Jan 7, 2010

People's Choice Awards

The People's Choice Awards aired last night, if you missed it you can check out video highlights on their website and get a chance to see some of what you missed; such as Mariah Carey giving a speech sober (no improvement), Hugh Laurie being awesome, Kate Walsh hanging onto a rail for dear life as she tiptoes downstage, and of course the dresses! I watched the awards of course, but with slight apprehension... Modern Family and Cougartown were on at the same time. Fortunately I have satellite and was able to catch the west coast airing, and in the meantime watch a full episode of Glee! Considering I'm a musicals kinda gal, I really should watch it more often, but I hate having new shows to commit to. There are other things I should be doing with my time, than TV watching, like updating TMP more frequently! So to do just that while I sip on my oversized glass of wine we shall first look at the winners (awards-wise that is);

When Sandra Bullock walked on stage to accept her and Ryan Reynolds award for Favorite Comedy Movie, I thought two things: her hair is shockingly shiny, and her dress appears to be tucked into her underwear. I like the bustier of her brocade Vivienne Westwood dress however. The dishevelled "I've just been ravished in the limo on the way here" way it drops off her one shoulder and how drapes across her chest.

Yeah, we're on to you! Overall though, it's a bust. (Play on words? I think so).

House won for Favorite TV Drama, which brought Lisa Edelstein onstage (that's not entirely true, Hugh Laurie brought her and the rest of the cast on stage when he won for Favorite TV Drama Actor, but who needs specifics?), which then lead me to shout "What the F*@% is she wearing?" Remember last year at the SAG Awards and how amazing she looked...fortunately we only have two weeks left to give her another chance, until then...

Kaley Cuoco looks a lot better in the photo than she did while accepting the award Big Bang Theory won for Fave (I can not continue to type "favourite" incorrectly anymore) TV Comedy; On screen it looked like a cinched-in garbage bag (à la SNL Gap Girls), that also added 15lbs to her.

Alyson Hannigan won Fave TV Comedy Actress, and decided to wear an old bridesmaid dress to accept the award. And brides everywhere are pointing at the screen saying "See, you'll totally be able to wear it again."

I was almost going to skip over these two ladies of Glee, which won Fave New TV Comedy last night, instead I decided to put them up for fashion critique as my way of making up for my delayed adherence to their enjoyable program,

Lea Michele who I mostly find annoying due to her character, is coming pretty damn close to winning me over. Her red Nuj Novakhett bustier dress looks excellent on her, but I'm oddly impressed with her Christian Louboutin shoes. I'm surprised to see Lea chose a not a metallic strappy sandal, but instead a stripey pair for unexpected added flair. (Again! See what I did there? Strappy. Stripey. Clever. N'est ce pas?)
Dianna Agron, on the other hand... I want to like her Anthropologie dress. In fact, I think I do like it, yet at the same time, it really f-ing bores me. As does her hair. Maybe that's the problem, her dull hair makes her dress appear, uninspired. I will, however, give her points for choosing a dress that's actually accessible to her fans. So well done in that arena. Just remember to follow the immortal words of an heiress...Okay I don't remember the exact quote, but it's something about always having your hair done, so you still look "hot" even if your wearing a tracksuit; I'm sure the advice works in reverse: even if you're wearing a pretty dress, if your hair looks like ass, you will too.

Another dress I want to like, but just can't manage to wrap my heart around it. Carrie Underwood won for Fave Country Artist, and wore a Christian Cota chiffon dress with a black cage embroidered overlay. I like the overlay on top, even though it reminds me of a chain-link fence, but it doesn't translate as well over the skirt portion of the dress. It looks as though Carrie's been caught in a net, perhaps someone was trying to steal her Rock & Republic shoes, and although she managed to free herself, she didn't have enough time to remove the tangled net from her body before hitting the carpet.

Much like Mariah Carey wears mermaid gowns far too often, I've noticed, Taylor Swift wears that hairstyle a lot, I wonder if that's the curse of having such (beautifully) curly hair, it limits you to wearing 20s-esque undone side-buns? Something to think about. Taylor Swift has expanded her musical wings beyond country, so even though she lost to Carrie Underwood for Fave Country Artist, she won the general prize of Fave Female [Artist]. She accepted her award in a beautiful quilted Charmin strapless dress. I kid! I kid! It may have reminded me to pick up more TP while it's still on sale, but I actually loved Taylor's chiffon Jenny Packham dress. She looks rather angelic (as anyone would, who appears to be wrapped in a cloud).

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