Feb 3, 2010

Grammy Fashion Favourites

The best part about the Grammy's versus all other awards shows, is that people take more risks on the red carpet. You can expect creativity, mixed with edge, toss in some glamour and a heaping of WTF!?!? On the flip side, when you get glamour alone or merely "nice" and "pretty," it's a major disappointment and those looks are subject to more scrutiny than if they were worn elsewhere. The following are my favourites of the night, those that lived up to my expectations and even exceeded them.

It's a rarity that I applaud Beyoncé's fashion choices but today I do it thrice! She's seen here in a cream, textured, Stéphane Rolland Fall 2009 mermaid gown. The mermaid hem is unfortunate, but fortunately the sleeves help, ribbed patterning and cleavage revealing zipper deter from the predictable cut. I don't fully understand why she had tinsel in her hair, or why she continuously posed displaying her left hand in the air, but it's the Grammy's wacky is oft encouraged.

B walked towards the stage in a Rihanna inspired intro in Atelier Versace black leather, metallic enriched bustier mini-dress to perform her "If I Were a Boy." I fucking hate that song, point blank. But I really like her performance dress, the shoes were a bit excessive but she's on stage so it's allowed.

Her 3rd outfit of the night, a silver & gold chain metal Armani Privé mini, looked to be made of popcan tabs, and yet I kind of like it. Kind of.

One of the top of "The Tops", was an asymmetrical white gown with silver leather striping from Edition by Georges Chakra Spring 2010, worn by Carrie Underwood. This dress is perfect for this girl, for this event, and truthfully I want it- not that I have anywhere to wear it.

Carrie did not wear shorts to perform!!! Instead she opted for this beautiful muted gold lamé strapless gown to tribute Micheal Jackson in annoyingly blurry (or 3D)* performance alongside Usher, Celine Dion, Smokey Robinson and fellow Idol alum Jennifer Hudson. It reminds me of the strapless Reem Acra gown Viola Davis wore at the 2009 Oscar's.

*Can someone please explain to me, why the fluck they did this in 3D? How did they expect the people at home to enjoy the performance? I even tried using my Avatar glasses (I know I should have recycled them), but of course it was a failed attempt since I needed the old school 3D glasses. Perhaps they should have considered this, and during every press mention of the Grammy's and each commercial, state that there's a "Can not be missed" 3D performance and to make sure you get your $1 glasses from your local Wal-Mart; proceeds to benefit Haiti Relief. Best case scenario, but truthfully who told them that 3D was a good idea? James Cameron? He was wrong, it was not. 3D is not that cool, and does not need to be in every movie... Avatar included.

Fergie-Ferg has great legs, there's no denying it; so choosing a mini is often a good aesthetic choice for her. Especially if it's this blue suede Emilio Pucci with gold detailing! This is one of those dresses, that I love and could wear (not all looks I admire fall into that category), blue is also my colour. I'm putting it out there Fashion Gods.

Pucci does it again for Heidi Klum. I'm trying to refrain from using the term "Yummy Mummy" to describe Heidi in this long sleeve sequined metallic Emilio Pucci SS 2010 mini, but I'm finding it hard. Also those Jimmy Choo sandals are superb, it's rare both my mother and I drool over shoes, but the camera pan south to these kicks, we couldn't help ourselves!

Her shoes are a little unimaginative, but Lea Michele continues to delight in a navy blue Romona Keveza feathered mini. It's glam, fun and flirty; a perfect choice for her first Grammy's.

Jennifer Nettles looked statuesque and poised in a red Victoria Beckham Spring 2010 gown. The bright colour, side cut-outs and black criss-cross detail on the back combined all help draw attention to the Sugarland songstress.

Rihanna's appearance at this year's Grammy's was definitely an anticipated one; not only to see what the fashion risk-taker chose to dart down the red-carpet in, but also due to her widely publicized physical assault that occurred this same time last year. Which I believe has had an affect on her fashion choices, as she's been seen in many spiked ensembles that all forbade, "DO NOT COME TOO CLOSE." I'm happy to see that she chose something a little less threatening tonight. Rihanna looked rather regal in a high collared, backless crepe Elie Saab gown with stone and feathered "bib." She was a cross between the Queen of Hearts and the Wizard of Oz's White Witch, allying power and femininity.

Jennifer Lopez introduced Green Day, resembling Barbarella in a silver chain mail Versace Spring 2010 with white silk chiffon overlay. Due to my distaste for the diva, it's not easy for me to admit... I kind of love this. I'd prefer to see it on someone else, but it's almost quite fitting it be on Jenny. Note the Christian Louboutin Banana peep-toes, is that a fashion choice or clever self-promotion? Think about it.

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