Feb 11, 2010

Music Monday on Tuesday: New Lineups!

Since I was unable to make a post for Music Mondays yesterday, due to my lengthy packing process, I've got three musical treats! Today the line-up for the Bonaroo Music fest in Manchester TN was revealed;

And while we're revealing line-ups, may as well shed light on who's performing at Coachella. Jay-Z, Muse and Gorillaz are headlining.

And in spirit of yesterday's Sunday's Superbowl, Shake from 2Dopeboyz put together his usual Sunday Night Soothing Session, and featured Saints running back Reggie Bush grinding on infamous girlfriend Kim Kardashian, while other jersey chaser sister glares on. I'm certain after their win, there was a lot more than that going on in Miami last night, and I'm certain another sextape will surface by the end of the year.*

*Pure speculation, clearly.

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