Mar 29, 2010

Music Mondays: Louis Logic's New Solo Album

I spotted this little gem over at which is rather exciting for a girl like me, who's been a Louis Logic fan ever since I heard him in The Odd Couple, the emcee's collab with Jay Love on the album Alcohol/Ism (2004). Me and Everyone You Know will be released April 6th, and you can order it now from Louis Logic's blogspot page.

If you're unfamiliar with Louis Logic you can stream the track "Broken Record" at 2Dopeboyz and if you like what you hear, you get a chance to download it, along with a classic track from Louis Logic's critically praised album Sin-A-Matic.
"I'm so glad we met (hey shorty)
Come on girl try to be patient, I know I'm a pain in the ass
But your ex-boyfriend has me stressed (back off dude)
And all of the sex stuff should just remain in the past
But we can't get married yet, (no we can't get married yet)
It isn't just that its greener, its also the length of the grass
But somehow you keep on running to me -- and we keep living in fear of the idiot gear"


  1. Louis Logic is truly an intelligent artist. He's rad. rad. rad. fucking raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad bro. i rap 2. but im a waste of sperm lol.

  2. He really is! Great live performer too, i definitely recommend taking any chance you get to see him do his thang


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