Jan 3, 2010

My Overlooked Faves of 2009

There have been a lot of inspiring fashion choices throughout the year, and probably even more horrendous ones, that I have overlooked, and since the cool thing to do at the end of the year is compile a list of "Year End Bests," it's only proper I do one myself... at the beginning of the new year, however. Think of it as encouragement for more of the same, only better, in the year to come.

We'll start off with some of the dresses that really WOWED me this past year, followed by categorized favourites. Beginning with 2 of the ladies of Nine,

Every time I look at this Atelier Versace gown Kate Hudson wore for the Nine premier in London, I am in awe with my agape. I covet! The bodice, the skirt, the shoes, even the wind that's working in her favour. Another lady of Nine,

Penelope Cruz; I never saw her appeal, yes the accent is sexy, but there are many imports with one, until I saw her in this dress. It was indeed a WOW moment. Literally. I actually WOL'd (Wow'ed out loud).

Here is one of my top girl crushes looking stunning at the LA Premiere of 2012, wearing Alexander McQueen. It's very reminiscent of Roberto Cavalli, due in great part to both the length and the patterning. Both girl and dress look amayzing.

Miss Camilla Belle did it again in a Spring 2010 Marchesa feathered dress, which I admit could have gone awry, but Camilla prevented that by wearing simple black strappy sandals instead of the somewhat costumey ones styled for the runway. A-may-Zing.

It was this dress alone that inspired me to write about the MET Costume Institute Gala (I wrote, but never finished- resolutions here I come), of course I regret never publishing my post since the MET Gala is never boring, but Deux Mille Dix is another year, and May isn't that far away. Suffice to say, she may be overtanned but this Atelier Versace is sublime. Which leads us to another vision by the obvious Fave Couturier of the Year:

This Atelier Versace gown looks like it was made for Beyonce; fortunately her mermaid-inspired locks didn't downplay the beauty of the gown's intricacies with it's possible costumey-ness (not a word? It is now!).

Katy Perry is on this fave list twice, who woulda thought! But truly how could she not in this nude, one shoulder, tulle strapless Spring 2010 Marchesa gown with its dramatic, yet simple embroidered black floral. She looks shockingly elegant.

Favourite Press Touring:

I absolutely adored Drew Barrymore's looks while she was promoting Grey Gardens. Including this elegantly bohemian styled number; with the purple Brian Atwood heels offsetting the turquoise jewelry and statement neckplate, topped off with her hair ode to Brigitte Bardot.

Some may say she took flapper too far, some may say she looks washed out (I believe those "some" are my beloved Fug Girls), but I disagree with those nay-sayers!

Fave "Barbara Streisand's 1969 Oscar Scaasi Overblouse Inspiration" (yes there were a lot of them):

Bustle and all! Mila Jovovich takes it.

Fave Jumpsuit (I can't believe I'm saying this!):

Rihanna. I may not approve all of her fashion choices, but at least the girl takes risks, especially considering all she went through this year, she could have just hid or even worst, wore nothing but tees and jeans!

Fave Former Supermodel Comeback:

"Don't call it a comeback! I've been here for years..." Dear Paulina Porizkova, even if Tyra did end up "letting you go," you look ridiculously amazing, and I like you better.

Fave Location Adaptation:

Sure, she'd probably never wear this walking down the streets of New York (I would), and it's teetering on Parisienne costuming (not really), but I have a soft spot for things Parisienne inspired, so Brava Leighton Meester.

Fave Newcomer:

Katie Cassidy, the "Heather Locklear" of Melrose Place 2.0, I suppose. Her fashion choices are often bold, much like those shoulders and the plunging neckline, but I appreciate it. The high-top bun however, I could do without- but all in due time.

Fave Usage of Lace:

She's showing a hella (West Side!) amount of flesh, and yet she doesn't look like a strumpet. Well done Hayden. *Note the use of "strumpet" was my homage to Hayden's affinity towards such age-ed men.

Fave Red-Carpet Peek-A-Boo:

Leighton Meester at the MTV Movie Awards, showing a little sass, and some ass, yet doing it with class, in an Emilio De La Morena creation. I am a wordsmith, it's true.

Fave Fashionista/Fave Legs:

Chloe Sevigny takes many fashion roads I wouldn't dare, but I appreciate the attempts, more so though, I appreciate that she never looks like she's tried too hard, and when she gets one right, ooooh do I covet what she's done such as this Kimberly Ovitz Jacob long sleeve dress with those strappy bondage gladiator foot coverings.

Which brings us to her legs, another covettable asset. They are superb and she's shown them off with great aplomb in 2009.

Fave Award Performance:

Pink at the MTV Music awards! She was amazing! And has now convinced me that I must see her show live.

Fave Dress Style/Colour:

Silver! Lame, Disco Ball, Sequins, I've loved it all! Clearly I want to be on a dancefloor or a stage, and I'm craving a little spotlight time, because dresses like these have their own needs. Katy Perry shows the edgier style of the look in a Blondes, spiked dress.

Kristin Cavallari also glittered at the MTV Music Awards in a much tamer vision of sparkle.

Fave Person, Overall:

Taylor Swift! Here in Kaufman Franco, on the night she was robbed of her "moment" but dealt with it with incredible grace. Bad Yeezy.

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  1. You write very well! In fact you're getting better and better.

    I wish your fashion choices were more debatable. You have a great eye for detail but your taste is not distinct enough, it's somehow conventional. I bet a lot of people who are hired to do this would agree with your choices, which should be a good thing, but I think that you could actually get a gig doing this if you had some distinctly different aesthetics. The Aleashia I know is not safe, she always dares to look FABULOUS.

    Your short dress picks were interesting. Maybe I just loathe all gowns, it may not be your fault. I don't like the Kate Hudson dress, but love, love, love how she looked in Bazaar a few months ago. I am a fan of Chris Robinson, but that divorce has made Kate look her damndest!


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