Mar 7, 2010

Oscar Fashion Favourites

And so it begins, I feel as if this will be a very long and drawn out awards ceremony. I am not referring to the show itself, I'm well aware of how long that is, instead I'm referring to how many Oscar related posts the Awards will inspire! The first being my favourite gowns worn on the red carpet, and the honourable mentions of the evening. There are many other gowns that are not on this list, that I liked, but they lacked the "Wow" factor for me. On a completely unrelated note: 3 of the 10 nominations for Best Picture were directed by a Canadian. Nice!

Best Supporting Actress Nominee, Vera Farmiga had completely wow'd me with her pink
Marchesa column gown. With the cascade of sculpted pleats it reminded me of a cross between a Barbie Doll (similar to Diane Kruger's Golden Globes gown) and a sea urchin or some beautiful creature you'd find under water. This is such a "big" dress, that could quite easily appear too busy on someone else but Vera pulls it off effortlessly and stunningly.

I saw Zoe Saldana's Givenchy Spring 2010 Couture gown first from the waist up and loved it immediately. The jeweled bodice looked elegant and lovely on her skin, and the lilac waist had me intrigued. I did not expect the rest of the skirt to be made up of an ombré cascade of purple, and it took me a moment to really swallow the flamenco styled ruffles, but I finally decided I loved it. And although I would not wear her Givenchy shoes, (ankle straps cut your legs, and I am not blessed with the height that Zoe has), they are great and not your typical red-carpet fare.

Up in the Air's second Best Supporting Actress Nominee, Anna Kendrick looked absolutely delicate in a two-tone pale blush Elie Saab draped chiffon gown. She added a hint of sex appeal to her otherwise innocent gown with exposed shoulders, and a leg baring slit.

I've come to adore the Crazy Heart Supporting Actress Nominee more and more each time I hear her speak (I love her voice) or see her at an event. The Academy Awards were no exception, Maggie Gyllenhaal looked effortlessly cool and chic in her blue printed Dries Van Noten strapless dress. She often stands out with her fashion choices, yet without an air of pretension that can often be found with such seamless fashionistas.

Presenter Cameron Diaz pulled out Old Hollywood Glamour in a champagne Oscar de la Renta tulle gown, and Veronica Lake waves. The gold paillette embroidery gave it a modern touch.

I keep debating my original opinion of Diane Kruger's cream and black Camelia embroidered Chanel Haute Couture chiffon dress, but let's face it- I love it. I can not deny it. This isn't a dress that would look great on many, so I'm quite happy to see it on someone who could pull it off and not look messy or disproportionate.


  1. I normally agree 100 % with your critiques, however, I would have loved to see Maggie in something different. She's long, lean and beautiful..Nice dress but it looks like she's going to dinner in Hawaii. As far as Camelia, First impression of the dress was whoa but I actually like it..but she's not "wearing" it to me..maybe it's her hairdo that's throwing me. Hmmm.

  2. I completely understand why someone may question Maggie's choice- It definitely is a bit laid back, due to the print--- But that's why it's so great; She pulls it off! Not many could make an ocean scene print look appropriate for a red carpet- But paired with her hot pink lips, and soothingly cool attitude, she makes it work, like she glided into it.

    And of course I also disagree about Diane Kruger's Chanel dress- I think she wears it well. Although I admit, not the best photo of her, but its the first one I picked, and after looking through 70+ pages, i kept it! But I do agree, some slight change to her hair could be beneficial-- Still needs to be back, since the dress is so detailed, but.. it lacks.


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