Jan 30, 2010

Getting Fit 2010!

It's a new year and my fitness goals are still the same. Getting Fit is not a New Year's Resolution, however, it's a life goal that I aim for daily, weekly, monthly etc. I came really damn close to my ultimate final goal this past December after re-following Jillian Michaels "Making the Cut" diet and fitness plan, followed by two weeks of David Kirsch's The Ultimate New York Diet (I highly prefer his Ultimate New York Body Plan, I found the former both boring and too easy, The Body Plan was far more challenging, thus effective) prior to a cruise ship/destination wedding vacation. Naturally I ate cruise food- which is nothing short of a feast every hour of the day but I maintained a workout routine to at least prevent any excessive poundage. Then I returned home...

In August a friend and I were hit by a car, twice! She was 8 1/2 months pregnant, but after a night of observation at the hospital was deemed unscathed and healthy. I on the other hand suffered from 2nd degree whip lash, which for the record I always sort of thought it was a bullshit, I was wrong. After my cruise I was struck with the same pain and immobility that I felt shortly after the accident; I could not walk without assistance, I was crooked and barely got out of bed. Due to all this my progress has fallen back quite a bit, I tried doing Self.com's Jillian Michaels workout, but the moves were far too complex (I'm not entirely sure I could do them before my injury), so I am now following a program designed by Workout's star Jackie Warner, found in FitnessRx Magazine. Hopefully I can build my strength back up and shrink that waistline in no time, they say muscles have memory, let's hope mine get theirs back fast!

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