Jan 26, 2010

Screen Actors Guild Awards: Top Five Favourites

I don't normally believe in a "Top Five" list, since I usually have a Top Seven, or just a echelon of Tops to WTF. There are far too many beautiful, intriguing, beautifully intriguing dresses within the world of fashion to limit myself to a list of "Top Five," but in an attempt to clean things up, or narrow my choices down, I'm giving this Top Five thing a shot. With honourable mentions, of course! (Clearly this is not going to last! I love my fashion Too Much to squish anything into a box of five). Also, this does not include any of the White Trend dresses, but some of those could have made it.

I'd like to start things out on a high note, so number one goes Toni Collette. She looks like a goddess in this strapless gold and blush Rafael Cennamo gown. I'm in love with tiered skirt, and the turquoise beading under the bust. She's done bohemian-chic rather glamorously; reminds me of the pre-bridal Kate Hudson, only better. I wonder what personality this is...?

Glee actress Lea Michelle swoops in a t number two in an emerald chiffon ruffled Catherine Malandrino gown. WOW! Just wow! This girl is on a role! I love the colour, it contrasts beautifully with her hair, and the cut is youthful without being juvenile. I'm still not her biggest fan, but I'm loving her (or her stylists) fashion choices!

Stana Katic from Castle, graced the red carpet in a slinky black and silver backless dream by Oday Shakar. She looks amazing, and should take being mistaken by most blogs and news sites for Mischa Barton as a compliment. Not bad for a 31 year old to be thought of as 23, and there was a time when Mischa was a red carpet staple; although during her brief TBL: The Beautiful Life promos she had stepped out looking great, lately however she apparently looks over 30.

Drew Barrymore came in at Number Four in a custom made blue silk chiffon and tulle strapless Monique Lhuillier gown. Although it's unnecessary, I like the extra skirt, it adds intrigue, and the fitted bodice reminds me of a denim Guess bustier from 96 (fitting, considering Drew herself was a Guess spokesmodel), and yet I still very much like this-- even her messy updo.

Number Five goes to Diane Kruger in a draped, one-shoulder marigold dress by Jason Wu. It's
incredible! I absolutely love it! Truthfully, this should be above Drew, but every now and then I decide that I don't actually like the colour, although it's the colour that makes it stand out- I'm complicated that way. Also, it reminds me too much of Michelle Williams Oscar dress from 2006, even though the only thing they have in common is the shade of yellow. Like I said, I'm complicated.

Now on to the honourable mentions, which truthfully most except for the last two could compete for position Number Five.

I was surprised to see Alexander McQueen's snake print dress on the red carpet, but I love that Anna Paquin took a risk and wore it. She also gets high shoe marks from me, yet again. I appreciate that she wore a typical "party dress" to a red-carpet event, yet still managed to look appropriate. I'd like to make it clear, that although I really like this dress, that does not mean I like anything Ed Hardy, we now see where Christian Audigier gets his inspiration but I despise that look, and can not stand people who wear those damn ugly shirts and caps, etc. They are tacky, whereas this is fashionably tacky.

Michelle Monaghan also chose an unexpected red-carpet dress. I believe her one-shoulder, two toned gunmetal Calvin Klein dress falls under the same category as A.Paq's, you either love it or you hate it. I appreciate it for being original, and for standing out, which is really the goal of these events; nobody walks a red carpet hoping to be a wallflower.

I'm not entirely sure that I would love Carrie Mulligan's red strapless Lanvin gown if it were on anyone else but her. For the most part, I'm over mermaid hems (thanks in large part to Kate Beckinsale), plus it's usually not a flattering look to choose a gown that exaggerates your hips, and yet there's something about this look that I find appealing. Perhaps it's due to Carrie's pixie cut, mixed with the vintage feel of this pleated\wrinkled dress, that make it seem so effortless.

I have a thing for gingers, and I find Deborah Ann Woll on True Blood absolutely stunning, so I was excited to see her first major red-carpet appearance. She looked really pretty and romantic wearing a pale blue, lace and chiffon tiered Gustavo Cadile Resort 2010. The colour of her dress complimented her hair and skin beautifully without washing her out.

Starting off the Honourable Mentions is another True Blood actress, Mariana Klaveno who wore a beautiful flowy crimson Ina Soltani gown. The reason she falls somewhat short in my eyes compared to the rest, is merely because I feel as if I've seen this dress in some form or variation before.

Which is also how I feel about Anna Kendrick's purple silk chiffon Alberta Ferretti gown. It's a beautiful dress, definitely something I would love to own myself, and the colour is superb on her (as was Mariana Klaveno's red dress), but it reminds me of something I'd see on Natalie Portman.

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