Jan 10, 2010

People's Choice Awards: Fashion's Winners & Losers

I'm drinking another glass of wine, which could only mean another post is necessary. What better way to show off your spelling and grammar skills, than to do it while drowning your stresses in a bottle of Pio Cesare Barbaresco? There isn't one. The following are presenters, performers or those who just walked the red carpet, but we're all winners* in my book.

*except for those that are "losers"

Jessica Alba here was one of the "winners," even though the capped shoulders seem pointless, and silver Antonio Berardi mini dress appears to be made of tinfoil, and I normally despise hip volumizing coverings, I still really liked this. Her hair on the other hand was disappointing.
And the Burberry Prorsum Spring 2010 platforms shoes compete awkwardly, and yet I think I might like the competition, it at least makes up for her hair and acting, and personality. This must be the wine talking.

Another shocker of the evening, Nicole Scherzinger who normally wears infant clothing, has covered up her midriff! I'm surprised that I like this, I'm not normally a fan of anything "bronzed" (unless its men and skin), but her David Meister gown looks as if it were poured on her, like liquid gold.

I would have equally approved of her walking the red carpet in her performance outfit, however, it would have been much more expected, although still lacking the expected butt cheeks and belly button, perhaps this is all a result of Nicole's upcoming attempt at a solo career (again).

Colbie Caillat looks the epitome of a sunny California girl in a bold orange mini dress, and I like it. It's definitely something I would wear myself, and it makes me miss my West Coast home.

Taraji P. Henson also looked lovely in a lilac floor-length one-shoulder Alberta Ferretti gown. I should use this opportunity to re-tell the story of how I met Taraji at a club in Vegas, shortly after she appeared in Smokin' Aces & I had no idea who she was at first, since she is more petite than I expected and far more stunning than any lens can reveal.

Olivia Wilde looks adorable in a one-shoulder Monique Lhuillier dress, but also very tea-party bridal. Which I'm sure I'd normally scoff at since I DESPISE tea-length dresses (I'll get into that one day I'm sure), but I'm a fan of Olivia's and I'm in a wedding dress state of mind (not that I would EVER wear this to any of my weddings), so I may be wee bit biased. I'm not blinded enough to approve of her hair however. I advise her to reconsider walking the red carpet immediately after performing for her highschool's pep rally. Go Team Go!

I had to Google Megan Park, only to discover I hate her show (Secret Life of the American Teenager), in the plus column I like her dress and the red shoes pairing.

Over dressed? Yes. Will I hold it against Kelly Rutherford? No. Clearly suffering from "I'm just happy to be dressed up and out of the house, after giving birth" syndrome, or the "Look at me! Look at me! I lost the baby weight" disorder, Kelly showed up in an embellished silk champagne Jenny Packham dress. I find the clavicle clasp excessive and intriguing, but overall I like it, a lot even.

Kate Walsh showed off her legs and workout secrets, as she slowly teetered down the stage in Casadei platforms, holding onto the railing for dear life! It was an endearing moment indeed. As for her 1960s vintage Sarmi sequined dress, the neckline appeared a bit severe but I'm not sure what I would change about it. I feel like this would probably be a lot more appealing in person, in fact if I found it in my mother's closet, I know it's something I'd treasure.

The shoes are bland, the date had potential, but Ginnifer Goodwin's Christian Lacroix white and navy striped dress gets my seal of approval. Besides my natural attraction to mini's I'm not sure what it is about this dress that appeals to me, the stripes (I've been very attracted to them lately), the Carrie Bradshaw-sized flower appliques perhaps, or maybe it's Jennifer Saunders voice in the back of my head repeating "Christian Lacroix darling, Christian Lacroix" as occurs any time someone wears one of his designs.

Diane Kruger wore a white Hervé Léger dress with a contrasting Bottega Veneta clutch, which looked good, thin girl in a tight designer dress, perhaps a little too tight, but the real winner of this look are

Her Emilio Pucci cut-out studded sandals. They really do make her outfit, again, she looks as if she could afford to go up a size though.

Demi Lovato wore a blue ruffled Jenny Packham dress and silver Rene Caovilla shoes, my favourite combination: blue and silver. She really likes her short frilly dresses, with BOLD necklaces. So far I'm not complaining, much; the only thing I'd change would be her excessive (and unnecessary) cleavage, and push back the hair. She's has too much going on in such a small space of her body.

I'm entirely sure why, but Dania Ramirez annoys me. Perhaps it's related to her Heroes character, whose "ability" was ridiculous and much more insignificant than Ali Larter's original storyline, if you can believe that's possible. This may all be responsible for why I really dislike this dress, but seemed to like Kayla Ewell wearing it in white.

My Fave Newcomer, Katie Cassidy looks as if her chest is being suffocated by her Talbot Runhof dress. Also she has rockets firing out of her arm and her hem, no wonder her hair is such a mess, but I can't understand why she's so gleeful since she's about to get burned at any moment.

I have no idea who this Francia Raisa girl is, but her dress option perplexed me so much I had to include her. I could not figure out what it was she reminded me of, a bed skirt, fancy curtains, those doily-things that hide toilet brushes, that was until I read a post by the Fug Girls, "tube dress that looks like it's being digested by a jellyfish." They nailed it! Of course after that, I vowed to never read their words again, until AFTER I've typed mine; imagine what other possibilities I could have come up with.

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