Jan 19, 2010

The Tops of Golden Globes 2010

On top of my already mentioned favourites, which were mostly compiled from the pale pinks of the evening, there were a few other standouts. The first of which is star of one of my Top Five favourite new shows, True Blood;

This is not the most complimentary photo of a beautifully embellished Stella McCartney gown, one of my favourite dresses of the evening, worn by Canadian Anna Paquin, but I had to show off those shoes! Amazingly unexpected on the red-carpet.

I'm clearly into glitter, so I clearly fell in love with Toni Collette's sequined encrusted Elie Saab gown. She looked AMAY-ZING. Loved it!

Olivia Wilde shimmered on the dark side in a beaded black and silver sparkling Gucci gown. I've already proven to be biased when it comes to this Wilde child, but the girl looked HOT! The dress with its plunging neckline, matched with that high pony. And here's my favourite part: she looks so naughty, and yet she'll be auctioning off her entire outfit to help the relief efforts in Haiti. Philanthropy has never looked as sexy.

I had mixed emotions when I saw Diane Kruger's pink neon Christian Lacroix Haute Couture for the first time. She was sitting down, so I was unable to see her pink tulle bustier gown in its entirety, and that elaborate neckline and colour screamed 80s Prom Dress, and yet I liked it? It reminds me of Barbie. Damn that woman and her fashion brainwashing ways! It's affected me even into my adult hood! (I still envy her makeup application skills). Of examining multiple photos, there was no point denying, I love it.

You know who else I love? Carrie Mulligan. I have never seen anything she's done, that I'm aware of, but I am beginning to adore her. She looks like a little forest nymph, all timid and sweet, and yet she makes these amazing fashion choices. Like this strapless feathered Nina Ricci gown. Fucking amazing. Fine it could fit her a bit better in the bust, but I'm into it regardless.

You know who I do not love? Lea Michele. There's something about her that bothers me, and I don't think it's just the character she plays on Glee, but it could be. But just because I don't like a girl, does not mean I'm unable to applaud her style. I noticed most of the Glee cast went for volume, but nothing compared to the beautiful detail of Lea's black chiffon Oscar de la Renta gown, she definitely came out on a high note. Ba-dum-ching!

Deanna Agron's dress looks lovely, it was simple and elegant, and a big step up from last time we saw her. It reminds me of cross between Kristen Bell and Lauren Conrad. The entire Glee cast looked great as a collective cast as they accepted their award for Best Comedy or Musical,
Now that's something to sing about! And drums again.

Mickey Rourke's Russian date Anastasia wore a dress that reminded me of Cameron Diaz's black Chanel minidress from 2003 Golden Globes. And although I don't loooove her dress (I like it a lot), I loved Diaz's look then, so this gets a nod.

I was really close to loving Marion Cotillard's dark-emerald green Christian Dior satin dress, if only it were without that visible slip! The colour is stunning, and I love the cut and intricacy of the neckline, however that black lace peaking through ruins it for me.

Halle Berry's Kaufman Franco onyx silk nightgown is a toss up for me. She looks stunning, the key-hole neckline exposes her envy worthy breasts, but the lace inserts leave little to the imagination, and the gown ends up looking of the "night" variety. At the same time, who am I kidding? Like I've never shown up somewhere in a nightgown, I could only wish I looked as good!

Much like many tabloid TV personalities, I cannot stand Samantha Harris, but I really enjoy her ruffled tangerine Ina Soltani dress. Yes it is also a bit nightgowny, although a little more demure, and true the colour is rather out of season, but so is her tan.

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