Mar 26, 2010

Fitness Friday: Detoxing for Fitness and Health

I haven't updated a Getting Fit post in the past couple of weeks, mostly because these past couple of weeks haven't been that great for me. Last week and the week prior I was feeling really low, low in general, but also low about my progress or lack-there-of. Also, last week was Week 4 of Self's Challenge workout for Month 1, and to be quite honest, I was getting B-O-R-E-D. Fortunately, Month 2 began this week for me, so I have new strength moves to try out, and I'm giving the cardio workouts a try too.

Also this week, I bought myself a gym membership (bought a transfer off someone who was advertising it on Kijiji, thank you muchly!), so I have that to look forward to, and that to help stave off the inevitable boredom. Furthermore, after my St. Paddy's day realization that I've been taking things too far in the drinking department, which led me to admit how careless I've been in the ingesting in general (aka the eating department). So with that I decided to follow a detox plan, Fat Flush Plan by Ann Louise Gittleman.

It's a really strict and stringent program that relies heavily on flax seeds and flax seed oil, apple cider vinegar, herbs (no salt), and fruits that are low on the GI index. It's just the thing I need to help clean out that liver a bit, and jump start some much needed healthy eating... I'm just gonna have to wait until Saturday to start, since my dear friend April is visiting tonight from Calgary, and I'm sure a bottle of wine will be in my future!

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