Mar 31, 2010

Toronto LG Fashion Week! IZMA

To commence my own personal kick off for LG Fashion Week which started Sunday night and continues until Thursday April 1st, here in T-dot. I've collected select looks from the Toronto designers' collections that stood out, and appeal to me. For those unfamiliar with Toronto's LG Fashion week by L’Oréal Paris, it is in its 12th year, and offers Canadian designers to showcase their talents and design in the fashion capital of Canada. It "brings together media, industry, buyers and consumers to view the season’s collections, and commands international respect, drives the Canadian fashion economy and profile within the industry." And of course the sponsors sprinkle their own elements here and there, L’Oréal Paris does the hair and makeup, and well I believe LG simply foots the bill, and is able to portray themselves as fashionable and cutting edge. I'm just in for the clothes!

IZMA Fall 2010 collection was the first to be seen on Sunday night, and one of my favourites, so it's only natural that it'd be the first collection I showcase myself. The label is the first collaboration for designer Izzy Camilleri and fashion journalist Adrian Mainella- who Canadians may recognize from the often syndicate show Fashion File, and it came out beautifully. This collection is filled with textures, mostly furry ones, and although summer hasn't even begun (nor am I huge advocate of this much fur), this collection has made me a wee bit excited for the lush & plush materials necessary in those colder months.

This leather suit is quite literally a second skin, and it's paired with a fur dickie! Can you believe a dickie is fashionable again!

Leather bustiers were seen all over the IZMA runway. It's very early 90s throwback which we'll be seeing quite a bit of during the summer months with all the 90210 florals.

I want to put this skirt on and dance and strut.

If I were to wear this rather naked dress, I'd remove the stole, give myself a neck as Tyra always advises, throw on some red lipstick and make sure I was always in the light. If you're going to be practically naked, there's no need to fake it and hide it.

I would believe no one, if they said this bomber jacket did not make them want to reach through their screen to touch it. The leather cuffs add a great edge to such a luxurious material.

I included this piece for the simple fact that it's a fur tunic! That's practically an oxymoron. An ugly oxymoron, but an oxymoron none-the-less.

I've always been a fan of whites in winter, and this bleached coyote tunic is no exception. I love the look of it, paired with those pale heels.

I could only imagine the thought process when this outfit is about to worn out the door. "Leather pants. Check. Mesh bodysuit. Check. Leather bustier. Check. Hmmm.. it's feeling a little chilly out.. better throw on that fur stole to keep warm."

I believe this is Mink (or maybe raccoon?). And I believe I adore it. It reminds me of an old coat my mom had in the 70s. Somebody pass me some over sized sunnies, platforms and a micro-mini and I'm ready to party with a martini in hand. Oh how glamorous!

I do not particularly love this red and silver fox cardigan, but I do like the styling of it with this nude body-con dress. I'll Adrian Mainella for that one, since I'm sure his stylist past came into play.

I love a great white suit, add the (raccoon?) shoulder epaulets for some extra oomph an intrigue, and you'll certainly be noticed. You might also get targeted and end up with a red splattered whit suit, but that's what you get for wearing so much white- it's bound to get dirty.

I like this, but I can't help but chuckle at the absurdity of a short sleeved, fur, turtleneck vest paired with Bermuda shorts. It would look great with a pair of jeans.

This looks chic and elegant, and lacks the campiness some of the other looks have. Plus it looks magnificent against this particular models skin tone.

17-year-old new-comer & rising star Dajana opened IZMA's show, with this showstopping Atelier gown, there's a reason why I chose it as the opening gown of this post, the shape & cut of the gown is classically trendy, but that texture is unexpected and exciting and I want to touch it!

Mar 29, 2010

Music Mondays: Louis Logic's New Solo Album

I spotted this little gem over at which is rather exciting for a girl like me, who's been a Louis Logic fan ever since I heard him in The Odd Couple, the emcee's collab with Jay Love on the album Alcohol/Ism (2004). Me and Everyone You Know will be released April 6th, and you can order it now from Louis Logic's blogspot page.

If you're unfamiliar with Louis Logic you can stream the track "Broken Record" at 2Dopeboyz and if you like what you hear, you get a chance to download it, along with a classic track from Louis Logic's critically praised album Sin-A-Matic.
"I'm so glad we met (hey shorty)
Come on girl try to be patient, I know I'm a pain in the ass
But your ex-boyfriend has me stressed (back off dude)
And all of the sex stuff should just remain in the past
But we can't get married yet, (no we can't get married yet)
It isn't just that its greener, its also the length of the grass
But somehow you keep on running to me -- and we keep living in fear of the idiot gear"

Mar 26, 2010

Fitness Friday: Detoxing for Fitness and Health

I haven't updated a Getting Fit post in the past couple of weeks, mostly because these past couple of weeks haven't been that great for me. Last week and the week prior I was feeling really low, low in general, but also low about my progress or lack-there-of. Also, last week was Week 4 of Self's Challenge workout for Month 1, and to be quite honest, I was getting B-O-R-E-D. Fortunately, Month 2 began this week for me, so I have new strength moves to try out, and I'm giving the cardio workouts a try too.

Also this week, I bought myself a gym membership (bought a transfer off someone who was advertising it on Kijiji, thank you muchly!), so I have that to look forward to, and that to help stave off the inevitable boredom. Furthermore, after my St. Paddy's day realization that I've been taking things too far in the drinking department, which led me to admit how careless I've been in the ingesting in general (aka the eating department). So with that I decided to follow a detox plan, Fat Flush Plan by Ann Louise Gittleman.

It's a really strict and stringent program that relies heavily on flax seeds and flax seed oil, apple cider vinegar, herbs (no salt), and fruits that are low on the GI index. It's just the thing I need to help clean out that liver a bit, and jump start some much needed healthy eating... I'm just gonna have to wait until Saturday to start, since my dear friend April is visiting tonight from Calgary, and I'm sure a bottle of wine will be in my future!

Mar 22, 2010

Music Mondays: Lykke Li "Possibility" Video

Lykke Li took to her twitter page to update fans with the first live performance EVER of "Possibility," her track off of the New Moon soundtrack, which incidentally, is now available on DVD. Looks like Mr. Vegas is off the hook, and doesn't have to take me to see it in the theatres anymore. Yeah, I'm a little late, considering it premiered November 20th, but it was still playing mid-February! And since he went to see Twilight in theatres (I was surprised too, especially considering I had ZERO interest in the flick or its characters and he PAID to see it? But after watching it months after its release, I discovered it wasn't as horrible as it appeared it may be- It wasn't great, but it was good enough to intrigue me to want to watch the second installment). So I kept asking him to go, and suggesting it as a movie option when we were searching, but let's face it, there were so many better options: Nine, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (which was amazing and a shame it didn't get more acknowledgement), Brothers, The Blind Side, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Yeah, that's right, Percy Jackson. It was good.

I've seen a lot of movies. And now I can watch a lot of Lykke Li videos, over and over again, similar to how I listen to her album Youth Novel... on excessive repeat. I love not only her melodic voice, but her use of danceable beats. "Love is the harmony, desires the key. Love is the melody, now sing it with me."

Mar 18, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

If you're like me and some of my friends, you embarked on a bit of a bar crawl yesterday; celebrated a friends birthday with matching decorated shirts with kicky slogans, got kicked out of one of the pubs for being IN THE WAY (yup that's it, we were in the way of the servers in a busy bar, and one server- who clearly needs to find a new job- got security to threaten us to leave), got separated from your group of 15 by 1 a.m. and your phone died in the middle of a conversation earlier on in the drunken night, got into some random guy's cab, got stopped by a RIDE program on the way to food, and felt like dirt when you woke up this morning. Fortunately though, if you're still like me, you did not need to work this morning and were able to tell the morning to F-off, and you went back to sleep for another 3 hours after gulping down copious amounts of water; and then did some much needed yoga after an hour of contemplating the previous evening. Which inspired this ode to my liver:

Dear Liver,
I deeply apologize for the uncharacteristic behaviour that you've had to endure not only yesterday but the past couple weeks, or months... or really since my second year living in Las Vegas. I swear it was never my intentions, but alcohol was so cheap there, and it what else does one do to entertain friends who come to visit Vegas? I mean really? Was I expected to show them the strip without a margarita in hand? How off putting would that have been for them? Also, once I started sipping again, it tasted so good, and I suppose I got carried away. I forgot after my extended absence from liquor how good it could taste, and even how many problems it could ease and erase, even if only for the night. I know that's no excuse, and yes I do know better. I'm sorry, I understand if you want some space, but I need you. I seriously could not live without you, and although I don't want to lie and make false promises, I do promise to make it up to you. In fact, I've decided in your honour to start a detox program. As soon as I finish the food in my fridge that is not on the menu, I believe I will begin the Fat Flush diet, and it's all for you liver, it has absolutely nothing to do with quick starting weight loss.

I hope that one day soon, you and I will be as we once were... I just want things to go back to the way they used to be; you took care of me, and I took care of you, and there was love and affection and gratitude and open communication. Perhaps if you had spoke up a long time ago about this issue, this may have been avoided. Hey! I'm not blaming you! I'm just trying to point out how important communication is, in such a committed relationship. We need to talk to each other, and not let things get to this point ever again.
Like I said, I need you; and I don't want us to end, not like this.
So I've decided to take this chance to publicly tell you how I feel, and hope that you still feel the same, I know I hurt you, but you know that's me, not the real me. I want you to remember the "me" you used to know and take care of, and realize that this relationship is worth taking the risk of getting hurt again and trying to make this work, and sticking by me. This present situation is nowhere near my ideal- Im sure it's not yours either- but let's not focus on the bad and instead focus on the future. I look forward to the day we can be friends again, Liver. -Aleashia

To think, all this because of some guy (St. Patrick) converted the Irish to Catholicism. Who knew that being Catholic meant dressing up all campy in a shit load of green, and drinking green beer until your liver breaks up with you, or you get kicked out of the bar. Not to say that I drink excessively, but it really doesn't take much for me to feel intoxicated, plus I was drinking vodka (I know, it should have been whiskey. Don't worry the Irish blood in me is already disappointed enough for both of us) spiked with green food colouring and a bit of water, so after 3 drinks I was on par with the rest of the group who were a good 6+ beers deep. But I digress.. I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised that a once Catholic celebration is such a drinking fest, considering this is the religion that tries to disguise drinking before noon as a religious offering.

Hope your day was great, and you had the day off to re-coup!

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Mar 16, 2010

Party Time! Elton John's Oscar After-Party

It's my last Oscar-related post, I'm never doing another one again...Until next year. And I'm pleased to say that most of the ladies featured on Elton John's Aids Foundation Oscar Viewing Party, white carpet looked superb!

Starting with the stunners of the evening Zoe Saldana is in a close race for the number one spot. She repeated Givenchy Couture with this incredible strapless cream gown with a red ombré skirt which she emphasised with a matching clutch. I covet this dress!

The other runner for favourite dress of the party is Kelly Osbourne in a pale pink version of one of my present wedding dress options, designed by Sue Wong. So naturally, since I love this dress enough to want to wear it on what's supposed to be the happiest day of my life, I love it on Kelly here, who looks terrific by the way! I even like the purple and pink Carol Channing hair. Oh and for the record, I am not even engaged.

Tinsley Mortimer has a new reality show premiering next week on the CW, that although it looks like it's going to be an incredibly trite depiction of socialites, I will probably watch, but I doubt I'll like it. What I do like, however (nice segue, huh?) is this bright pink chiffon Versace maxi dress. With the silver bust, it reminds me of Toni Collette's Rafael Cennamo SAG dress, which in turn reminds me of something Kate Hudson would have worn back in her boho days.

Eva Amurri covered up the genetic gifts her mother gave her, in this floaty silk chiffon J. Crew Collections Delphinia gown with braided belt. I love the pop of the hot pink colour block stripe down the center, and how unexpectedly pretty this dress is. I also love that Eva chose a dress that's affordable to the mass population. With a $350 price tag, it could easily find it's way into my closet.

I absolutely love this Dolce & Gabbana black lace camisole and white lace skirt combo that Malin Ackerman wore to Elton John's charity event. It's both sexy and demure.

So before I start talking about how much I dislike Jennifer Hudson, I'll preempt it with some gushing about how great she looks in this chiffon halter Micheal Kors gown. Yeah, that's right, I can not stand her. I'm not entirely sure why anymore, so perhaps I should reevaluate my opinion, but I'm sure it has something to do with her attitude or personality that I just don't like. So that's that, now back to the dress: the colour is lovely, and the way it defines her waist is incredibly flattering, plus I think her hair looks pretty fantastic, I appreciate that she left it down.

Michelle Rodriguez looks hot in this red silk, bustier dress. She also looks very similar to her Fast & the Furious co-star, Jordana Brewster with those bangs, either that or Winnie Cooper. Either way she looks great!

Do you think after seeing the giant rock Simon Cowell gave his new fiancé, Terri Seymour regretted their breakup? Maybe she's trying to get his attention, showing that she's bride material too, by wearing a bridal nightgown.

I wish Amy Bailey wasn't hiding the beautiful intricacies of her dress with her clutch, and while I could search for another photo where she's showing it off a bit better, I think it's still pretty clear how much work went into this elegant gown. With all the silver embroidery around the midriff and the cascading chevrons of texture, there's many focal points without being too busy.

I always wondered if the rich and famous used the same products as "regular" people, and thanks to Serena Williams wearing this slinky, shiny garbage bag, I now know that even their disposal products have a bit of twinkle.

Selma Hayek paid tribute to Alexander McQueen in his reptile print mini, I understand that as a fan of the designer and wife of PPR CEO Francois-Henri Pinault (PPR own the Gucci Group who own the McQueen brand) would chose to wear a McQueen dress, but I preferred the blue version on Anna Paquin at the SAG awards. It better suited Anna's style and shape, surely McQueen has designed many other options that would have done Selma's proportions justice, this however, does not. The makeup and the dress colour also do her face little justice, overall this look is a fail.

Kate Mara took a stab at the reptile trend with a Medusa inspired "dress." Truthfully I am not sure what this is, it's fucking hideous.

Lea Michele wore a dramatic black silk faille Oscar de la Renta gown, which I like, but she looks too severe, and almost a little over dressed. Perhaps if she were actually on a red carpet, or loosened her hair, it would work, but as is- it is not.

On the flip side Hofit Golan is also wearing a rather grand dress and yet I really like it with it's rose ombré tulle skirt with bits of silver running throughout, and chiffon sash tied in a bow, it's not as severe Lea Michele's. I think it's absolutely beautiful delicate, and she very much resembles Princess Gracie, she's come a long way!

Party Time! Vanity Fair 82nd Oscar's After Party

The weekend is over which means the late night and parties are subsiding, and the week has ended which means it's time to close up this Oscar topic. What better way to celebrate both, than to post the fashion choices of Vanity Fair's Oscar Party attendees?

Katy Perry starts off the list of standouts in a red and beige chevron patterned, sequined Zuhair Murad mermaid dress. Katy often makes some of my favourite, unexpected fashion choices, often glamorous yet unique. Also, she really knows how to work her curves (and perfect breasts, what's up with that?), which I'm sure it's such assets that drew the hilarious [self-proclaimed] sex addict, Russell Brand and ex Travis McCoy to slip her something special... a ring, I'm referring to an engagement ring! Geez.

Kate Bosworth looked lovely in a pink, loosely ruffled Valentino. Another dress that reminds me of Diane Kruger's Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Golden Globes gown, yet without the Barbie feel.

How exciting is that Kate Beckinsale not only refrained from wearing a mermaid dress nor a tight-bunned updo; but she also did it by wearing this stunning, shimmery one-shoulder Kaufman Franco silver dress?! Very exciting! She looks absolutely beautiful!

In case anyone forgot about Hilary Swank, or forgot she had a rocking body, she did everyone the favour of reminding them, but stepping out in a plunging, black satin Armani Privé. And just in case anyone didn't get the point that she is a hot female, she dangled a Swarovski crystal necklace between her décolletage. This is how you ensure you do not go unnoticed at a party that has nothing to do with you, this year.

Olivia Wilde looked like a modern day Grace Kelly in a belted, ruffled, organza RM by Roland Mouret dress, which she complimented by matching her accessories to her red lips. Amazing.

A surprising party standout was Angie Harmon in a beautiful embroidered, ombré ruby Oscar de la Renta tulle gown! It's a perfect dress to wear to the after-party of such a prestigious event, formal and whimsical without being over-the-top, belting it also helps remove just an inch of wannabe-princess-syndrome.

Keisha Whitaker stood out on the Vanity Fair red carpet, in a purple tulle gown with sheer, nude panelling. Does anybody else find it somewhat disturbing that I initially believed she was Forest's daughter and not his wife? Or is it just me that thinks she looks shockingly young?

Stacy Dash for some reason thought this was a Halloween themed party, and wore a spider web covered black sweetheart dress. Even her hair appears costumey.

Although she does the black dress much better than Stacy Dash, Vanessa Hudgens also appears a bit costumey to me, with her beaded 20s inspired plunging dress. Fortunately her (usual) shiny loose waves prevent it from being themed.

I had never heard of Abbie Cornish until she began dating Ryan Phillippe, and afterwards she was only mentioned as Ryan Phillipe's girlfriend, never for her work. Now that she and Ryan have recently broke up, and she looks as lovely as she does here, perhaps will start hearing the name Abbie Cornish for something more relevant than who she's linked to.

As already stated, after watching The Blind Side and because I have an affection for thick brows on beautiful faces (such as Julia Restoin-Roitfeld), I've decided I kind of adore Lily Collins. However, I do not like her being attacked at the chest by black-dyed hay.

Heidi Klum, once again looks great after giving birth only months ago, but that doesn't mean she can fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes just yet. Go up a size. It's okay. Unless she's pregnant again, which would not be shocking in the slightest.

WTF! Emma Roberts looks miserable again, in fact I think I will no longer look at another photo of her, unless she's beaming, as she should be considering where she is, and in a Reem Acra Resort dress no less. Smile!

Elizabeth Banks looked much better at the Vanity Fair Party after she changed into a different Atelier Versace cocktail dress. I was not a fan of the Atelier Versace gown she wore to the Oscar's. It would look good from one angle and HORRIBLE from another, so I just ignored it all together. This, however was fun but still quite dramatic thanks to the length and the intrigue of the bodice.

Diane Kruger changed out of her Chanel Haute Couture ruffled, trumpet gown into this sheer red Calvin Klein, and while at first glance I couldn't figure out why- it's actually grown on me. I'm even a fan of the visible 50's bra. I wish I knew what Joshua Jackson was wearing, because I quite love his suit, he looks so dapper. Am I the only one who's noticed how attractive he's become as he aged? I never really thought he was that cute as a teen, which is why Dawson's Creek was such a major disappointment for me- No pubescent eye candy, but maybe I just couldn't see then, what I see now! I feel a sense of national pride over that adorable smile.

Cameron Diaz toned down the glamour in this silver and gold asymmetrical Victoria Beckham Collection sheath. I love that people (including Victoria herself) are wearing this very streamlined, structured collection; Usually with celebrity lines, the only people who wear them are the "fans" that want to be them or near them, who buy into the bullshit, it's refreshing to see that this project is about more than just peddling a name down the throats of the masses, but as a love of the craft, in whatever form.

Anna Kendrick had an Elie Saab Couture theme going this evening. While I love the details of this dress, such as the feathered skirt, it's not working as well as it should here. The preportions are not working in Anna's favour, and it looks as if it may be a little too big.

Amber Rose usually stands out in a crowd, thanks to that beautiful face that's so aggressively on display, her strategically worn clothing that show off her Kardashian (aka ass), and the famously infamous boyfriend that's normally on her arm (or ass). Tonight, however, it's thanks to her standout magenta gown with origami-bust detailing... and that beautiful face.

I'm not sure why Amanda Seyfried stood like this, with staggered feet for every photo she posed for on the Vanity Fair red carpet, it really distracted from her green Valentino Spring 2010 Couture party dress. Perhaps that's why she wore such a dramatically, voluminous gown to the Awards ceremony. Instead of trying to attract as much attention as she could while on stage, she was actually trying to deter it from her legs.. that must be it! Regardless, her Valentino Couture dress is interesting and unexpected, and I would very much like to be wearing it this Wednesday- Because I like to celebrate St. Paddy's day in style!
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