Mar 1, 2010

Music Mondays: Getting Fit Playlist

Considering I've missed a LOT of days, thanks to my Vegas "vacation" hiatus and my lack of a wireless Internet connection during my 10 day stay there (more on that trip to come this week), I decided to merge Fitness Fridays with Music Mondays by listing some of my favourite workout artists and songs, along with what I would have included on any other day.

The following is a list of ten+ songs that help me run faster, pedal harder, and climb farther;
Santogold (now known as Santigold) - Shove It & Unstoppable.
This is the best song to come on, when I'm feeling weak, and ready to quit, Santogold sings "I've got to be unstoppable..." and I suddenly feel empowered.

Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire, and pretty much every other track off of their self-titled album, including Out There on the Ice, Unforgettable Season, Far Away. I find it impossible to stop running during these 4 songs, truly the whole CD just flows so effortlessly, it is the perfect running mate. The only difficult part is trying to sing along while you're huffing and puffing!

Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get Re-Started

Black Eyed Peas - Electric City much like Cut Copy most of the tracks on their new album The E-N-D are SUPERB to pump you up and keep you going! Out of My Head gives that extra push on a stepclimber, the beat is a steady medium pace, that picks up only slightly, with the word "step" repeated over and over again.

The Ting Tings - Great DJ
Another one of those albums that were designed to bring out the best in you, be it on the terrain or the dance floor!

Girls Aloud - Revolution in the Head

Kylie Minogue - Speakerphone
This one came about after watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada's second season's auditions and Kim used this track for her audition piece, it inspires to aim for a dancer's body. They are my epitome of fit!

Crystal Castles - Knights

Sugababes - Hole in the Head

Fiona Apple - Fast as You Can. Shocking that a Fiona Apple song would be included in a list mostly made up of high BPM's, but the title says it all, "fast as you can...." it slows down for just over a minute to help you catch your breath, then picks right back up again.
Clearly I couldn't just narrow it down to ten! I will be listing more of the songs that pick me up, when they come up on my Zune in the near future. I am now following Self magazine's Self Challenge in my Getting Fit quest. Follow along with me by signing up at and registering here. My plan includes Self's workouts, plus additional 10 min abs on yoga days (alternates with Strength days). It's doubtful I'll be following much of the eating plan, since I've developed a rather lazy tooth, but I definitely want to try some of their recipes, and I will loosely follow the eating guidelines. Let me know what you think of the plan, and how you do!

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