Mar 15, 2010

Music Mondays: Travie McCoy's Healing Heart

After looking at photos of Oscar parties and admiring Katy Perry's dress, I started thinking about her engagement to Russell Brand and how it wasn't that long ago that she was engaged to Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. She's turning into a regular Pam Anderson, collecting engagement rings and fianc├ęs. Which then led me to thinking, about how Travis may feel about her new engagement, considering I had read the interviews he gave after their engagement about how happy he was, and how hot she was etc etc. I was just curious if they remained friendly, or if he were still pinning after her, or if he'd gotten over it all, not only the loss of the relationship, but also dealing with how she's moved on, and so seriously.

Then on Tuesday, Mr. Vegas informs me that Travie McCoy has a new mixtape coming out, titled Forgetting Katy Perry. Classic. "It's been a couple of months that I been single so... You can call me Travie Claus, minus the Ho Ho." Visit to download the first single off of Travie's upcoming album Lazarus.

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  1. bruno mars is gonna take over the radio soon enough. quote me on that.


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