Jan 20, 2010

Golden Globe Bridal Parties

Beyond all the previously mentioned trends and standouts, I also noticed a lot of bridal wear that turned up at the Golden Globes. Some of it was good, but like most bridal parties, aesthetic appeal is rarely the final achievement. Since I'm already getting tired of of this 4 day old topic, the following fall under the heading of "Bridal Parties...and other ugly (or not so ugly) things." This is my attempt to squish everything together, and move on to the SAG Awards! The brides of the evening consist of the following;

Jaime Pressly shimmered as a 55 year old bride in a Kevan Hall Spring 2010, third times a charm. It should be noted that in the 90s Jaime here was one of my body envy's, she worked hard and you could tell, she's a great voice too- I hold her to a certain level of "hotness" and while if she were actually a 55 year old bride, she would have far surpassed my expectations, but alas she is not, and this just does not suffice.

Another woman who could have done so much better! Kristen Bell's Jasmine di Milo dress is not flattering on her. It either needs to be shorter or longer, it simply doesn't look right on her petite frame.

Kate Hudson actually wore a wedding dress! I wish the ground wasn't wet so she could let it go and I could see what her white feathered Marchesa dress really looked like, and I may have given it a nod as a bridal gown, since the bustier is intriguing.

Eva La Rue wore the wedding dress that has been seen on most Pageant Queen brides; tacky with a bit of southern flare.

Anna Kendrick's sculptural Marchesa gown could pass as a bridal gown. It's an interesting choice, one which my mother loved the moment she saw the neckline (only), but I'm only starting to warm up to. I do appreciate that a budding starlet deviates from the usual fashion safety nets.

I originally saw Jennifer Meyers dress during an interview with her husband Toby Maguire, and the small chunk I saw looked cute. Then I got the full view here; shotgun wedding perhaps?

Lisa Edelstein looks much better than I've seen her lately, which is the reason she's seen here- to prove she can look good, it is possible. Also, she could pass as a bride, the kind of bride I may be; Someone who instead of spending a fortune on a wedding dress they'll wear once, they purchase a white designer dress that could pass as a wedding gown.

Julie Benz could pass as either an unfortunate bridesmaid, or a middle aged bride, giving love a third or fourth chance. This is what happens when you kill someone off, they lose all sense of what's right in the world!

I really don't mind Tina Fey's reptile print Zac Posen American couture jacquard gown. Yes the length is awkward, as I feel about all tea-length dresses, but I think it's pretty cute and unexpected. The shoes, do lend a slight Little Bo Peep feel, however, the umbrella is unfortunate too.

Lauren Graham wore an ill-fitting hot pink dress. This is just one of those colours that will forever remind you of prom and semi-formals. My sis believes its a colour only suited for youth, I think she is probably right.

From the rear, I almost liked Jennifer Morrison's pale gold Luis Antonio then I saw the front. She reminds me of a trendy Christmas tree or Christmas ornament. I believe this is the cruelty I will inflict on my bridesmaids (one day, if I have a wedding).

Ginnifer Goodwin looks neither ugly nor as a bridesmaid in a bright cobalt blue Vionnet cocktail dress. The dress is simple, the colour is vibrant and it looks stunning on her, I like the dress- but it's nothing extraordinary and I was really hoping to be wowed.

Another woman who I expected to wow me, Sofia Vergara. In fact I'm also disappointed by Carolina Herrera, the designer of this grey mess dress. What is going on with that excess fabric hanging at the rear? Is it a bustle? A Cape? I'm unsure.

Cameron Diaz looks neither like a bridesmaid, nor ugly- she in fact looks great. But her slinky red Alexander McQueen silk gown was not one of my favourites, so I threw her in here. With that said, however, I'm liking it more and more as time passes.

Amy Adams showed up as the pregnant bridesmaid, in a forest green one-shouldered Carolina Herrera frock. I love the contrasting tangerine shoes and clutch.

Penélope Cruz in a black lace Giorgio Armani Privé gown has a bit of flamenco flare mixed with Hervé Léger's signature bandage dress. With a description like that, you would think I'd like it, I do not. It reminds me too much of the corpse bride or something of that nature.

Finishing up our ladies in black is Jennifer Aniston in Valentino. I guess Jennifer couldn't let go of her usual uniform of a black gown, but did it Angelina-style with a very daringly high slit. This view probably explains John Meyers recent public regrets over their breakup.

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