of all my snacks and I'm trying to eat more meals! Thanks for the much needed pep ladies, although Kelly, those boots? At a pool? With a bikini? Really? You think that's okay? REALLY? Mel's gold heels, I understand, it's Vegas... but black, biker-esque boots are not a good look, especially when you're as petite as Kelly is, it makes her look stumpy. Furthermore, do you really want to deter from such great abs? Think about it! Clearly I could not just let that one slip by without pointing it out!

Apr 8, 2010

Toronto Fashion Week: Coccolily

Toronto's LG Fashion Week may have ended last week, but that doesn't mean I'm done talking about what was showcased during that week. No sirree! Last Thursday, Ghana-born Naana Tennachie Yankey debuts her Fall\Winter 2010 collection , Coccolily at the Allstream Centre. The collection was comprised of all your typical "sexy" fabrics, satin, lace, bustiers, tulle tutus and ruffle detailing. It definitely has a French feel to it, but has potential to be tacky if accessorized inappropriately.

I love how this has a Madonna "Like a Virgin" feel to it, crossed with a little bit of first lady, Jackie O. Sexy lace overlay paired with white satin gloves, come off both demure and sexy. But mostly sexy.

Model Amber Wignall struts down the catwalk in this highly 80s inspired ensemble, from the puffed sleeves, to the sheer black tights, all the way up to her big hair- which I'm sure is being held in place with a bottle of AquaNet!

This reminds me of something you'd see a woman wear for her fourth wedding, or if she were doing it Carrie Bradshaw style in Sex & the City the movie, and getting married in a courtroom. The "wedding" suit is kept sexy with an Elizabethan bodice, but it fits this model awkwardly.

I absolutely love this black satin tutu, providing that lace bra is included and part of the dress.

The pasties I find too obvious (and gaudy), the skirt I find is very Betsey Johnson-esque, the tights are cool.. But the shoes are great! I love an electric blue, especially when paired with black.

These tights are interesting, although I wasn't as drawn to them when viewing the full shot. The dress is simple without being completely plain and boring; Not my favourite, however, but it could be a great work dress.

It's sexy, it's obvious, it's lacy, and it looks great!

I really like the sheer panelling within this violet sheath dress, not exactly office appropriate, but close. It could be even sexier with a camisole added, to add a bit of mystery.

The return of the bodysuit, and I'm reminded of 1992! I love the ruffle detail across the front of this black bodysuit, worn by Amber Wignall.

I absolutely love this white mini with tulle tutu. It'd be amazing to see an unconventional bride wear this down the aisle, or even as the outfit she changes into towards the end of the night, to celebrate her new union. It's the perfect fun, party dress, great for a birthday, it's a little whimsical, reminding me of when I was a little girl and would dress up in a tutu even when not practicing ballet.

Another great white dress, this pencil dress is perfect for the budding CEO who wants to assert her power and confidence by not conforming to the expected dress and pants suit. She may need to wear a jacket or an undershirt depending on her own comfort level, but a statement would still be made.

Perhaps that CEO could wear this jacket?

No scratch that! This jacket would be much better, in truth I'm not the biggest fan of the jacket, at least on that model; but this one is adorable without being immature. As seen here, paired with a pair of black slacks it looks quite polished, but still seductive.

I wouldn't recommend wearing this outfit to work, styled as it was on the runway, but tuck in a white or black button down blouse and you're good to go. Unless of course you're an exotic dancer or call girl. Then by all means, demi-bras are perfectly appropriate workwear.

Whatever is going on with this model's hair, is that a ribbon tied in a bow up there? Regardless, it screams "witch," which isn't doing a lot for the aesthetics of this look. Truly, this probably shouldn't leave the bedroom, unless once again, you're a pole dancer, in that case this should be the basis of your uniform! Although, I don't endorse this particular "dress," I do appreciate the burlesque inspired fashion, and absolutely love the collection viewable on the Coccolily website right now, in fact I think a trip to the Red Carpet Room in Toronto, where Coccolily is available for purchase, needs to be organized soon!

Apr 6, 2010

Music Monday Tuesday: Sage Francis "Slow Man"

When Music Monday falls on a holiday, it easily becomes Music Tuesday. But who can blame me with Easter dinner leftovers resting in my belly? While I do not apologize for being a day late, I do apologize for keeping a new Sage Francis track to myself for a couple of extra days. (There's been a bit of a underground hip hop trend here at TMP the past couple of weeks. Nice!) As per usual, this was spotted over at 2DopeBoyz.com, in fact he even called me out with a premonition that I'd use this exact track for today's post. He was 100% correct.

Sage Francis are one of those lyricists that if you haven't heard his poetry, I feel sorry for you. He's just got a ridiculous grasp of the English language, and a unique and honest point of view. Sage's sense of humour is evident as he often satirizes pop culture along with the typical taboo topics, politics and religion. He's mastered the use of metaphors and imagery, I wish I had the word play talent this man has. So after building him like this, hear for yourself. You can download Slow Man from usershare here. The song, arranged by Sage himself, is an unexpected collaboration with indie rock Arizona band, Calexico. Sage explains the origin and evolution of the track:
“This song went through quite the journey before it became the official version people are now hearing.” Francis explains. “It’s been over a decade ago since I had my short stint as a resident of Brooklyn, NY but much of the song has me reflecting back on that time, applying it to my current living situation. I’m not sure if it was because of the energy of that city or because I was still young and impressionable, but it definitely made its impact. Everything between now and then seems like a blur, but of course back then nothing was moving fast enough for me. The slow man likes to hurry up and wait.
You can pre-order Sage Francis' Li(f)e album here. And while you're at, look for a Healthy Distrust, because it's AMAZING! And I just discovered that Sage will be in TO May 16th, perhaps Mr. Vegas will stick around long enough for us to catch a Sage show together. Last time we saw Sage, we got to witness Evel Knieval dance like a monkey from a backstage view point at Paid Dues in 2007! If you're lucky, Mr. Francis may be performing in a city near you!

Apr 3, 2010

Toronto LG Fashion Week: Basch by Brandon R Dwyer

Brandon R Dwyer, launched his new line Basch at Toronto's Fashion week. His previous work received a lot of critical praise from local magazines, plus he got to showcase his talent Project Runway Canada. Not bad for a guy who started at Garage Clothing, and Dynamite. His line is flirty and feminine, ethereal with edge, and occasionally common, but overall, I like it!

I really enjoy this entire look, from the leather bustier mini, to the blond hair, with the feather accessory. Most importantly, the detailing and seaming on the dress are incredibly flattering.

On the flip side, this dress is not particularly flattering, but I do enjoy the literal take of the mermaid hem, with the fish tail.

This dress is too tight and too short, and not very original, but... I like the necklace. There were a lot of great necklace pieces shown throughout this collection that I took note of, so I had to show at least one of them.

This mint mini, on the other hand, I love. It's breezy thanks to the draping and colour, and has a modern Grecian feel. I'd like to note, I really like that hair... perhaps I have a new hair change coming soon.

This coat is lovely, and I appreciate the juxtaposition of the leather belt cinching the otherwise bulky fur coat.

Similar to the mini of the same mint shade, I think this an excellent piece. The bustier peaking out from under the bodice, is unexpected when compared to most flowy gowns. As I said in the intro, it's ethereal with a bit of edge.
This is a rather common shape, but I like the plum shade and the waist-defining detail.

For office-wear, this is an excellent tweed dress. I love the way the both the leather panels slim the middle, and is off-set by the cut-off sleeves. Plus that necklace is superb.

Another typical shape, but the way Dwyer placed the mint contrast against the grey is interesting, and quite simply, I like it. I will say although there were quite a few pieces throughout this collection that I were a fan of, there were only a couple that really wow'd me. Also, the collection wasn't very cohesive. It followed too many paths. Hopefully next year Basch will have more distinct direction.
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