Feb 15, 2010

Favourite Love Songs of 2009

Music Monday's are upon us, and V-day has just passed, so naturally I've compiled a list of my favourite love songs from the past year.

5. Ke$ha - Dirty Picture
It's not a song I was introduced to until 2010, but I feel it belongs in this list, since I've listened to it repeatedly, and it adds a nice cheeky factor to such a normally cheesy day.

4. Gwen Stefani - Now That You Got It
Gwen speaks the truth as she sings, "Now that I'm your baby, the things you promised me now I want. Now that you've got it, whatchu gonna do 'bout it...If I'm really your baby, then share with me your secrets and thoughts." Yes! Do not tire yourself chasing a girl, stop making promises about love, and not deliver!

3. Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire
Although I often joke about this song referring to the burning sensation of VD or another similar STD, it's a hot song that's fun to sing and dance around to. "Yeahhh your sex is on fire!"

2. Queens of the Stone Age - Make it Wit Chu
This was a favourite of both 2008 and 2009, and will probably continue to be in 2010 and beyond, Joshua Homme's voice is ridiculously sexy... It's just one of those songs that are guaranteed to get me in the mood.

1. Pink - Please, Don't Leave Me
This is a bit more of a breakup song, in fact the whole album is a roller coaster of falling in and out of love, but the sentiments Pink sings are real, and very relatable.

There were certainly some other notable or honourable mentions, such as MGMT's entire Oracular Spectacular album, Taylor Swift's Love Story, Lily Allen's Not Fair, 88-Keys The Friend Zone, Kid Rock's Half Your Age, Matt Nathanson's Come on Get Higher, and Sugarland's Love, We Run, and more. But I wanted to keep the list short, instead of scouring for the song's of the heart I listened to most. Although I may always revise it, doubtful, but I may!

Also for those interested, MTV made a list of their own:
10. Jonas Brothers - "Lovebug"
This is about the only "lovebug" we ever want to catch. Let's leave it at that ...

9. Alicia Keys - "No One"
In this soulful song, Alicia belts out her emotions so we don't have to.

8. The Postal Service - "Such Great Heights"
Despite never uttering those three magic words, this 2003 hit puts us on cloud nine.

7. Jason Mraz (featuring Colbie Caillat) - "Lucky"
This duet is bound to make the wedding-day rounds. Still, the old-timey lyrics are cute.

6. Miley Cyrus - "7 Things"
This isn't a typo. This certainly isn't a typical love song, considering that Miley sings about hating someone. But listen a little closer, and you'll see the teen queen taps into the heart of a relationship — the bad that also comes with the good.

5. Beyoncé - "Crazy in Love"
Ms. Sasha Fierce escorts us over the edge of love and back again in her 2003 smash single. Uh-oh!

4. Taylor Swift - "Love Story"
With the sweet melody and fairy-tale references, this teen songstress gives us hope there will be a castle and a lover in a low-cut top in all our futures. Give in and "say yes" to Taylor's catchy chorus.

3. Gym Class Heroes - "Cupid's Chokehold"
Travis McCoy joins forces with Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump to talk pancakes, secret handshakes and other shared moments with a string of girls. You gotta love a guy (and a song) with a sense of humor.

2. U2 - "With or Without You"
After all these years, Bono still melts our hearts. This 1987 classic addresses the question: What the hell would I do without you? That never gets old.

1. Justin Timberlake - "My Love"
With the help of Timbaland and T.I., Justin Timberlake nabs the top spot with his 2006 hit. JT redefines the concept of the love song, proving it can belong in both the club and next to a roaring fireplace.

Feb 12, 2010

Getting Fit: Travel Delays

This week has not been all that productive for me in terms of, well anything, but especially within the fitness regime. Both Saturday and Sunday went well, as I was preparing for a day off while I'd be travelling. I did not expect, however, that my packing process would take up an ENTIRE day, so Monday was awash; I knew in advance Tuesday would be a write-off, since I'd be spending most of the day getting to the airport, in an airport, on a plane etc, and by the time I landed in Las Vegas I would be far too tired to attempt anything. But I did not expect that Wednesday would also be just as useless! I can't even recall what I did all day to make a visit to the gym, that's a mere steps from the apartment I'm staying at, an unlikely venture. And to top it all off, my eating habits have been embarrassingly shady, I ate a whole serving of In 'n Out Burger's animal style fries, on top of my protein style hamburger! With that much food, I was definitely struck with the "itis" and ended up napping shortly after- That's when you know you've eaten too much!

So this week I've not only eaten like crap, but I've also managed to work out once (or twice if you count Sunday), but I did at least step up to 3 sets. So brava for that I suppose. Time to use the weekend to make up for my negligent week!

Feb 11, 2010

Music Monday on Tuesday: New Lineups!

Since I was unable to make a post for Music Mondays yesterday, due to my lengthy packing process, I've got three musical treats! Today the line-up for the Bonaroo Music fest in Manchester TN was revealed;

And while we're revealing line-ups, may as well shed light on who's performing at Coachella. Jay-Z, Muse and Gorillaz are headlining.

And in spirit of yesterday's Sunday's Superbowl, Shake from 2Dopeboyz put together his usual Sunday Night Soothing Session, and featured Saints running back Reggie Bush grinding on infamous girlfriend Kim Kardashian, while other jersey chaser sister glares on. I'm certain after their win, there was a lot more than that going on in Miami last night, and I'm certain another sextape will surface by the end of the year.*

*Pure speculation, clearly.

Feb 6, 2010

Grammy Fashion Continues

There were some other notable fashionistas at the Grammy's beyond my already listed favourites. The following consists mostly of said "fashionistas" disappointing us with something "meh," or inciting eye squinting, brow furrowing, head scratching confusion, with a "WTF!?!? are they wearing?" moment.

Miley Cyrus' Hervé Léger mini is cute, I believe Fergie wore it in the past, and I think it looks better on the aging tween, so it's not her outfit I take issue. It's her face. She looks like she got some collagen or something of the sort, her mouth looks odd.

Another one that looks odd, Kristen Bell wore a black Etro maxi dress with bronze leather cut-out neck, that resembled seat belts. The dress isn't even that bad, but the hair? It's not a good look. It looks greasy and brassy at the ends, but at least it matches the seat belt around her neck.

Keri Hilson had a chance to wear something fun and funky, and instead opted for a safe Dolce & Gabbana mermaid gown. Really? A mermaid gown? Can't we just be done with those, just for ONE red carpet, just one! If it fit her properly, this might have looked hot, without the excess material at her feet.

I don't completely mind this, although I'm a little disappointed Ke$ha didn't wear something a little more over the top. Her gold fringed Nicolas Jebran cocktail dress reminds me of Tina Turner "Rolling on the River, " which is not the image Ke$ha normally attempts. She also sort of killed her party girl 'tude by presenting with baby boy Justin Bieber.

Another one who had the opportunity to be all crazy-like, and instead was rather subdued and disappointing. Katy Perry said she was aiming for a "Betty Paige, Indian Princess" look in a beige Zac Posen gown with gold sequined florals. It looked great from the back with its dramatic cutout, but compared to what she was rumoured to wear (sequined panties, essentially), or even her Basil Soda dress from last year, I was not impressed.

Finally, a lady who did NOT disappoint, Lady Gaga arrived needing the help of three men to climb out of her ride, due to her solar system inspired custom-made Giorgio Armani Privé outfit. She looked like a science experiment of the solar system crossed with Glenda the good witch, but I didn't mind it. My biggest complaint is the lack of functionality of her outfit, I can't imagine how she sat in that, also I doubt that North Star in her hand fits a lipstick.

Immy here is included just to inform those not in the know, that Imogen Heap has been doing "crazy" before Gaga even existed. Is that a bullet belt around her neck?!

I'm sorry Colbie Caillat, this is just not a good look. I honestly think this dress is quite flucking ugly.

Does anyone remember when Ciara used to wear those hideous asymmetrical cutout bodysuits?
This black Givenchy "dress" may be a step up from those days, but at least nobody can accuse Ciara of not being herself.

Carrie Ann Inaba took the whole origami pleating trend to ANOTHER (unnecessary) level. And winds up looking like a walking, fancy serviette. Hey at least it's fancy.

Adam Lambert critiqued celebrities as an Entertainment Tonight fashion correspondent. Kind of amusing considering the up and coming rocker looked like a cross between Elvis Presley and Colonel Sanders. Also, is he wearing Tom Cruise's heels?

Pussycat Doll, Melody Thornton, looks pretty. I like her dress, it's cute, but not what I expected from a member of PCD.

This is more like it! Clearly Russian singer Nadeea is hoping to replace Miss Boring Dress above, and she's got my vote! But can she sing? You ask... Does it matter? I respond. Let's face it, the only voice that matters is Nicole's, the rest are just eye candy, and backup dancers. Not that it's a bad gig to get, so good luck Nadeea!

Now time for a couple of awards of my own:

Worst Dressed:

Spanish singer Shaila Durcal is a beautiful girl, but you could hardly notice her face, in this tacky one shoulder, purple prom meets bridesmaid, floral corset top with matching skirt! WTF!?!? Was she thinking!

Most Disappointing Award:

I hate to say it, I do, but Taylor Swift just did not dazzle as much as I'm sure she intended to in this topaz blue Kaufman Franco sheath. Just as Taylor, I love me some sparkle, and the colour was both interesting and beautiful, but it was just so incredibly disappointing to see her in this dress. Perhaps at the Oscar's I would love it. Perhaps on someone with an A cup instead of a AA. Perhaps if it were shorter. I will admit that all of images of the back are lovely, but from the front it's a little odd on her, and just too old. On a side and related note: How many goddam awards does Taylor have to win before she stops acting surprised?! I'm all for humility and excitement, but she's bordering on naivety if she expects us to believe she did not have the slightest idea she had a chance. As if she didn't even know she were nominated! Come on Taylor! You've won every major award category for the past year! Stop pretending to be Drew Barrymore (also notorious for the "Who me?" reaction), and just be thankful and happy. You deserve it. I swear. You're album was great, and cross both genres and generations. Congrats. Now shorten your dress, you're only 20.

Feb 5, 2010

Getting Fit: Jackie Warner's FitnessRx Plan

It's nearing the end of week two of my first real fitness attempt this year; Workout's star Jackie Warner's multi-joint strength plan found in FitnessRx Magazine. I'm feeling just a little bit stronger, and have managed to add an extra set on each exercise, totaling 2 sets. Next week I'll attempt to make it the full 3 sets expected. I read that in order to improve and increase strength, it is necessary to complete at least 2 to 3 sets of any exercise, since you're trying to work that muscle to its capacity-- but of course do one if you're pressed for time. Ha, "pressed"...pun. I've also added 10min of abs on non-consecutive days, using my 10 Minute Solution: Blast Off Belly Fat DVD. Next week, I'm hoping to include at least 3 yoga sessions. Ever since that car accident (and possibly before that, since I injured my wrist on my birthday!), I haven't managed to settle back into my yoga routine, and I truly miss it.

Also in honour of this week's Fitness Friday, a little info for most Canadians: Premier Fitness clubs are offering a two for one membership special until Sunday February 14th! So if you still need to get your ass into the gym, and find their prices a little extreme, grab a friend and join and split the cost!

Feb 3, 2010

Grammy Fashion Favourites

The best part about the Grammy's versus all other awards shows, is that people take more risks on the red carpet. You can expect creativity, mixed with edge, toss in some glamour and a heaping of WTF!?!? On the flip side, when you get glamour alone or merely "nice" and "pretty," it's a major disappointment and those looks are subject to more scrutiny than if they were worn elsewhere. The following are my favourites of the night, those that lived up to my expectations and even exceeded them.

It's a rarity that I applaud Beyoncé's fashion choices but today I do it thrice! She's seen here in a cream, textured, Stéphane Rolland Fall 2009 mermaid gown. The mermaid hem is unfortunate, but fortunately the sleeves help, ribbed patterning and cleavage revealing zipper deter from the predictable cut. I don't fully understand why she had tinsel in her hair, or why she continuously posed displaying her left hand in the air, but it's the Grammy's wacky is oft encouraged.

B walked towards the stage in a Rihanna inspired intro in Atelier Versace black leather, metallic enriched bustier mini-dress to perform her "If I Were a Boy." I fucking hate that song, point blank. But I really like her performance dress, the shoes were a bit excessive but she's on stage so it's allowed.

Her 3rd outfit of the night, a silver & gold chain metal Armani Privé mini, looked to be made of popcan tabs, and yet I kind of like it. Kind of.

One of the top of "The Tops", was an asymmetrical white gown with silver leather striping from Edition by Georges Chakra Spring 2010, worn by Carrie Underwood. This dress is perfect for this girl, for this event, and truthfully I want it- not that I have anywhere to wear it.

Carrie did not wear shorts to perform!!! Instead she opted for this beautiful muted gold lamé strapless gown to tribute Micheal Jackson in annoyingly blurry (or 3D)* performance alongside Usher, Celine Dion, Smokey Robinson and fellow Idol alum Jennifer Hudson. It reminds me of the strapless Reem Acra gown Viola Davis wore at the 2009 Oscar's.

*Can someone please explain to me, why the fluck they did this in 3D? How did they expect the people at home to enjoy the performance? I even tried using my Avatar glasses (I know I should have recycled them), but of course it was a failed attempt since I needed the old school 3D glasses. Perhaps they should have considered this, and during every press mention of the Grammy's and each commercial, state that there's a "Can not be missed" 3D performance and to make sure you get your $1 glasses from your local Wal-Mart; proceeds to benefit Haiti Relief. Best case scenario, but truthfully who told them that 3D was a good idea? James Cameron? He was wrong, it was not. 3D is not that cool, and does not need to be in every movie... Avatar included.

Fergie-Ferg has great legs, there's no denying it; so choosing a mini is often a good aesthetic choice for her. Especially if it's this blue suede Emilio Pucci with gold detailing! This is one of those dresses, that I love and could wear (not all looks I admire fall into that category), blue is also my colour. I'm putting it out there Fashion Gods.

Pucci does it again for Heidi Klum. I'm trying to refrain from using the term "Yummy Mummy" to describe Heidi in this long sleeve sequined metallic Emilio Pucci SS 2010 mini, but I'm finding it hard. Also those Jimmy Choo sandals are superb, it's rare both my mother and I drool over shoes, but the camera pan south to these kicks, we couldn't help ourselves!

Her shoes are a little unimaginative, but Lea Michele continues to delight in a navy blue Romona Keveza feathered mini. It's glam, fun and flirty; a perfect choice for her first Grammy's.

Jennifer Nettles looked statuesque and poised in a red Victoria Beckham Spring 2010 gown. The bright colour, side cut-outs and black criss-cross detail on the back combined all help draw attention to the Sugarland songstress.

Rihanna's appearance at this year's Grammy's was definitely an anticipated one; not only to see what the fashion risk-taker chose to dart down the red-carpet in, but also due to her widely publicized physical assault that occurred this same time last year. Which I believe has had an affect on her fashion choices, as she's been seen in many spiked ensembles that all forbade, "DO NOT COME TOO CLOSE." I'm happy to see that she chose something a little less threatening tonight. Rihanna looked rather regal in a high collared, backless crepe Elie Saab gown with stone and feathered "bib." She was a cross between the Queen of Hearts and the Wizard of Oz's White Witch, allying power and femininity.

Jennifer Lopez introduced Green Day, resembling Barbarella in a silver chain mail Versace Spring 2010 with white silk chiffon overlay. Due to my distaste for the diva, it's not easy for me to admit... I kind of love this. I'd prefer to see it on someone else, but it's almost quite fitting it be on Jenny. Note the Christian Louboutin Banana peep-toes, is that a fashion choice or clever self-promotion? Think about it.

Feb 1, 2010

Music Mondays! Pink's Outstanding Grammy Performance

What better time to start off Music Monday's? It's a new year, a new month and last night the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards aired! Out of last night's performances, which included Beyonce; Jamie Foxx; Taylor Swift & Stevie Knicks; the annoyingly muted Drake, Lil Wayne & Eminem (how hard is it to perform a clean version of your song? I mean come on now! That was pathetic and irritating); an irritating 3D Michael Jackson tribute; a refreshing performance from Imelda May and Jeff Beck; Pink took the award for Most Outstanding Performance!

Pink outperformed EVERYONE, yet again, at last night's awards ceremony. When asked about her scalloped silver and grey ombré-esque Tony Ward Haute Couture gown, P!nk told reporters she has a theme, that all goes together, it will make sense after performance.

Then she mentioned something about being wet or water, with an obvious reference at the dress' mermaid hem. Beyond that we had to wait until her performance, to find out what else was in store for us. Which included a P!nk shower for the first few rows of the audience.

Pink showed off her acrobatic skills once more, virtually naked wrapped in nothing more than medical tape and an aerial ribbon! She wowed the crowd and instilled further in me that I MUST see her performance live and in person before I die (since I missed all her tour dates for '09 and there is nothing scheduled for 2010). Beyond the visual marvel, she sounded great! I understand why some performers voices wave while dancing and running on stage, but to sing while suspended a good 40ft in the air, spinning above your peers, without a net, and still not skip a beat (or a note), well that my friends, is impressive!

I included a video of P!nk's Grammy performance below. You can also view many of the above mentioned performance, including Lady Gaga & Elton John's collab, the Black Eyed Peas, and Maxwell on 2Dopeboyz.com here.

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