Feb 6, 2010

Grammy Fashion Continues

There were some other notable fashionistas at the Grammy's beyond my already listed favourites. The following consists mostly of said "fashionistas" disappointing us with something "meh," or inciting eye squinting, brow furrowing, head scratching confusion, with a "WTF!?!? are they wearing?" moment.

Miley Cyrus' Hervé Léger mini is cute, I believe Fergie wore it in the past, and I think it looks better on the aging tween, so it's not her outfit I take issue. It's her face. She looks like she got some collagen or something of the sort, her mouth looks odd.

Another one that looks odd, Kristen Bell wore a black Etro maxi dress with bronze leather cut-out neck, that resembled seat belts. The dress isn't even that bad, but the hair? It's not a good look. It looks greasy and brassy at the ends, but at least it matches the seat belt around her neck.

Keri Hilson had a chance to wear something fun and funky, and instead opted for a safe Dolce & Gabbana mermaid gown. Really? A mermaid gown? Can't we just be done with those, just for ONE red carpet, just one! If it fit her properly, this might have looked hot, without the excess material at her feet.

I don't completely mind this, although I'm a little disappointed Ke$ha didn't wear something a little more over the top. Her gold fringed Nicolas Jebran cocktail dress reminds me of Tina Turner "Rolling on the River, " which is not the image Ke$ha normally attempts. She also sort of killed her party girl 'tude by presenting with baby boy Justin Bieber.

Another one who had the opportunity to be all crazy-like, and instead was rather subdued and disappointing. Katy Perry said she was aiming for a "Betty Paige, Indian Princess" look in a beige Zac Posen gown with gold sequined florals. It looked great from the back with its dramatic cutout, but compared to what she was rumoured to wear (sequined panties, essentially), or even her Basil Soda dress from last year, I was not impressed.

Finally, a lady who did NOT disappoint, Lady Gaga arrived needing the help of three men to climb out of her ride, due to her solar system inspired custom-made Giorgio Armani Privé outfit. She looked like a science experiment of the solar system crossed with Glenda the good witch, but I didn't mind it. My biggest complaint is the lack of functionality of her outfit, I can't imagine how she sat in that, also I doubt that North Star in her hand fits a lipstick.

Immy here is included just to inform those not in the know, that Imogen Heap has been doing "crazy" before Gaga even existed. Is that a bullet belt around her neck?!

I'm sorry Colbie Caillat, this is just not a good look. I honestly think this dress is quite flucking ugly.

Does anyone remember when Ciara used to wear those hideous asymmetrical cutout bodysuits?
This black Givenchy "dress" may be a step up from those days, but at least nobody can accuse Ciara of not being herself.

Carrie Ann Inaba took the whole origami pleating trend to ANOTHER (unnecessary) level. And winds up looking like a walking, fancy serviette. Hey at least it's fancy.

Adam Lambert critiqued celebrities as an Entertainment Tonight fashion correspondent. Kind of amusing considering the up and coming rocker looked like a cross between Elvis Presley and Colonel Sanders. Also, is he wearing Tom Cruise's heels?

Pussycat Doll, Melody Thornton, looks pretty. I like her dress, it's cute, but not what I expected from a member of PCD.

This is more like it! Clearly Russian singer Nadeea is hoping to replace Miss Boring Dress above, and she's got my vote! But can she sing? You ask... Does it matter? I respond. Let's face it, the only voice that matters is Nicole's, the rest are just eye candy, and backup dancers. Not that it's a bad gig to get, so good luck Nadeea!

Now time for a couple of awards of my own:

Worst Dressed:

Spanish singer Shaila Durcal is a beautiful girl, but you could hardly notice her face, in this tacky one shoulder, purple prom meets bridesmaid, floral corset top with matching skirt! WTF!?!? Was she thinking!

Most Disappointing Award:

I hate to say it, I do, but Taylor Swift just did not dazzle as much as I'm sure she intended to in this topaz blue Kaufman Franco sheath. Just as Taylor, I love me some sparkle, and the colour was both interesting and beautiful, but it was just so incredibly disappointing to see her in this dress. Perhaps at the Oscar's I would love it. Perhaps on someone with an A cup instead of a AA. Perhaps if it were shorter. I will admit that all of images of the back are lovely, but from the front it's a little odd on her, and just too old. On a side and related note: How many goddam awards does Taylor have to win before she stops acting surprised?! I'm all for humility and excitement, but she's bordering on naivety if she expects us to believe she did not have the slightest idea she had a chance. As if she didn't even know she were nominated! Come on Taylor! You've won every major award category for the past year! Stop pretending to be Drew Barrymore (also notorious for the "Who me?" reaction), and just be thankful and happy. You deserve it. I swear. You're album was great, and cross both genres and generations. Congrats. Now shorten your dress, you're only 20.

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