Jan 18, 2010

Golden Globes Trend: Purple Rain

Purple definitely reigned last night on the wet carpet, as a second to all the nudist at the Golden Globes, and for those curious, no I could not avoid that pun. I now permit you to sing along to Prince as you read along.

As previously mentioned Miss Golden Globes mama, Alfre Woodward followed a trend of her own with an asymmetric purple Pamela Rolland dress.

At first Sandra Bullock's Bottega Veneta dress reminded me of the eggplant Versace gown Evangeline Lilly wore to the 2006 Primetime Emmy's, that was until I saw the chiffon imitating organza skirt. I suppose I should be grateful that she did not do a repeat as I originally thought, and I do enjoy the peak bare leg behind all that gauze.

Rose Byrne looked sloppy a la Jessica Biel, in an eggplant Lanvin dress, if only she hemmed the dress and took the hips in an inch or two. I do applaud her for wearing her hair down considering the weather, as a wavy haired girl, I know how much the weather can dictate your locks, and I think she used it to her advantage.

Jane Krakowski is a woman I normally expect to expose everything, her back, legs and cleavage (Blake Lively definitely seems to be following in her footsteps), so I was surprised to see how covered she was wearing a one-shoulder J. Mendel goddess gown.

Leona Lewis has been shocking and even impressing me lately with her fashion choices, a task her lavender satin Roberto Cavalli gown failed to do for her last night. I'm trying to envision it with a shorter hem, but it's still not working for me. Disappointing.

A deviation from the jewel tones collection, Fergie looked sweet in her periwinkle chiffon Elie Saab dress. She looks more elegant than I expected, and although it sounds like I approve I'm
disappointed her dress is so boring. Perhaps if she were some nouveau ingenue, I would approve of her choice of this safe cut, but Fergie is neither new nor a young ingenue. She should have followed Christina Aguilera's lead.

Far from boring, Zoe Saldana looked amazing in a layered ruffle burgundy Louis Vuitton gown, on my TV screen. On my computer screen, however, it's a bit more of a toss up. All those pieces of fabric tied onto her ruffles, baffle me and really gives this designer dress a trash can feel.

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