Mar 22, 2010

Music Mondays: Lykke Li "Possibility" Video

Lykke Li took to her twitter page to update fans with the first live performance EVER of "Possibility," her track off of the New Moon soundtrack, which incidentally, is now available on DVD. Looks like Mr. Vegas is off the hook, and doesn't have to take me to see it in the theatres anymore. Yeah, I'm a little late, considering it premiered November 20th, but it was still playing mid-February! And since he went to see Twilight in theatres (I was surprised too, especially considering I had ZERO interest in the flick or its characters and he PAID to see it? But after watching it months after its release, I discovered it wasn't as horrible as it appeared it may be- It wasn't great, but it was good enough to intrigue me to want to watch the second installment). So I kept asking him to go, and suggesting it as a movie option when we were searching, but let's face it, there were so many better options: Nine, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (which was amazing and a shame it didn't get more acknowledgement), Brothers, The Blind Side, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Yeah, that's right, Percy Jackson. It was good.

I've seen a lot of movies. And now I can watch a lot of Lykke Li videos, over and over again, similar to how I listen to her album Youth Novel... on excessive repeat. I love not only her melodic voice, but her use of danceable beats. "Love is the harmony, desires the key. Love is the melody, now sing it with me."


  1. yesss... off the hook!
    and i was TRICKED into seeing the first. all i was told was that it was a vampire movie. i like vamp flicks. that shit was a love story. ohhh i glitter in the sun, boo hoo. why arent you bursting into flames!?

  2. Hmmm mmmmm.... "Tricked" you say.

    You need more people.
    We don't believe you!


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