Feb 12, 2010

Getting Fit: Travel Delays

This week has not been all that productive for me in terms of, well anything, but especially within the fitness regime. Both Saturday and Sunday went well, as I was preparing for a day off while I'd be travelling. I did not expect, however, that my packing process would take up an ENTIRE day, so Monday was awash; I knew in advance Tuesday would be a write-off, since I'd be spending most of the day getting to the airport, in an airport, on a plane etc, and by the time I landed in Las Vegas I would be far too tired to attempt anything. But I did not expect that Wednesday would also be just as useless! I can't even recall what I did all day to make a visit to the gym, that's a mere steps from the apartment I'm staying at, an unlikely venture. And to top it all off, my eating habits have been embarrassingly shady, I ate a whole serving of In 'n Out Burger's animal style fries, on top of my protein style hamburger! With that much food, I was definitely struck with the "itis" and ended up napping shortly after- That's when you know you've eaten too much!

So this week I've not only eaten like crap, but I've also managed to work out once (or twice if you count Sunday), but I did at least step up to 3 sets. So brava for that I suppose. Time to use the weekend to make up for my negligent week!

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