Mar 9, 2010

Oscar Fashion Continues

I'm incredibly tired today after a very early court date in another city, hoping to get a license issue cleared up, only to have a trial rescheduled a month from now! I woke up early for 1 minute of business! That was it! So besides Bear (the dog child) and the smile of my nephew to cheer me up, I have my dear friends who attended the Academy Awards to keep my spirits and my eyelids lifted.

I am of two minds when it comes to Sarah Jessica Parker's pale yellow, silk Chanel Haute Couture collection column dress. I love that it appears to be suspended by magic, yet the scarf-like strap (which is what is actually holding the dress up, as it loops behind her shoulders and wraps around the neck) makes her look quite age-ed. Plus the tan overkill does nothing for her either. I was all ready to write this look off, until Mr. Vegas text me asking if I liked it, apparently this looks like something I would like. I'm not sure if he just thinks I'm biased when it comes to SJP or perhaps I am being to harsh and the orange skin is really what's throwing me off (plus her hair was a mess). From this angle, I like it, so we'll leave it at that.

My first reaction to Sandra Bullock's beaded Marchesa gown was "Oooooh, shiny." Then I saw it up close, and couldn't help but think Sandy was trying to extend the Olympic spirit with a lengthened figure skating costume. Similar to SJP's Chanel, I am of two minds with this gown. On the red carpet, I was NOT a fan, and yet when she accepted her award for The Blind Side (great flick) I thought it looked superb, if only her hair (which was beautifully shiny) was not competing with the shine of her dress. I think I would have preferred it, had she pulled her hair off the dress; it doesn't need to be in an updo, even a fancy side pony would have helped, so it weren't laying across the entire bodice.

Paula Patton looked superb in this tangerine faille Carolina Herrera gown. The cut was classic, but the colour was fresh, and could not have complimented her skin more if it tried! Also noteworthy, you could not even tell that Paula was pregnant unless she turned to the side. Impressive!

I really want to like Rachel McAdams Elie Saab water colour gown. I like the cut, how flowy it was, but the water colours remind me of garbage. Yes, that's right, garbage.

Every time I see Avatar's Sam Worthington at an event I noticed his girlfriend Natalie Mark. Besides being quite cute, she uses her stylist chops and picks some incredibly cute outfits, including this silver and grey sequined, sweetheart, trumpet dress. I truly love it, and if she were better known, I think it would have received more accolades.

Another dress that deserves more attention, is Susan Downey's hand-beaded Jean Fares strapless dress. The glittery horizontal stripes are thickened in all the right places for an excellent flattering fit. On a non-dress related note, doesn't Robert Downey Jr. remind you of a cross between David Arquette and Matthew Broderick here? The answer is, yes, completely.

I thought Demi Moore's nude Spring 2008 Atelier Versace gown was lovely. I'm a big fan of dramatic tiered skirts, and the bodice looked like a second skin, but didn't she wear this at last year's Golden Globes? Close enough! It's also very similar to Penelope Cruz's Versace gown she wore to the 2007 Oscars.

So this amethyst and lilac bustier gown was created specifically for Charlize Theron by John Galliono for Dior... which may explain why she felt obligated to wear it. To put it quite simply, I hate it. The rosettes on the bust look like cupcakes, and while I love cupcakes I've never wanted them to hug me in private places, at least not in public. It's like the whip cream bikini, you wear it at home, not to the Academy Awards!

I can not stop gushing about how cute Carrie Mulligan, and I'm even enjoying her Mia Farrow cut. Her strapless Prada ballgown on the other hand just makes me wonder. At first view, I liked it, but that's because I saw it from the hips up, it had a 50s throwback feel, with a modern edge thanks to the scissors and knives sequined detailing. Then you move down the voluminous skirt, and discover the rise and fall hem. It was the ballgown version of a mullet! Perhaps the Best Actress Nominee was trying to make Anna Wintour happy by slightly adhering to her "wear something short" advice, all while getting the glam feel of a floor length gown. Perhaps if her shoes weren't so boring, this would have had the opportunity to blow me away.

Moving on to ballgowns that do not change their mind's half way through, Jennifer Lopez wore a pale pink, silk organza Armani Privé ballgown with a giant ruffle detail on the hip. When I saw this from the ruffle side, I liked it; then I saw it from the non-ruffle side, and it looked so stiff, and unflattering.

Plain and simple, Amanda Seyfried got the better Armani Privé gown. The soft green silk strapless gown was dramatic with its full skirt, and fitted bustier encrusted Swarovski crystals. She looked like a princess at the ball, this is the kind of dress you wish to be wearing the year you are both nominated, and win your respective award! Maybe next year Amanda.

Speaking of princesses, The Princess and the Frog star, Anika Noni Rose, dressed like a modern princess with a cream, jeweled sweetheart bodiced gown. It reminded me a little of Miley Cyrus 2009 Oscar's gown, which I LOVED. Unfortunately I could not hear properly who designed this, and I've searched hi and lo! It sounds like Saveen or Sameen, so if anyone knows, please inform me so I can include it! I even know what the designer looks like, just not her name!

Photo Credit: Wire Image
Fug Girls for photo of 09 Demi & for photo of 07 Penelope

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