Feb 1, 2010

Music Mondays! Pink's Outstanding Grammy Performance

What better time to start off Music Monday's? It's a new year, a new month and last night the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards aired! Out of last night's performances, which included Beyonce; Jamie Foxx; Taylor Swift & Stevie Knicks; the annoyingly muted Drake, Lil Wayne & Eminem (how hard is it to perform a clean version of your song? I mean come on now! That was pathetic and irritating); an irritating 3D Michael Jackson tribute; a refreshing performance from Imelda May and Jeff Beck; Pink took the award for Most Outstanding Performance!

Pink outperformed EVERYONE, yet again, at last night's awards ceremony. When asked about her scalloped silver and grey ombré-esque Tony Ward Haute Couture gown, P!nk told reporters she has a theme, that all goes together, it will make sense after performance.

Then she mentioned something about being wet or water, with an obvious reference at the dress' mermaid hem. Beyond that we had to wait until her performance, to find out what else was in store for us. Which included a P!nk shower for the first few rows of the audience.

Pink showed off her acrobatic skills once more, virtually naked wrapped in nothing more than medical tape and an aerial ribbon! She wowed the crowd and instilled further in me that I MUST see her performance live and in person before I die (since I missed all her tour dates for '09 and there is nothing scheduled for 2010). Beyond the visual marvel, she sounded great! I understand why some performers voices wave while dancing and running on stage, but to sing while suspended a good 40ft in the air, spinning above your peers, without a net, and still not skip a beat (or a note), well that my friends, is impressive!

I included a video of P!nk's Grammy performance below. You can also view many of the above mentioned performance, including Lady Gaga & Elton John's collab, the Black Eyed Peas, and Maxwell on 2Dopeboyz.com here.


  1. yea. she is pretty awesome with it. thanks for the link as well sweetie. yous a good shit!

  2. Youse a good shit!
    And yeah, I'm starting to look up to her more and more.. and that's not only cuz she's suspended 100 feet above me.


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