Mar 31, 2010

Toronto LG Fashion Week! IZMA

To commence my own personal kick off for LG Fashion Week which started Sunday night and continues until Thursday April 1st, here in T-dot. I've collected select looks from the Toronto designers' collections that stood out, and appeal to me. For those unfamiliar with Toronto's LG Fashion week by L’Oréal Paris, it is in its 12th year, and offers Canadian designers to showcase their talents and design in the fashion capital of Canada. It "brings together media, industry, buyers and consumers to view the season’s collections, and commands international respect, drives the Canadian fashion economy and profile within the industry." And of course the sponsors sprinkle their own elements here and there, L’Oréal Paris does the hair and makeup, and well I believe LG simply foots the bill, and is able to portray themselves as fashionable and cutting edge. I'm just in for the clothes!

IZMA Fall 2010 collection was the first to be seen on Sunday night, and one of my favourites, so it's only natural that it'd be the first collection I showcase myself. The label is the first collaboration for designer Izzy Camilleri and fashion journalist Adrian Mainella- who Canadians may recognize from the often syndicate show Fashion File, and it came out beautifully. This collection is filled with textures, mostly furry ones, and although summer hasn't even begun (nor am I huge advocate of this much fur), this collection has made me a wee bit excited for the lush & plush materials necessary in those colder months.

This leather suit is quite literally a second skin, and it's paired with a fur dickie! Can you believe a dickie is fashionable again!

Leather bustiers were seen all over the IZMA runway. It's very early 90s throwback which we'll be seeing quite a bit of during the summer months with all the 90210 florals.

I want to put this skirt on and dance and strut.

If I were to wear this rather naked dress, I'd remove the stole, give myself a neck as Tyra always advises, throw on some red lipstick and make sure I was always in the light. If you're going to be practically naked, there's no need to fake it and hide it.

I would believe no one, if they said this bomber jacket did not make them want to reach through their screen to touch it. The leather cuffs add a great edge to such a luxurious material.

I included this piece for the simple fact that it's a fur tunic! That's practically an oxymoron. An ugly oxymoron, but an oxymoron none-the-less.

I've always been a fan of whites in winter, and this bleached coyote tunic is no exception. I love the look of it, paired with those pale heels.

I could only imagine the thought process when this outfit is about to worn out the door. "Leather pants. Check. Mesh bodysuit. Check. Leather bustier. Check. Hmmm.. it's feeling a little chilly out.. better throw on that fur stole to keep warm."

I believe this is Mink (or maybe raccoon?). And I believe I adore it. It reminds me of an old coat my mom had in the 70s. Somebody pass me some over sized sunnies, platforms and a micro-mini and I'm ready to party with a martini in hand. Oh how glamorous!

I do not particularly love this red and silver fox cardigan, but I do like the styling of it with this nude body-con dress. I'll Adrian Mainella for that one, since I'm sure his stylist past came into play.

I love a great white suit, add the (raccoon?) shoulder epaulets for some extra oomph an intrigue, and you'll certainly be noticed. You might also get targeted and end up with a red splattered whit suit, but that's what you get for wearing so much white- it's bound to get dirty.

I like this, but I can't help but chuckle at the absurdity of a short sleeved, fur, turtleneck vest paired with Bermuda shorts. It would look great with a pair of jeans.

This looks chic and elegant, and lacks the campiness some of the other looks have. Plus it looks magnificent against this particular models skin tone.

17-year-old new-comer & rising star Dajana opened IZMA's show, with this showstopping Atelier gown, there's a reason why I chose it as the opening gown of this post, the shape & cut of the gown is classically trendy, but that texture is unexpected and exciting and I want to touch it!


  1. I just met the model in the second and fourth last pic. She's very sweet and oh so tall.

  2. Really?
    And how did you manage that? Are you entering the tall glitzy world of modelling?!


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