Feb 5, 2010

Getting Fit: Jackie Warner's FitnessRx Plan

It's nearing the end of week two of my first real fitness attempt this year; Workout's star Jackie Warner's multi-joint strength plan found in FitnessRx Magazine. I'm feeling just a little bit stronger, and have managed to add an extra set on each exercise, totaling 2 sets. Next week I'll attempt to make it the full 3 sets expected. I read that in order to improve and increase strength, it is necessary to complete at least 2 to 3 sets of any exercise, since you're trying to work that muscle to its capacity-- but of course do one if you're pressed for time. Ha, "pressed"...pun. I've also added 10min of abs on non-consecutive days, using my 10 Minute Solution: Blast Off Belly Fat DVD. Next week, I'm hoping to include at least 3 yoga sessions. Ever since that car accident (and possibly before that, since I injured my wrist on my birthday!), I haven't managed to settle back into my yoga routine, and I truly miss it.

Also in honour of this week's Fitness Friday, a little info for most Canadians: Premier Fitness clubs are offering a two for one membership special until Sunday February 14th! So if you still need to get your ass into the gym, and find their prices a little extreme, grab a friend and join and split the cost!

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