Mar 16, 2010

Party Time! Vanity Fair 82nd Oscar's After Party

The weekend is over which means the late night and parties are subsiding, and the week has ended which means it's time to close up this Oscar topic. What better way to celebrate both, than to post the fashion choices of Vanity Fair's Oscar Party attendees?

Katy Perry starts off the list of standouts in a red and beige chevron patterned, sequined Zuhair Murad mermaid dress. Katy often makes some of my favourite, unexpected fashion choices, often glamorous yet unique. Also, she really knows how to work her curves (and perfect breasts, what's up with that?), which I'm sure it's such assets that drew the hilarious [self-proclaimed] sex addict, Russell Brand and ex Travis McCoy to slip her something special... a ring, I'm referring to an engagement ring! Geez.

Kate Bosworth looked lovely in a pink, loosely ruffled Valentino. Another dress that reminds me of Diane Kruger's Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Golden Globes gown, yet without the Barbie feel.

How exciting is that Kate Beckinsale not only refrained from wearing a mermaid dress nor a tight-bunned updo; but she also did it by wearing this stunning, shimmery one-shoulder Kaufman Franco silver dress?! Very exciting! She looks absolutely beautiful!

In case anyone forgot about Hilary Swank, or forgot she had a rocking body, she did everyone the favour of reminding them, but stepping out in a plunging, black satin Armani Privé. And just in case anyone didn't get the point that she is a hot female, she dangled a Swarovski crystal necklace between her décolletage. This is how you ensure you do not go unnoticed at a party that has nothing to do with you, this year.

Olivia Wilde looked like a modern day Grace Kelly in a belted, ruffled, organza RM by Roland Mouret dress, which she complimented by matching her accessories to her red lips. Amazing.

A surprising party standout was Angie Harmon in a beautiful embroidered, ombré ruby Oscar de la Renta tulle gown! It's a perfect dress to wear to the after-party of such a prestigious event, formal and whimsical without being over-the-top, belting it also helps remove just an inch of wannabe-princess-syndrome.

Keisha Whitaker stood out on the Vanity Fair red carpet, in a purple tulle gown with sheer, nude panelling. Does anybody else find it somewhat disturbing that I initially believed she was Forest's daughter and not his wife? Or is it just me that thinks she looks shockingly young?

Stacy Dash for some reason thought this was a Halloween themed party, and wore a spider web covered black sweetheart dress. Even her hair appears costumey.

Although she does the black dress much better than Stacy Dash, Vanessa Hudgens also appears a bit costumey to me, with her beaded 20s inspired plunging dress. Fortunately her (usual) shiny loose waves prevent it from being themed.

I had never heard of Abbie Cornish until she began dating Ryan Phillippe, and afterwards she was only mentioned as Ryan Phillipe's girlfriend, never for her work. Now that she and Ryan have recently broke up, and she looks as lovely as she does here, perhaps will start hearing the name Abbie Cornish for something more relevant than who she's linked to.

As already stated, after watching The Blind Side and because I have an affection for thick brows on beautiful faces (such as Julia Restoin-Roitfeld), I've decided I kind of adore Lily Collins. However, I do not like her being attacked at the chest by black-dyed hay.

Heidi Klum, once again looks great after giving birth only months ago, but that doesn't mean she can fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes just yet. Go up a size. It's okay. Unless she's pregnant again, which would not be shocking in the slightest.

WTF! Emma Roberts looks miserable again, in fact I think I will no longer look at another photo of her, unless she's beaming, as she should be considering where she is, and in a Reem Acra Resort dress no less. Smile!

Elizabeth Banks looked much better at the Vanity Fair Party after she changed into a different Atelier Versace cocktail dress. I was not a fan of the Atelier Versace gown she wore to the Oscar's. It would look good from one angle and HORRIBLE from another, so I just ignored it all together. This, however was fun but still quite dramatic thanks to the length and the intrigue of the bodice.

Diane Kruger changed out of her Chanel Haute Couture ruffled, trumpet gown into this sheer red Calvin Klein, and while at first glance I couldn't figure out why- it's actually grown on me. I'm even a fan of the visible 50's bra. I wish I knew what Joshua Jackson was wearing, because I quite love his suit, he looks so dapper. Am I the only one who's noticed how attractive he's become as he aged? I never really thought he was that cute as a teen, which is why Dawson's Creek was such a major disappointment for me- No pubescent eye candy, but maybe I just couldn't see then, what I see now! I feel a sense of national pride over that adorable smile.

Cameron Diaz toned down the glamour in this silver and gold asymmetrical Victoria Beckham Collection sheath. I love that people (including Victoria herself) are wearing this very streamlined, structured collection; Usually with celebrity lines, the only people who wear them are the "fans" that want to be them or near them, who buy into the bullshit, it's refreshing to see that this project is about more than just peddling a name down the throats of the masses, but as a love of the craft, in whatever form.

Anna Kendrick had an Elie Saab Couture theme going this evening. While I love the details of this dress, such as the feathered skirt, it's not working as well as it should here. The preportions are not working in Anna's favour, and it looks as if it may be a little too big.

Amber Rose usually stands out in a crowd, thanks to that beautiful face that's so aggressively on display, her strategically worn clothing that show off her Kardashian (aka ass), and the famously infamous boyfriend that's normally on her arm (or ass). Tonight, however, it's thanks to her standout magenta gown with origami-bust detailing... and that beautiful face.

I'm not sure why Amanda Seyfried stood like this, with staggered feet for every photo she posed for on the Vanity Fair red carpet, it really distracted from her green Valentino Spring 2010 Couture party dress. Perhaps that's why she wore such a dramatically, voluminous gown to the Awards ceremony. Instead of trying to attract as much attention as she could while on stage, she was actually trying to deter it from her legs.. that must be it! Regardless, her Valentino Couture dress is interesting and unexpected, and I would very much like to be wearing it this Wednesday- Because I like to celebrate St. Paddy's day in style!

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