Mar 16, 2010

Party Time! Elton John's Oscar After-Party

It's my last Oscar-related post, I'm never doing another one again...Until next year. And I'm pleased to say that most of the ladies featured on Elton John's Aids Foundation Oscar Viewing Party, white carpet looked superb!

Starting with the stunners of the evening Zoe Saldana is in a close race for the number one spot. She repeated Givenchy Couture with this incredible strapless cream gown with a red ombré skirt which she emphasised with a matching clutch. I covet this dress!

The other runner for favourite dress of the party is Kelly Osbourne in a pale pink version of one of my present wedding dress options, designed by Sue Wong. So naturally, since I love this dress enough to want to wear it on what's supposed to be the happiest day of my life, I love it on Kelly here, who looks terrific by the way! I even like the purple and pink Carol Channing hair. Oh and for the record, I am not even engaged.

Tinsley Mortimer has a new reality show premiering next week on the CW, that although it looks like it's going to be an incredibly trite depiction of socialites, I will probably watch, but I doubt I'll like it. What I do like, however (nice segue, huh?) is this bright pink chiffon Versace maxi dress. With the silver bust, it reminds me of Toni Collette's Rafael Cennamo SAG dress, which in turn reminds me of something Kate Hudson would have worn back in her boho days.

Eva Amurri covered up the genetic gifts her mother gave her, in this floaty silk chiffon J. Crew Collections Delphinia gown with braided belt. I love the pop of the hot pink colour block stripe down the center, and how unexpectedly pretty this dress is. I also love that Eva chose a dress that's affordable to the mass population. With a $350 price tag, it could easily find it's way into my closet.

I absolutely love this Dolce & Gabbana black lace camisole and white lace skirt combo that Malin Ackerman wore to Elton John's charity event. It's both sexy and demure.

So before I start talking about how much I dislike Jennifer Hudson, I'll preempt it with some gushing about how great she looks in this chiffon halter Micheal Kors gown. Yeah, that's right, I can not stand her. I'm not entirely sure why anymore, so perhaps I should reevaluate my opinion, but I'm sure it has something to do with her attitude or personality that I just don't like. So that's that, now back to the dress: the colour is lovely, and the way it defines her waist is incredibly flattering, plus I think her hair looks pretty fantastic, I appreciate that she left it down.

Michelle Rodriguez looks hot in this red silk, bustier dress. She also looks very similar to her Fast & the Furious co-star, Jordana Brewster with those bangs, either that or Winnie Cooper. Either way she looks great!

Do you think after seeing the giant rock Simon Cowell gave his new fiancé, Terri Seymour regretted their breakup? Maybe she's trying to get his attention, showing that she's bride material too, by wearing a bridal nightgown.

I wish Amy Bailey wasn't hiding the beautiful intricacies of her dress with her clutch, and while I could search for another photo where she's showing it off a bit better, I think it's still pretty clear how much work went into this elegant gown. With all the silver embroidery around the midriff and the cascading chevrons of texture, there's many focal points without being too busy.

I always wondered if the rich and famous used the same products as "regular" people, and thanks to Serena Williams wearing this slinky, shiny garbage bag, I now know that even their disposal products have a bit of twinkle.

Selma Hayek paid tribute to Alexander McQueen in his reptile print mini, I understand that as a fan of the designer and wife of PPR CEO Francois-Henri Pinault (PPR own the Gucci Group who own the McQueen brand) would chose to wear a McQueen dress, but I preferred the blue version on Anna Paquin at the SAG awards. It better suited Anna's style and shape, surely McQueen has designed many other options that would have done Selma's proportions justice, this however, does not. The makeup and the dress colour also do her face little justice, overall this look is a fail.

Kate Mara took a stab at the reptile trend with a Medusa inspired "dress." Truthfully I am not sure what this is, it's fucking hideous.

Lea Michele wore a dramatic black silk faille Oscar de la Renta gown, which I like, but she looks too severe, and almost a little over dressed. Perhaps if she were actually on a red carpet, or loosened her hair, it would work, but as is- it is not.

On the flip side Hofit Golan is also wearing a rather grand dress and yet I really like it with it's rose ombré tulle skirt with bits of silver running throughout, and chiffon sash tied in a bow, it's not as severe Lea Michele's. I think it's absolutely beautiful delicate, and she very much resembles Princess Gracie, she's come a long way!


  1. Wow these ladies sure know how to make an entrance!!
    i would have to agree that Hofit Golan is channeling Princess Grace in her amazing elegant dress
    simply stunning!

  2. Yes they certainly do, although with most of these dresses how could you not! And it's amazing that Hofit could look this superb considering how tacky she used to dress! (There's a link to see some of the hideousness! ha)


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